Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Need for January


Heather's bogus TN trial sentence is now over. Heather is no longer confined to home and no longer monitored by the halfway house.  

I got some clarification of what Heather is comfortable with me posting. I have wanted to do an article on all the unusual occurrences I have witnessed since 2013. Some of it involves Heather. Some of it does not. Things I've not written before publicly. She is okay with that, but asked me not to write about what's next, not that I fully know what that is in any case. Denice and I both had some personal downloads on what that might look like (and that could change too as situations change).  But things can change and you'll see it actualize when I do. 

I won't be writing about what people did or didn't do in the past and my view of some of that, that stuff is water under the bridge.  I love everyone. I have no desire to play polarity games.  In retrospect some things had to happen for everyone to be where they need to be and become fully who they are.  That is true for me as well, although my journey is unique and probably the longest continuous experience working with Heather.

I have a real need right now for donations.  December was down quite a bit, but that's not unusual for December and the holiday season. What I didn't expect was how seriously this omicron scare would affect my side driving gig.  I barely covered fuel last two days of driving. Austin looks like the fall of 2020 was to how empty it is.  

I would like to raise $800 or better this month. If you can assist the blog this month, please click on the two trees on the right of the desktop version of the blog or have your phone app pick up one of the QR codes below.

I love you all!  Exciting times we live in!