Monday, September 11, 2017

Updated: New Orleans Ad in Houston


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I monitor Twitter as its quite a good summary of events happening in the world without the filtering of Google and Facebook.   

I saw this post and I thought it quite a beautiful statement of how the energies are shifting on the planet.  However hurricane Harvey came to be, natural or man-made weather-modified and steered (the jury is out on that), the folks in Houston have had a major catastrophe and disruption to their lives.   A good friend of mine had her car flooded in her apartment parking garage.  Everyone knows someone in Houston.
For contrast to New Orleans gratitude and loved filled response to the hurricane read the nasty hate filled response out of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, which painted Houston as a den of drowned Nazis.  Charlie Hebdo was that really necessary? 

In recent months I made two trips to Houston, there is a large population or people  that came from New Orleans seeking shelter after Hurricane Katrina, and they stayed as there was no "home" to return to.  So many live there they have their own Mardi Gras celebrations now.   Culture and food travels with the people.  Houston is one the most diverse cities in American culturally. 

New Orleans Paid Ad in The Houston Chronicle Newspaper

Twelve years ago, you took in hundreds of thousands of us. You opened your homes, closets , and kitchens. You found schools for our kids and jobs to tide us over. Some of us are still there. And when the rest of the world told us not to rebuild, you told us not to listen. Keep our city and traditions alive.

Now, no two storms are the same. Comparing rising waters is a waste of energy when you need it most. But know this - in our darkest hour, we found peace and a scorching, bright light of hope with our friends in Texas. And we hope you'll find the same in us.

Our doors are open. Our clothes come in every size. There 's hot food on the stove, and our cabinets are well-stocked. We promise to always share what we have.

Soon, home will feel like home again, even if it seems like a lifetime away. We'll be battling for football recruits under the Friday night lights. You'll tell us to stop trying to barbeque. We'll tell you to lay off your crawfish boil and come have the real thing. But for as long as you need, we're here t o help .

The way of life you love the most will carry on. You taught us that. Your courage and care continues to inspire our whole city. We couldn't be more proud to call you our neighbors, our friends, and our family. Texas forever.

We're with you,

New Orleans

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