Friday, September 1, 2017

The Immediate Real and Pressing Need

I want to thank everyone so far who has been so generous in helping us through this situation with Heather and Randy.  Everything has been quite fluid, we had no fixed dates for anything as Heather was put through a 30 day tour of the prison industrial complex in 5 states.  Heather has some really interesting contacts with certain ones on that journey but cannot speak to that now.   She will address that story at a time of her choosing.

Heather has been released on her "own recognizance", has a curfew, is required to remain in the Eastern District of Tennessee until this case is resolved.  She is electronically monitored while she is preparing her case.  The conditions of her release means she cannot say much until this case is resolved, and she cannot have contact with Randy or support him on his case.    That also means you will not hear daily statuses or much about the case from either me or BZ.   BZ has done an amazing job of keeping you informed but I ask that you be patient with both of us in this moment as we do have to be very careful not to complicate matters for either Randy or Heather.

What Heather and Randy are doing is for all of us. Please do not forget Randy, keep sending plain white postal cards (they do not let him have picture postcards) to him letting him know of your support in what is the worst possible jail here in Knoxville.  He is literally housed with the murderers, which is strange for a man accused of a "white collar crime" who has not yet been convicted.  But then nothing about this case is normal.  Its very difficult for Randy to be in such circumstances.  They are trying to break him.  

Also please do what you can to support Randy by sending funds to PayPal ID:  RKBFUND@GMAIL.COM.   This money goes to covering expenses for Randy's case.  Randy fired his public defender (I won't speak to as to why but he had good reason).  The public defenders biggest concern in Randy's hearing this week was that those reasons would become public, not Randy's situation.  The court is appointing him new stand-by or "elbow counsel" as they call it here. 

Randy lost his apartment, he was evicted, the apartment did get a visit from the FBI and the management used the excuse that two of Randy's friends had used his address as a mailing address. Randy's cousin Patricia has moved his personal effects into storage at her own expense.  The apartment complex was very unhelpful in arranging freight elevator times, which meant Patricia could not assist me in picking up Heather's husband Youssef, and I had to arrange an Uber ride for him.  Randy is on his own as to his representation, but he does have stand by counsel to walk him through court procedures and other nuances of the court.  The circumstances of both cases are so closely linked to the same documentation. Randy does know what to do.  But his task is not an easy one.

The good side of all this is all the documents Heather has filed are now part of the court record, and Heather is able to discovery on documents she needs to prove her case.   There will be a jurisdiction hearing coming up, and the case could literally be dismissed at that point.  I don't have the exact date before me, I am sure its at BZ's site, I will come back and edit this with the date of the hearing.  If it does go to trial the date will be January 23, 2018.

I have had to make short term housing bookings up until now given the fluidity of events, and things got quite expensive during the eclipse as Knoxville was in the prime path of the eclipse and hotels were booked solid, I was lucky to find any at all.   Local prices have returned to normal and their shouldn't be anymore price hikes until Thanksgiving or Christmas. Washington DC area is quite expensive for motels, there simply is no off season there.  DC was good in that mass transportation there is very well developed.  In Knoxville I use Uber a great deal.  When I left Texas I didn't know what to expect I just knew I had to be on the ground to support what ever need came up. Heather has a number of trusted friends, but not all of them could be here due to family needs or job requirements. They didn't have the flexibility I have to be here.   I knew I had to be here at least until Heather got out, and Heather has asked me to stay at least through the Jurisdiction hearing in October.

We need to raise quite soon $3000 for long term housing expenses.  Our daily costs are dropping as we have fixed dates to work with now, but we have to pay our more up front.  I've put in over $4000 of my money (an unexpected first installment from my late mother's estate - I do know when the next one will come, it could be months from now) to cover all the expenses that came up during the last few weeks and there have been a lot of them.  Just court transcripts alone cost over $400 each, and I bought one from Heather's case. Randy's hearing transcript has not yet been purchased.

If you can help please send funds to OBIWANKABUKI@GMAIL.COM at PayPal or just click the tree image on the right side of the blog.  Please do not send funds for Randy to me, I am letting his family handle that.

I cannot express my heartfelt gratitude enough to all of your for the support shown.  And my apologies to all that I have not been able to thank personally, I thank you here collectively instead. Heather has had a long track record and has never asked anyone for financial help during the last 5 years.   But she needs it now more than ever.    I really do feel this is the last doing before everything changes.

You can expect the usual shills have come out of the woodwork and attack Heather or Randy, but don't listen to them.  Others will call this distraction or make you think you should ignore this situation.  We've been down that road before, just use your higher discernment. 

There are powerful beings that have chosen just observe than do anything actively to offer support with what is in their power to do, its one thing to work with energies, another to put it all into active creation with your being and doing (which is how creation occurs). 

Ironically its some who historically over the eons have played the roles of extreme contrast who are helping, and to me that shows the power of Heather's love based, non-polarity, non-judgemental approach to resolving all this messed up financial situation on this planet.

To those that would rather sit in judgement of others, or discuss how they would have done it differently, I make no judgement on that, but all masks come off in these moments.  But I can say that I am astounded by the ones who I never ever thought would ever help, and truly are are helping.  I have had to rethink everything I thought was possible.  With love all is possible.

I love you all!


GAIA PORTAL: Striations of Elixir Light decorate the Heavens.

Striations of Elixir Light decorate the Heavens
by √ČirePort

Striations of Elixir Light decorate the Heavens.

Hue-manity is Enlightened to all positives.

Casting off on the Nova Gaia journey, all are united.

Energies of the Higher Guides are embodied.

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