Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Need for November

Hi everyone.  Been a busy couple of weeks here, went to Texas to pick up my remaining belongings there, for wherever it is I go next, then came down with a doozy of a chest cold which I have been fighting ever since.  The temperatures dropped about 40 degrees during the course of that trip.

Heather made up a concoction of boiled onions, garlic and whole quartered lemons which is then boiled down and pureed to a concentrate.  Add honey and hoter water and it's one cleansing tonic!  The stuff works!

I don't have any news yet for you on the status of Randy and Heather's case.  We hopefully hear on that yet today.  No matter what happens the need it about the same, we are either in this for a few more months or we have to make our way to our respective new homes.

I bought $700 worth of court transcripts this month so I'd like to raise $2000 this month to make up for that.  If you can help please click on the donation icon with the trees on the right. 

Love you all!