Thursday, March 15, 2018

Updated: The Need for the End of March

Hi everyone. Been out with a fever for 5 days, doing better today but not up to full strength yet.  Sorry for the lack of blog postings.  I think this is some kind of cellular upgrade,  Noticing a more acute ability to read the flow in real time.

Heather was moved to a new pod, hopefully this one will not be under continuous lock down like the prior one.  Knox County Jail says they  were doing 72 hour lock downs because of a staff shortage.  The reason they have a staff shortage is the guards are quitting because they refuse to treat the women harshly.   Heather has is good spirits during very difficult conditions.  She's a very strong woman.

The whole money making side of the jail systems has been shown to me in sharp relief.  Friends and families have to send commissary money for basic needs like pencils and things like coffee. Which come at outrageous prices.  You have to pay 40 cents an email or image sent/received.   And not all emails arrive immediately or at all, yet you are still charged for it.  Its really curious how key emails go missing.

Its becoming more difficult to get documents to Heather, her elbow counsel is now communicating via US post.  I am not sure why that is, but perhaps the court is pressuring him or just his work load with active trials. I really don't know.  I just know its taking a lot longer. The trial transcript should be coming out soon, I don't know how this unfolds or completes. I don't know when Randy or Heather get out.  It does feel though that a lot happens between now and the end of March, which may change all this.  We shall see.

Late Update: My lungs are clearing now breathing much easier.   Weather here is starting to warm up which is helping.

I got another extension of a month at where I am at now.  Need to raise $1000 for the coming month to cover rent, food and various expenses such as telephone, commissary, and expenses for Heather.  Document costs this month are not yet known.

If you can help please click the two trees at the right of the blog. 

I love you ALL.