Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Need for November


Hi everyone!

I've been working a lot the past 4 weeks, October was a bit lean.  Which means I've not had as much time to spend on the blog.  I am not sure, but I think this vaccine spike shedding by vaccinated passengers is a stress factor.  Sometimes it takes me a day or two to recover after driving a load full of strangers around for a day.  I don't get ill but a kind of fatigue sets in as my body copes with it.  I have had covid and I have the immunity to it.  Not sure exactly what's going on there, but I may need to find a different side gig.  I should have taken one readers advice and buy a bitcoin mining machine lol... I am not completely sure what happens to Bitcoin in the future but its whole reason for being is get around central bankers, but they have already been foreclosed.  And they seem to be have a bit of difficulty getting new money... ;) 

I don't expect Heather will make any statements publicly until sometime in 2022.  Her work may simply be complete for now. We will hear from her eventually.  It's a time for others to BE and DO... and they certainly are!  

I was beginning to think the state of Victoria Australia was going to be the new North Korea, with dictator Kim Un Dan running the greatest COVID scare ever on the planet.... but you guys fought back!  So proud of you Aussies down under!  

Denice was down last week with COVID but she's back on her feet now with the help from a few energy workers and a dash of ivermectin.  I have had a couple of conversations with her and the galactics, one of which I published, but I have been trying to keep her load light as she recovers.

I'm noticing very vivid dreams lately.  Others are experiencing that too.  Some dreams seem more vivid in colors and details than this life.  I;ve not experienced that since my NDE in 2009.  I am not exactly sure what I am experiencing and what that portends but that will unfold in its own pace.  

I've avoided posting the Q pundit stuff for a few months now, and most of them have gone quiet as very few of their interpretations have come to pass.  That was predictable.  I have never been a fan of wild speculations based on gematria.  Q was an interesting phenomenon but mostly it was about teaching people how to do research and gave them a few keys to unlock some of the hidden language and symbols by which much has been hidden.  

Will Trump come back? I don't know.  If only his will to do that were as persistent as his mailing list for campaign donations and Trump hats!  Seriously don't even attempt to unsubscribe from the Trump mailing list as nothing every stops arriving in your email.  Is Trump necessary for what comes next?  He does have experience with very large bankruptcies such as the US Corporation, and Joe Biden is about to make that happen December 15th from the look of things.  But Nobody is irreplaceable.  Not me.  Not anyone. Source always has contingency plans.  These Earth changes are being done by and through all of humanity.  You are the ALL, and so is every being. Source is all that and has its own intelligence. As the Bible says "Thy Will Be Done". 

The move of the blog is still in progress, I'll let you all know when its fully moved to Substack.  That demands time and I have spent a lot of time driving in the last few weeks. 

I need to raise $700 this month, as the side gig historically isn't so good during Thanksgiving and Christmas in Austin.  Texans tend to stay at home with family during these times and they also pick up family in person at the airport, so no work there either.  If you can help and feel to contribute, it is always appreciated.   Click the two trees on the right side of the desktop version of this blog, or use the QR code below on the mobile version of the blog.

I love you all!