Saturday, February 1, 2020

Update 1: Wuhan Corona Virus

Terran note: #HATJ frequently used the phrase “same old girl in a new party dress” to refer to banking resets, RVs, QEs, etc... ie taking the same old methods and repackaging them as something new when they are anything but new.

Thor did not specify where the virus came from only that it was “museum” quality (to be studied by biologists?), indicating to me at least, probably not from the natural environment.

I had limited time with Denice tonight so this is all I have and there’s a lot to be read between the lines...

Terran: How serious is the Wuhan corona virus and where did it came from?

Terran: Is it being remediated as Cobra purports

[The part from Cobra about US agents infiltrating a Chinese Level 4 biolab in Wuhan and dumping the booty in a street market is beyond ludicrous - this appears to me to be Chinese hubris and a huge cock up.  Especially after the years Fulford has been promising revenge on a certain cabal faction for SARS - I'd say this put them in the same category as the faction they hate... since they were tinkering with the same virus. Zerohedge has an excellent article HERE (which got them booted from Twitter.]

Terran: Why preserved?


Update 1:

Background.  Cat vanishes Jan 13, miss that bright little creature.  January 21 I got a mystery fever with no symptoms other than a 102 F fever, no congestion, no tummy issues..  I sometimes do ride share driving which means I am contact with air travelers. A couple of days later I had, what seemed, a repeat episode of a leg inflammation (in 2009) that was then attributed to MRSA but matched no MRSA I have ever researched.  I was told by the Galactics in 2015 it was a Chinese Military bioweapon specifically tailored to my DNA. Death by slow suffocation via sepsis. And I did die and had the near death experience thing, got sent back to my body and I am still here. They knew who I was before I did.  Time viewing tech?  I dunno.  I was reading all the Chinese Dragon PR BS about Chinese Elders bringing the golden age so it wasn't like I was their enemy at that point in time.

But this time it was only one leg, not both.  It spooked me.  First my cat vanishes then this.  I had the Andromedan Dr Raeno work on my leg energetically remotely and it after a few days the inflammation vanished.  The leg is going to need some attention for a few days, and lots of colloidal silver.  The inflammation went down and I did find a spot that was particularly painful that I couldn't identify when the calf was twice its normal size.  Someone either poked me with something on the back of the leg or one of our local Texas spiders or scorpions nailed me but good.  I did rearrange the room and vacuum prior to this happening so I am not ruling out a very pissed off insect.  Last Friday was the first day I felt normal.

Denice's husband has been quite ill and will be released from the hospital soon. That illness is not yet known.  There's been a lot going on.

This is HATJs reply to my inquiry to Thor. You didn't think all our conversations were unicorns and rainbows did you?  I am using the good writer rule of thumb to "be naked in your writing", although it not something my ego wants to do right now.  Fuck my ego.

Hey.... I've been through some pretty weird shit and I don't use it like David Wilcock does to promote my articles.  You do this work and stuff happens.  Doesn't mean you stop doing what is important nor feel sorry for yourself.   One the positive side there's been massive downloads of information since the fever, and internal "screens" have come on.  Not that I yet know what to do with all the data coming in... that might be a few weeks.

Date: Feb 2, 2020 at 1:18 AM

Have you forgotten so quickly what happened when they attempted the so-called "Ebola virus" misinformation/disinformation bullshit in 2014?...patented by the U.S, yes, but only because the true provocateurs did not want to dirty their "own yard"...and the B.Z., Dani, Lisa, and all the media teams exposed the agendas and documentation...hence, Congresswoman Feinstein attempted to then pass legislation to regulate "alternative media" all ways, always, but failed in her measures?

...just a repeat, but this time no one would lend their "yards" to get it had to be done "in-house"...desperate move that does not  produce the intended result sought...

...kinda like Nene willing to blow up (using "gifted tech" only one person on this planet had knowledge of/access to, aka Puti) his own home (and family) while sustaining superficial wounds in the desperate hope of gaining sympathy and support and distracting others from his "indictments"...

...and I hope Cobra finally thought of a new name for his group because all resistance is shown for what it is...made-up, non-existent, lol...

hugs, love, and celebrations for all, by all, with all