Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Updated 7/15/18: Need your help

Update 7/14/18

Hi I got a red-eye flight booked to Knoxville, and I think I have enough for hotel and Uber rides. I contacted Suzy but her place in Oak Ridge is full and sold out. Not so sure  yet about food but I'm working this through one hurdle at a time.  Its all coming together.   Special thank you to R. in Portland who came by in person with a donation and Bruce B for the Paypal. Very much appreciated!

Update 7/12/18

I was able to get my car registered which means I can work again soon (once the ride sharing company updates its records).  Thank you all so much! I found an airfare to Knoxville from Seattle for $532 which is half what most carriers ($1000-1100) want from Seattle or Portland. Knoxville is a tiny airport and never is very cheap.  I don't yet have enough for that so we shall see how this flows...  


July 17 is coming up which is Heather's sentencing hearing in Knoxville.  I have been to every unsealed court hearing so far, and I'd like to be there for this one which means airfare and a night or two in a B&B.   Hopefully this entire crazy mess gets dismissed before then, but if not, I want to be there.  Flight alone can run $500-800 depending on whether I got to Chatanooga or Knoxville (there is a bus from Chattanooga). We see how this flows.

The other pressing need is now that I am in Portland, I need to get plates and registration on my car in Oregon to do ride sharing which has been been a good part of my income in recent months and has enabled me to help others quietly and get Heather's commissary and other costs paid.  I am for the moment locked out of the Portland market for ride sharing.   The fees come up to almost $300.  

There's been a core of people who have consistently been very generous and I thank you.  Never dismiss the culmative effect of $5 or $10 from the many who visit here.  The power of hearts multiplied.