Saturday, May 5, 2018

Updated: The Need for May

I've moved from Tennessee to Washington State.  My rental agreeement in Oak Ridge expired. It was extended once from its original date to the end of April.  Grateful for the housing as it came at the perfect moment for Heather.  The work I do for Heather is all online at this stage,  even jail visits are by video so there's was no reason to stay in Tennessee where I know very few people. 

I had a nice long trip diagonally through the USA, which was a much needed break.  I was able to see some good friends in Kansas on the way through from Tennessee, made a left turn in Nebraska and headed north towards Wyoming.   Near Casper Wyoming I got caught in white out blizzard, and very strong head winds.   The temperature was between 32-34 F (0-1 C) so I kept moving as the roads were not icy.  I used twice as much fuel with the headwinds but was able to get into better weather after 80 miles.  I stopped in Billings Montana and spent the night. 

In the morning I packed up my stuff and stopped at a car wash to wash the road salt off my car.   About halfway down the car wash tunnel there was a sudden bump.  My car (a hatchback) was packed with Heather and my belongings (I returned her stuff to to her family)  so I couldn't see out the back window. I thought a piece of the machinery fell on my car.  The conveyor stopped and the attendant ran up and motioned for me to roll my window down.  He informed me that the car behind me had hit my car.  I asked "How is that even possible inside a car wash?"  So I had images of a dented and damaged car.  They had me back up, and they restarted the carwash and we pulled over to the side afterwards and exchanged insurance documents.   To my surprise there was no apparent damage to my Honda, but the much large Nissan truck had a bent bumper!   It was as if I had a bubble around me and he had hit the bubble not the car!   The man was baffled and I was laughing.  He just shook his head and said "Nissan doesn't make bumpers like they used to do!"  Turns out the man had worked a night shift at the local oil refinery and was not very awake. Instead of putting his truck into "neutral" when he got onto the conveyor he put his truck into "drive".  From there I went to Coer D'Alene then the Seattle area.

I have temporary housing for 2 months, but I do have to arrange something else for July.  I have been arranging what I need to for the Uber driving I have been doing to supplement costs but due to the red tape in the Seattle area that's going to take 3-4 weeks for new background checks etc.

I need about $600 this month, and there's about $150-250 each month for jail communications and commissary costs.  Its not easy to communicate with Heather as the times she can call are somewhat random based on whatever whim the jailers have as to lock downs. Emails don't always get through and are sometimes deleted on us, which means they have to be resent and each image or email costs 40 cents. 

If you can help there's a PayPal link on the right side of the page, or PayPal ID For those that'd rather send checks I do have a PO Box now, write me at  and I'll send you the address.  Legal Disclaimer: Donations are NOT tax deductible. 

I love you all, and what an adventure this all has been!


PS:  Donations for Randy should go directly to his cousin Patricia via PayPal at the userid RKBFUND@GMAIL.COM,Patricia handle those matters for Randy.  Please send money for Randy directly to Patricia.