Friday, January 12, 2018

Dear readers I need your help!

Hi everyone.  January is a big month here and I really need your help.  There are living expenses, court transcript costs and scanning and copying to pay for.   It all happens this month.  I've done some Lyft driving at night to help defray the costs but that is not going cut what we need.  If you can help there's a donation button on the right side of this blog.  This case is finished one way or the other this month. 

The deep state has made Google Ads useless as a blogging income stream, so I don't even use them anymore.  I have never liked asking for donations, as I never liked the way many non-profits do that.  But I do know this case is more important than anything I have worked on in this life. It affects all of us!

Today January 12th there is a "Pretrial Conference" at the District Court House, we're not really sure why they suddenly scheduled this, but they gave us very little notice.  Seems to be the emerging pattern.  Someone saw it on Pacer on the 9th and we got the mailed notice yesterday.  Another notice came today as I was going out the door. They are not even following their own rules and procedures.

I got a notice from Google today they got a supoena or warrant from the DOJ for my Terran Cognito account. I have asked Google for a copy of the document.  I am assuming its because I published some videos on Randy Beane and Heather.  Only reason I can think they'd even bother.  I did not access my TDA account.

Here's a screen shot of what I was sent, the Case Number is the Knoxville case.