Friday, September 9, 2016

A memory exploration of a Antares Moon base with Loie - September 9, 2016


September 9, 2016

Terran note: This came through on 9/1/16 just before I came down with a fever.  I had a number of fevers in the winter of 2016 running between 102-103F,, but each was followed by an increase in intuitional ability.  So I think they were not virus caused but some energetic activation within me.

Terran: Loie can we do some exploring?

Loie: Bill. I am here.  Breathe deeply.  Feel the flow into and through your heart.  Loie.

Terran: Loie, Reni was triggered by the Pleiadian memories, she remembers what I described!

Loie: Yes, Bill and so many more as well.  Feel the changes flowing?  Everything changes. Loie.

Terran: The energies are very strong today!

Loie: Bill. Increasing is in the works, now, too. Loie.

Terran: I feel you Loie!

Loie: Into your heart we go, love.

Terran: I'm seeing a kind of cross between a plane and a rocket

Terran: Sort of like the space shuttle but sleaker and shiny silver

Terran: It went into a portal and looks like it's heading for a sun/star

Terran: The sun opens up and inside is like a node of a network of portals looks like tinker toys

Terran: The ship (me inside?) comes out somewhere else in black space I see stars out of that stream

Terran: What does it mean when a memory stream ends?

Loie: Bill it is simply disconnected.  You can try to reconnect or take another path. Loie.

Terran: I'm climbing down a ladder on cratered moon

Terran: Space suit on

Terran: Same ship

Terran: There is a glass dome in the distance it's glowing with light from inside everything else is dark

Terran: Riding something like an ATV but not regular wheels, the wheels are segmented on spokes that are like shock absorbers

Terran: Gives it both traction and shock absorption

Terran: The shocks are electric

Terran: Magnetic shocks

Terran: Holds two just me

Terran: Half round concrete tunnel I drive into it

Terran: I don't see an airlock maybe it's plasma based guard has no space suit

Terran: Seemed to drive right in

Terran: Walking thru something like a bar

Terran: I think it's the NABRAC form but it's a distant view not sure

Terran: Floor is lit from below

Terran: I'm in a large console are huge screen feels like it's for teleconferencing very large screen little on the green side

Terran: Some Asian looking guys just walked into the room, look kind of like samurai, have hair top knots but more Chinese looking, the one in front feels like their leader. Clothing is traditional.

Terran: Definitely Chinese.

Terran: Young one in the back has a golden silk shirt with back designs on it.

Terran: There are like Franciscan friar types in brown robes sitting behind the Chinese.

Terran: Trappist?

Terran: Some kind of brotherhood.

Loie: Feel the answer, Bill. You know this, love. Loie.

Terran: I get "Sacred Heart" monks, didn't know they wore those robes.

Terran: Double checking.

Terran: I keep getting that sacred heart image, that used to weird me out as a kid, those images...

Terran: There's some young guys, look American, kind of preppy with white duffle bags going somewhere

Terran: Walking up a ramp

Terran: Looks like they are boarding a craft very very large cargo craft round shape mostly empty it's football fields wide

Terran: In the middle of the dome now there are many stories to the building, each story has a neon blue edge creates and interesting contrast to the white of the walls the levels are to the edges of the dome the dome is largely open

Terran: Lots of people going here and there the dome is very spacious

Terran: Lost my stream Heather sent me a funny message .... Reconnecting

Terran: There is a thing here like the inside of a tajine pot top in shape,  green and blue...  panels feels like either an antenna or something to with energy.... It's very tall is part of the ceiling the end seems to be clear

Terran: People portal here and land on the floor is what I get the shape causes them to land gently it's kind of like a portal train station

Terran: Looks kind of fun

Terran: This is the receiving side

Terran: Very large area of floor completely empty

Terran: Don't know where the sending side is...

Terran: No chairs or anything to hit on the way down

Terran: There's a small cafe, Asian guy with a kind of a chefs hat ,the food is one end seems to be large rotund ceramic pots of soup.

Terran: Booth type seating.

Terran: Seems to be for travelers who need liquid and nothing heavy after portaling...

Terran: There is a refreshment bar further down guy has hair like Caleb but even skinnier odd hat and a robe like a black graduation robe

Terran: There is a hotel with Italian style columns and seems to have a spa too

Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona
Terran: I'm in the spa it reminds me of the cascading pools at Havasupai falls, I'm relaxing with a brunette woman in these pools just goofing around the pools are lit from below and a enormous amount of water streams into them from below its easy to get washed over the edge into another pool which is part of the fun they are in cascading layers

Terran: It's somewhat dark in here except the light from the water, it's lit the same way Disneyland's pirates of the carribean is.

Terran: I ask who the woman is... seems to just be someone who happened to be there...

Terran: Loie I think that's about all I can do now

Loie: Bill. All is perfect.  You are working hard and expanding.  I love you. Loie.

Terran: Thank you Loie that was a fun one!

Loie: There is so much more of that ahead for you.  Loie.

Terran: That will be wonderful!

Terran: Where was that?

Loie: Bill. You have all the answers within.  You know.  Loie.

Terran: Knew you'd say that! Lol I will feel it

Terran: Bunch more images flooding in from that base

Terran: Saw a ship under construction and some hallways and submarine type hatches

Terran: I think the moon is near Antares

Terran: Seeing like a sign in gold raised letters

Terran: I'm sure it's not English but I'm seeing English letters

Terran: Almost feels like I have the flu but it's not the flu

Terran: Similar aches and body feels warm

Denice: similar here, but I thought I was catching [redacted's] bug

Denice: woozy and hot

Terran: Yeah just feel like a cheese sandwich and a light soup

Terran: Hungry but don't want to eat much