Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Update 1: The Need for November


Hi everyone!  I got @jack-booted off Twitter for 12 hours because of this URL:


Twitter sent me a notice my account had been suspended.  The message had one button which was basically a consent that I violated their terms of service without ever knowing just what I was accused of.  Very Kafka!  After 12 hours I was given the option to message twitter support, which I did without clicking on the consent button, and I protested them suspending me over a post about Voter statitstics! Why do these people who always talk about "its science!" hate math???  I got suspended over MATH!!! WTF???   My account was restored the next morning.


I got a communique from the nameless beings which they have asked me not to publish at this time.  I am not sure if its because of the election chaos or what exactly.  The wording was not very specific.  Waiting to see what follows next from them.  My contacts are very quiet right now.  Seems most of the attention is focused on the Earth component of this drama at the moment.

I need to raise $700 this month, if you can help there's a link at the right of the desktop image or you can use the PayPal id of   

There's a lot of data about to burst forward about this last election.  Most of it has to do with watermarking of ballots and voter machine fraud.    Fox News just announced Defense Secretary Mark Esper has been fired by Trump.  I am sure there's going to be a lot of actions this week.  We will see who is on the side of truth and who is not very shortly.   This election story is not over by a long shot!

I love you all!