Friday, April 24, 2020


I dreamed I was in the backyard of a house and several of us were sitting at a picnic table a lot like the one I have.  The neighbor hood was laid out in a rectangular grid (unlike here) but looked a lot like Texas.

Weather began to look threatening and some swirling in the clouds from the direction of the front yard and I spotted a deep blue tornado coming straight for us in a north east direction.  

I was fascinated by the color as I’ve never seen a deep blue vertically striped tornado before and I yell to heather I’m going to check it out. She begins chuckling and I think it’s because she thinks I’m nuts for going towards the tornado.  

There’s an empty pasture in front of the house and the tornado slows down,  and I see these spinning deep blue pyramids stacked up vertically.  Begin to slow down, first it’s two smaller ones and they drop this side of the barbed wire, two deep blue gel like pyramids land next to each other. The gel sublimated and is gone, there’s two packages one is marked power unit, the other marked water creation. The packaging material is the stuff gallon milk jugs are made from and easily recycled plastic. 

In the field several more blue pyramids drop (4 or 5).  The gel vanishes. The two largest blue gel pyramids are a temporary landing pod with beings in them, 5 to a landing pod, same construction as the other “crates” but for human shaped beings. I jump into the field and out of the one pod is a dark haired woman slightly shorter than me, she shakes hands, and I feel the energy and say to myself “definitely Pleiadian!” She introduces herself (I don’t remember her name) and smiles and in a very business like way begins setting up the equipment with her team for us.  There were very professional and friendly. 

This is some sort of relief service they are providing.  We are all very excited about all this and Heather gives me a wink like she knew it was coming but didn’t want to spoil the surprise. 

It also felt like one of the crates was a replicator but I didn’t see the label as I woke up after shaking hands with the Pleiadian woman.