Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Need for July

Hi everyone!  Its very hot and humid in central Texas right now, pretty typical for this time of year here.  We had some light showers yesterday but no strong rain systems since early June.   

I don't have any new information to give you about Heather.  We will just have to wait until she communicates with the crew.

June was pretty tight financially,  Paid my rent late, its due on the 15th, fortunately the owner is aware of the situation and helpful. I did some ride sharing work for a few days to try and make up the slack which was really good, not many drivers out, but then the media went into full propaganda mode on Texas claiming COVID19 cases were up (testing vastly increased) but death rates are way down.  Then predictably the riders vanished again.  I may have to go apply for unemployment, there was an exception made for gig workers (normally not eligible since they are contractors not employees) during the last stimulus legislation but I was hoping to avoid that.  I think I've only ever taken unemployment twice in my life and for no longer than a weeks.  Just the way I was raised.  I understand the exemption ends at the end of July.

The hospitals are not full like the media says, in fact they're  so empty they began taking elective surgeries again because the hospitals were losing money.  

The Governor of Texas caved into media political pressure and shut down the bars (which is ride share drivers get a lot of riders),  

The economy is still booming here, especially in construction given all the people moving here from California.  The Governor made masks mandatory in stores and there is a fine for not having one,  but I do see people without them.  Some cities already mandated masks, but cities really had no law enforcement ability if it contradicts the Governor's orders under Texas laws.  

There's a lot of very scared people, they've been essentially terrorized by the media and getting a little squirrelly being along at home all the time with no social contacts.  It reminds me a bit of how media scared the bejeezus out of heterosexuals during the AIDS epidemic, and phrases like "serial monogamy" were coined.  Fauci bragged about how well he scared people back then and the danger was, shall we say, exaggerated for that demographic. Now there's an air borne virus and people are even more scared.  I don't blog about Fauci or Bill Gates much, there's plenty of people digging into their backgrounds and how they are linked. 

If feels to me changes are occurring very rapidly.  China is having a long string of "bad luck" and I think we will be seeing big changes politically in China over the next year.  Keep a watch on the 3 Gorges dam and all the rain falling in China. It's truly unprecedented.  I've never seen so much water in videos before.  The 3 Gorges dam is bending.  It used to be straight.  And while that's going China's shadow banking system is falling apart given its loans were secured with fake gold bar collateral.  And they are still playing whack-a-mole with COVID19.  The Epstein saga is back in center stage with the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. The FBI seems to be actually making arrests in Chinese espionage and corruption cases.  I wasn't sure I'd ever see that.  Yet the media still blames everything on Putin.

I think the virus strain that came through the USA was a much milder strain, the biggest culprit in death seems to be the stupid move some State Governors made putting people seriously ill with COVID19 into nursing homes with vulnerable old people.   There's a liability lawsuit by families coming in those moves I am sure.  Government officials are no longer shielded from liability.

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I love you all!