Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Need for September


Hi everyone.  

I've been out of commission for the last 2 1/2 weeks.  Something similar to COVID, (variant?) my body partially recognized it but I had some symptoms I didn't have the first go around 18 months ago.  I didn't have much of a fever like I did in 2020,  but in the beginning the body aches were off the chart.  My neighbor had similar symptoms. 

I got a hold of some ivermectin and that immediately got rid of the aches and restored my sense of taste. I wish I had known about that therapeutic 18 months ago.  I can attest it does work.  So don't let the Joe Rogan haters on CNN deter you from something that really does seem to work (and will also deworm you all you Sushi eaters!).  I still don't have a sense of smell of but I am sure that will come back eventually.  

The last week was mostly about clearing my lungs of the secondary infection.   A friend sent me some antibiotics but this never arrived in mail.   Some dear friends did a collective energy healing on my me and that cleared my lungs and broke the low grade fever and got my O2 levels up to where they normally are, so the antibiotics were not in the end necessary.

I haven't been able to work on my side gig (wasn't up for it energy wise, and I wouldn't knowingly expose anyone to this in any case). I have not posted here much despite so much going on.  The level of disinformation out there is still pretty high.   

 I know there's lots of people that think COVID doesn't exist because there's no genome mapping for it.   My feeling on that is mapping the genome is proof of a crime against humanity and they don't want that proof out there.   There may also be patent issues as we know this virus was patented.

I really had a disappointing experience with Telemedicine, was told by the assigned doctor that ivermectin didn't work for COVID, when I had already proved to myself that it did work. I was after a Z-PAK, but just hung up in disgust that any doctor would rather be politically correct than actually help a patient.  Wasted $89 on that Live MD call.   But no worries, I got most of what I needed anyway.   

We are in a weird time, and you have to weigh the local situation and I don't really have a trusted doctor at this point that I am comfortable with.  If I had made a lot of money I'd get a concierge doctor like Joe Rogan but I am not on that kind of budget.   

Still I suppose I fared better than the purported death of Robert David Steele at the hands of the hospital in Florida.  If anyone has an obituary or death certificate on him let me know.  

I need $800 to make this month's expenses,  If you can help out it will be most appreciated.

I'll be posting more that I am on the mend.   

I love you all!