Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thank you friends!

Judy and I were out of Oak Ridge for the last 5 days as our host had family come in for the holidays. We returned to Oak Ridge, where Heather remained, yesterday.  We knew in August we'd had to make room here in Oak Ridge for the holiday plans of our kind host, and Jenny and Wes in NC graciously made room for us near Lake Norman.  

Judy and I had lunch with Ciel Walko on the way back, who turns out used to have "POOF" as an alternative healing patient.  Ciel made the connection after POOF's transition when she read his real name in at local memorial website in Asheville.  Small world!  The interview with the man that caused Heather to recognize me and Brian Kelly also had other connections to people we know.  Everything is connected.

I received a number of emails regarding the closing down of the American Kabuki blog.  I appreciate your comments and perspectives regarding "the process" of my exploration, some felt that the process of all that was the real value of that blog.  While I can agree with that some, everyone's process will be different than mine, I just happened to publish mine along the way.  

I do have a backup of the blog which I might mine for specific data later, or for a book (minus data that is incorrect), but I have no intention of bring the blog back online in whole or part.  Most of the data will never be published again.

I have not abandoned talking to the Galactics either through Denice or directly on this blog, I'm just starting from a fresh perspective minus the past baggage.  Millions are about to wake up, or are already awakening, and I really don't to propagate perspectives that are not beneficial to the ALL becoming who they are in full awareness.

As to those who "Welcomed me Home"...  I never left Home. Seeing me as being somewhere other than "home" might just mean you have some to work do too.  All are Original, even ME!

I love you always, all ways.

I don't claim to have it altogether yet, a work in progress to be sure, but I am  more than willing to make radical changes to be facilitate what needs to happen in my own expansion.

PS: Those what desired to send Heather personal funds for the holidays, rather than sending them to me, and risking PayPal fees being deducted from those prior to me forwarding them onto Heather, you can send them direct to the PayPal ID HATJ@UNIDYOMICS.INFO.  

Funds for food and board for should go to link on the right side of the blog or PayPal ID OBIWANKABUKI@GMAIL.COM.  We are coming up on the end of the month soon.

GAIA PORTAL: Fluxes collaborate with the Higher Dimensionals

Fluxes collaborate with the Higher Dimensionals
by ÉirePort

Fluxes collaborate with the Higher Dimensionals.

Fairies of the Realm are heralded.

*Lemmings are halted from demise.

Singing commences.

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*The reference to Lemmings is not so much humanity but those that seek to control it who insist on using old tactics that are no longer supported by the energies.

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