Monday, April 29, 2024

JEKYLL ISLAND UNCOVERED - Titanic Indians, Child Sacrifice & The Federal Reserve

This is an interesting video about Jekyll Island and why it was chosen as the place to plan the formation of the Federal Reserve.  This is a Christian perspective, given how spooky some of the details are of this island. I can't blame them for invoking protections they believe in, whether that is prayers to Jesus or "smoke from sage, cigar and marijuana" (all of which are 3 of the 6 sacred herbs).   

There is a lot of stuff in this I did not know.  This is a very long video but much shorter than reading books that also contain this information.  I am not vouching for all views, perspectives and insinuations made here in.  I strongly advise you use your own inner discernment. 

I also found this link to the French Officer and navigator Jean Ribault, proving he did meet with the giant Indians.

"Nordics" from the Plieades, JP on Nordics training Earth Pilots, P'nti on the Ea/Annunaki


Mari Swaruu published this video today.  I've cautiously followed Mari's videos and the longer I do the more I think she is who she says she is.  Much of her information confirms information I have had since 2015.

I've had a bit of a bias against those who describe Plieadians as "Nordics" as I felt it a bit imprecise.  Today I have to admit, after seeing this video, that's a perfectly valid descriptor from an Earth human perspective. 

There are some questions I need to have answered by the Data Collectors, as there is an inconsistency (likely my misunderstanding) in the data I got in 2015 as to the fate of the Plieades and the formation of the Ashtar Command during the Galactic Wars. 


Dr Michael Salla also released this video from his Army contact "JP", which talks about "Nordics" training Earth humans from various countries on how to fly their ships.

And this interesting tidbit from the P'nti about the Ea/Annunaki.  Disclosure is becoming a flood of information after a long famine of ET data.