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Update 3: Loop clarification on yesterdays post

Update 2: Added messages for Aug 22, 23

Update 1: Added messages for Aug 6. 5, 2

I've been finding the postings of the Telegram account known as LOOP quite interesting.  While sometimes cryptic they are not nearly as obscure in meaning as what has come out of Q.   You don't need your decoder rings for this. This is a higher order view of events, and that may seem cryptic to some.  At times the postings feel like one side of two way conversation.   You can check out loop here:  I don't know the identity of "Team Infinity" but I feel like I know the voice of it.

I'm going to post further ones here with most recent at the top.  I probably won't do a lot of commentary on them, I'd prefer you to discern what is being said.  I respect your innate intelligence. Just suffice it to say on a cosmic scale of things events are much further along than many of the awakening pundits know.   And I don't mean that in a derogatory way, everyone has their perceptions of how this plays out.  

BTW: LOOP is not "Mr Pool" (loop spelled backwards) from what I can discern.  Loop uses as an avatar of the image of John 117 (John 1:17?) from the TV series Halo, which itself is an adaptation of a video game.  The character of John in Halo is a futuristic super soldier who thought he was working for the benefit of humanity in an elite corps of "Spartans" but wakes up to realize he's working for elites with transhuman malthusian agendas willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone towards their goals.  Halo is about transcendence overtaking and displacing the corporate push towards trans-humanism (which is about fine grain control).  

PS: Some images are left out as they are either QuickTime or MP4 videos.  I'll endeavor to post them all as I get time to convert them to animated GIFs suitable for a blog.

More to come...

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Terran note:  Telegram has a big problem with people impersonating popular accounts and promoting crypto scams or other types of shady financial scams based on a fake name (name stealing).  The problem is so bad, some real sites, like Zero Hedge have been marked as FAKE when they are not fake.

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Dan Bongino on the FBI Raid of Mar-A-Lago

They so screwed up....

The Creation of the Central Banks


Great synopsis of the wars and events that enabled the creation of the central banks.

Willie Nelson: Energy Follows Thought


Image by Greg Chapin -

Willie Nelson is a bit of a local folk hero in Austin.  He lives not too far from me on his ranch in Spicewood Texas. Denice found this song yesterday.

Willie Nelson's Energy Follows Thought