Thursday, November 29, 2018

Need for the end of November

Hi everyone! 

Not a lot to report on Heather's status other than she's been trying to get in contact with "elbow counsel" for the case appeal. How one appeals a case that had no jurisdiction to begin with I am not sure.  They have communicated on the prison email system and by phone.  He tweets a lot about China on this twitter account. Not a good sign IMO.  Francis in TN seemed far more conscientious to his client.

I really need around $500 for this month.   Assistance on that is appreciated, this blog is donation sponsored.  To my regular donors my unending gratitude!  Its sincerely appreciated!  At some point I will have you all over for a thank you party when this all wraps up.  Small donations of $5-10 are always appreciated and add up with the number of readers I have. 

I love you all!

PS:  The energies of November were amazing, and at times overwhelming.  Perhaps December bears the fruits of those frequencies that have been sweeping the globe. This chart of the Schumman Resonance frequencies last week says it all!