Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Copper Mirror of the Mahatmas

This variation of the The Copper Mirror of The Mahatmas is a screen shot from the YouTube video [this video was removed from YouTube since original publishing]
By Terran Cognito

June 4, 2015

I ran across this description of the Mahatmas Copper Mirror in a book by famed American Remote Viewer Ingo Swann called "Psychic Sexuality - Bio-Psycic 'Anatomy' of Sexual Energies" which you can get here in the kindle ebook format for less than $5, the paperback book is over $130.  Its a fascinating book filled with an exhaustive history of the research and suppression of the research of subtle human energies (not just those sexual - but I am sure that title helps sell the book!).

The book is ostensibly about sexual attraction and how that occurs. You can think of it as an in depth explanation of the wavy energies between opposite sexes described in the Celestine Prophecy books. Sexual energy is life force energy, it's a part of life. 

The late Ingo Swann is a brilliant man and intuitive.  I heard him several times on the old Art Bell show on Coast to Coast AM in the USA.  Kind, soft spoken man, he was the man who worked the original protocols for the US Army's remote viewing program.  He's also a gifted painter.  

This post is about  the activation of lucidity by a device called The Copper Mirror of the Mahatmas.

Ingo has taken an interesting tact in this excellent and very well researched book. He use the subtle energies of sexual attraction as the title, yet he illustrates the complete spectrum of subtle energies (as they all come from the same life force), and even the biggest skeptic will admit to having experienced the power of sexual attraction, but we seldom think of that as a psychic or subtle energy phenomenon, although we often refer to feeling "sexual vibes" from someone.

Ingo goes into the history of how subtle energies were divorced from world of scientific research, as in the case of William Reich's orgonne energy research draconian and horrible measures, which I will go into in another blog post later.  You really can't separate out sexual energies from prana, chi, orgonne or vital force energies under similar names.

Those who rule this planet do it by keeping everyone in their minds, thinking they are limited purely physical beings.  The often use fear or shame to do that.

The one thing that threatens that rule most of all is the knowledge that WE ARE ALL MORE THAN OUR BODIES.  So ANYTHING dealing with subtle energies has been forbidden, taboo, or suppressed by religion and academia.