Friday, June 11, 2021

June Value for Value Request


Hi everyone!  June has been a weird month, lots of people making contact out of the blue.  I expect that will subside now that Heather has released an email address.  See the Fuccico post for that information. 

There's new beginnings coming for everyone in the coming weeks.  Dr Salla's post about Antarctica is yet another sign of how rapidly things are changing right now. 

I need to raise $700 or better for this month.   If you can help click the two trees at the right of the blog on the desktop browsers or use Donation tab (select from the down arrow on the right side) on menu bar header on the phone version of the blog.

There's much I'd like to say but until it materializes its just speculation on my part and you all are deluged with that or worse on the internet right now.   

I love you all!