Tuesday, July 13, 2021

July Value for Value Request


It's July already and events are speeding up with each new revelation.  mRNA Vaccine components are being revealed to the public with the latest ones being nano particles of graphene allegedly being magnetic (first I've heard of that - haven't had time yet to investigate yet whether that is true... there are so many planted stories in these moments you have verify everything), but they are sharp and potentially very damaging to cells structures, which is problem enough.  Graphite tubules are also known to explode when subjected to bright intense light like a flashbulb.  They can't dissipate the photons fast enough so it breaks the carbon bonds to release the energy.

Here in the Texas Hill Country it has been an unusually mild and wet summer, and nobody is complaining.  The side effect of that is that spring wildflowers are still in bloom, a yellow daisy like flower that I can't identify and the red and yellow Indian paint blanket flowers.  The only ones we didn't see much was the early blooming Blue Bonnets which got hit hard by the freak ice storm we had a few months back.  I'm watching my backyard turn into Saint Augustine grass, which I didn't know I had.  It's just been too dry for it to thrive in prior years.  

I did a radical prune in 2019 on an ash tree in my backyard trying to revive it after a long term drought, it had encouraging growth last year,  it is doing amazingly well this year with this moisture. Its going to survive and thrive.   The Elm trues survived the freeze, but didn't leaf out as thick as they usually do.  They like hot weather.   I don't own this home but I try to help the owners as I am able in gratitude to the affordable rent.

Never has more information come out than is coming out now.  But there's also a huge volume of disinformation, and a lot of it carefully crafted to make you look like an idiot if you don't do your research.  So I am careful what I post now. I am also cognizant everything going on right now is actually a war of frequencies.  So expect to be hit from angles you least expect it, to drive you into fear or despair. There's no need for either emotion as we are at the very end of all the insane control nonsense.  The ones driving all the agendas use fear as their tool to herd humanity.  And that is most apparently when it comes to COVID19, when statistics are warped and twisted to support draconian regulations and lockdowns.  The best lies are wrapped in a lot of truth.  Many people can't distinguish between the resonance of truth and the feel of a lie in the payload when they are mixed.  You feel truth in your heart. You feel fear in your gut. And lies will make you feel like you have just been insulted as to your intelligence. Especially when you realize that after the fact.  There's another kind of lie employed by politicians and news media, presenting facts without the context.  Text, without context, is pretext. 

I need to  bring in $700 for July.  If you are able to help, there's a PayPal address in the header under donations on the phone version of the blog, and for those using a computer, just click on the two trees on the top right of the blog.  A huge thank you to all the regular donors, you are all so amazing!  Some of you have been there since the beginning of this blog in 2012 and still here 9 years later.   My audience isn't as large as it was in 2012, I took a big hit in 2014 on the old AK blog as to audience size, if google's stats are to believed (I don't trust google to be honest).  I think its not so important as to the numbers of people but WHOM you reach with information.  I'd rather have the influencers and those with heartitude with me. 

There are so many concepts that were mentioned here early on that are now completely in the mainstream. One person can make a difference.  And many people can make even more!   

I love you all!