Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I have arrived!

I arrived Saturaday here in Durango Colorado at the height of the fall colors as the aspen trees and scrub oaks change leaves.  The scenery is quite spectacular!   And it feels home in a way, as this location is not far from my home state of Arizona (where my daughter is at college) and near the four corners where New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona intersect.   The culture is definitely southwestern, so I feel very at ease.   Its the culture I grew up with.

Durango is on the western side of the Rockies and about as south and west as you can get in Colorado.  The climate is dryer than the eastern Rockies, so the pine trees are shorter than you would see in the Pacific Northwest or elsewhere.  The geological formations are amazing.

Moving from just barely above sea level in Portland to about 7,400 feet (2255 meters) is requiring some adaptation on my part.  First few days I was wondering if I would survive, man oh man I was winded!  I monitored my oxygen levels and activity as the body makes the changes needed to breathe at this altitude. By the third day here I noticed a big improvement and each day gets a little better. I have had very few headaches and no noticeable altitude sickness,  I bought some Colorado grass fed beef liver to give my body some extra iron as it builds extra blood cells for the thinner air here.  I don't often eat liver but perhaps it will help with the adaptation.  And as everyone says here "drink lots of water!"

I have a modest one bedroom apartment with kitchenette which is more than adequate for my needs as a single man.  I let go of my larger possessions when I moved to Morocco in 2013 and I only travel with what can fit in my car.   It seems to have been important to not be putting down roots too deeply the last few years, as circumstances and work required of me changed every 6-12 months.  All I can say is this location is peaceful, beautiful, and I feel really good here.  I feel the way I did when I lived in the Italian alps.  There's something about living close to nature that restful to body and soul.

I probably won't don't do much ride sharing driving right away, can't afford the plate and registration changes at this moment but perhaps next month.  I am so grateful to land in a beautiful spot and to have good conversation and company. 

I love you all!

Terran Cognito