Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Need for May

We are still in a holding pattern with Heather's release.  She continues the daily check-ins but there is not much news to report until it happens.  How long that takes is anyone's guess.  Government bureaucracies in my experience, have a minimum 2 week lead time, sometimes longer. 

We won't know the cost of the airfare until we know its a done deal and she is released.  We're winging it for now.  Fortunately she is near a mass transit line that can take her to the airport.  BZ is inquiring with her friends there about possibly picking her up.  Either way I think we have ground transportation covered but not the airfare.  I'll research worst-case airfares tonight.

I've got my car road worthy and documented for using it for ride share work.  This week driving was not particular great, but hopefully this weekend is better.  Recent fuel price hikes,  due to the refinery fire in Houston (or at least that's the excuse for the price rise) are starting to inch down this week.  Fuel costs have been eating me alive this week.

The need for the blog in March is $500.

If you intend an advance donation to Heather please mark it "FOR HEATHER", and any money not used for airfare will be forwarded to her or her family.  I'll keep you appraised on where this all stands at...

Heather donations:

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