Saturday, May 27, 2023

Warlord removed???


Sophia Love posted this article about a "Warlord" being removed. 

I asked Thor about it:

Terran: Thor is there anything to Sophia’s post, and if so who was removed from the chess board?


Summary: I don't know who it was but it seems it was a significant event.  I will focus on the NOW. 

Friday, May 26, 2023

The Seeders


Friday, May 19, 2023

Letting Go

Ferguson Autobody - Image courtesy of Scottsdale Historical Society
(notice Scottsdale's rural nature in the 1950s)

Wednesday night I had this very vivid dream about my dad's autobody repair shop.  It was in an old converted cotton gin from the 1930s near downtown Scottsdale.  Dad had customers like Senator Barry Goldwater and did some work for Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West school of architecture. Scottsdale was a bit different than it is today, it was rural with cotton fields, grapefruit orchards and alfalfa fields. 

The Dream

In the dream I visited it (in real life it burnt down after dad retired).  The front and back galvanized tin doors were open. But it was very dark there were no lights or street lights.  I called my dad on my phone and asked if he wanted it open, couldn’t imagine him exposing his tools to theft like that. He said “close it up son!” 

I turned on the flashlight on my phone but it was incredibly dark, almost like it was underwater  walked through the old shop, the junk on the floors was gone, it was just the shell of the building.  There was no sense of anyone for miles near by.  Truly empty.  Empty of any energy.  I locked the doors. 

In the dream I remembered Kryon talking about things coming up in dreams to be released and then I knew why it was so dark, there’s no energy left in it, it just exists as an historical archive somewhere in Source and it was time for me to let it go, there’s nothing there for me anymore.  Let go of a man who was just doing his best as he knew how.  

Parents are just kids trying to do what is best for the new crop of kids. In the end it's just data of experiences from a life on Earth. 

PS: My dad reincarnated as a boy near Sierra Vista not far from Tucson, several years ago.  He chose to return to his beloved Arizona.  

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

UPDATE 1 => Kryon: Reprogramming your body's "INNATE" for life extension and health


I stumbled across this on YouTube. It's title implies the Akashic records (in this case the personal version inside you) but it's really much more than that.  

Kryon discussing how nothing is fixed in stone with the body and that you have been operating on a default "operating system" for physical and spiritual survival in 3D.  Which is now more of a hinderance than a help as we transition to 5th density and higher energies.    

I think we are in 5th density now, which is why all the old systems are crumbling so fast and why everything and everyone I changing.  You feel it in your bones, and in your joints and sometimes blissful peaks and and sometimes it's an ibuprofen day of body complaints.  Some people go to doctors only to find there's nothing wrong with them.  Yet they still feel it.

Heather has long discussed with me how nothing is fixed with the body, that each of us can change it up.  When I met Heather I thought I was pretty much on borrowed time as it was. When I flew to Morocco in 2013, I wasn't completely sure I'd make it back to the USA.   Yet I am still here and in better condition than I was in 2013, better condition with the exception of the last 6 weeks of aches, but I am not alone or unique in that. 

Kryon explains some things I did not know,  or perhaps I knew them but didn't connect the dots with a great big AHA!  Perhaps you will find them useful too.

Using the analog of the body having an operating system that can be changed is a useful metaphor for me since I come from a technical background that had to work with the nuts and bolts of things in a very real way.  Others who navigate the ALL from a more feel sense, this may not be useful at all.  You can determine that for yourself.   I think this, and another video I will upload later are useful enough that I am creating a text transcript of this.  I am using an AI tool to create the raw transcript but there's a bit of hand editing to do yet.  

One of the first channelers I ever came across was Kryon.  My ex-wife was good friends in San Diego with a woman who worked as Lee Carroll's assistant for years.  I met Lee Carroll at a wedding dinner for his assistant and I can vouch that Lee Carrol is a very different personality that Kryon.  They don't really even sound the same.  

Denice normally doesn't channel, although she did on one occasion with Skye's friend Brodie from Scotland, after he transitioned this life. He wanted to play chess with Denice's son.   Denice uses a galactic comms device that is implanted in her ear, telepathy and heart comms normally.  Highly technical and scientific data comes to Denice via her implant.  There's no way she has the background to transfer the information she has on occasion.  But it didn't come from channeling.  What Kryon does is very different than from what Denice does.   Kryon, Bashar and Abraham Hicks are the only channelers I ever pay attention to, and Bashar is often behind a paywall even then, or at least he was during COVID when meetings were forbidden.  They each have their perspectives.  There are all kinds of channelers out there but not all of the beings on the other end are what you want to listen to.  Always use your own discernment. Transcript will come in a day or so.


Note: As I did this transcript it became apparent there's 3 parts to the above video, Part 3, is a repeat of Part 1 so I omit it from this transcript below. Perhaps that was a cut and paste error during video production? 

Kryon appears to be unaware that the Akashic record had been corrupted prior to 2013, and it was restored to a pristine state from the Eternal records.  So if the Innate ran from the Akashic, and the Akash was erroneous, you can imagine the difficulty humanity would be having had it not been restored to a pristine record from the Eternal Records. 

- Terran


Tue, May 09, 2023 11:53PM • 2:16:28


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It has been mentioned that there are those who are unseen. That know who you are. Who are here. And I mean here. If you're a visitor, listening to this later, here means here for you as well. This is a sacred space that you have decided to listen to. And if you continue listening, all of the energies that are in this room at the moment, are yours as well. Humans, everyone respected, honored, everyone, there is an entourage that doesn't just accompany me. It's an entourage that is developed from the various soul energies in the room. An entourage that comes to watch honor, sometimes, seemingly sit in your lap, knock on your nose. Just to say we're here, we're here, we're here.

Years ago, I said it, you're never alone. We mean this. It's impossible. Because of the system that is spiritual, the system, if you wish of God, you come to a place and you finally understand and realize number one, your part of the system. Number two, you're here temporarily. This soul journeying that you do, you're here temporarily, until the next journey in the next life, same soul. And so dear ones, we're looking at ancients among you. And there is so much honor that you made it that you've come that you're here.

We wish to extend the teaching from last week. Now, if you had no idea what that was, it's fine. We always start as though you don't so that we can be complete with those who would listen to one message, you wouldn't have to then listen to others.

Last week, we introduced you to the concept of clearing that which we call your Akash. Now let me define Akash yet again. And in order to do this, we always will do this, we posture this with great, great honor and respect for what it means inside you. Human being, right now, there is an active record of everything you've ever done on this planet. Everything… it lands, eventually, in your DNA. As you reincarnate, the last lifetime is then included and you come in with that fresh everything that you have ever experienced, is there. And as we've talked before, it's not a linear representation. As you get in the book. The Akashic Record is not about the activities of a human. It's about the energies. What was it like for you? Short lifetimes, long ones, various places of the planet, different cultures, different faces, different languages, different food. What was it like to be in the wars, to be a warrior and kill others to be on the battlefield and be killed? All of you, we’re all of you. What's it like to be drowned? So many of you were.

What's it like to lose children? And you would say that must be awful. It is it still is. But when you come into a planet where every other child lives, you don't even name them till they're three months old. What's it like?

What's it like to wake up and realize that you have information as an old soul that goes against that which is taught about God? Do you shut up, or do you not? What's it like to be ostracized away from anyone else in the village to live alone and only be kept alive because you have the magic, they think. Because you have the intuition to keep them alive, perhaps some potions, some information from Gaia, the earth, to heal those around you. This is your life. This is who I talk to old soul. What's it like? For me to tell you there are civilizations you lived in, you have no idea about. And your Akash carries them all. And the information that is in this multi dimensional space of storage within every single human listening now.

That information is profound with energy. What kind of energy is it? Well, it's remembered things. We've talked about this before, we've we've said the difference between the Akashic Records reaction, and what it means 10 years ago, and today is vastly different. That's what's changing. In an older energy, the Akashic Record comes up. And it then gives you information of remembrance. And sometimes it's difficult. Why would that be? Kryon?

Why is the Akash so disturbing to some that we have to have readers help us to dismiss certain things in our memory? Keeps us awake at night? It's difficult to work with? Why would that be? What kind of a system does that? And here's the answer, it's a system of free choice. As goes the consciousness of the human being goes to the consciousness of remembrance of the Akash. You remember, dramatic things, things that go bump in the night, things that you don't want to remember feelings, you can't, you can't explain. That's been the way of it. Until now.

Last week, we gave you information and exercise words, if you wish, and reminded you of the power you have over your own body and in this energy, the appropriateness of reframing the Akash. Demanding, in your own words, that the Akash stop remembering the negativity and the drama, and start remembering the beauty. Remembering the good times what it felt like for all of you, as a woman to give birth, what it felt like for all of you as a man to watch it, the pride, the joy, the overwhelming beauty, the benevolence, it's there, it's all there.

To command your Akash to stop with the old energy programs, the tapes that play and instead give you something you didn't expect. beautiful memories. It changes that residual buzzing in the background, we told you that? Where does it go from here? It may seem like we're going to skip around, but I'm going to tell you what has happened to the Akash. what it became. Now the Akash has never changed, but human beings saw it and rewrote the rules. I'll tell you about that. So you have a bit of an understanding about the buzz that some of you have. But not before an update.

There are those listening to this now, who were there last week. There are those, who not only participated in the exercise, but will listen to the channel and participate again. Those who have never heard of it will hear it the first time and participate. There will be 1000s who will participate. There'll be some who feel something as I said there'll be some who don't. Because timing is everything. You are unique on this planet. There is never a time when we give you information of one esoteric pill, [that] does one thing for everybody, [it] doesn’t. It doesn't. Some of you must work at it and work into it must do it a number of times if you wish, although I'll tell you the body hears it the first time oh it hears it, hears it and starts working on it even though you don't think it does.

Here's an update, there are some of you not necessarily in this audience with the ones hearing me now who have had some interesting dreams, all of a sudden, a dream that what you put you back into circumstances that were uncomfortable circumstances that made you ‘less than’, putting you back into a time where there was betrayal, putting you back into uncomfortable work situations or things that happened. And you're put back in the dream. And there they are happening again. And you wake up in the morning, you'll say, this isn't really what I had hoped for. And now I have what they call a bad taste in my mouth for the whole day. Because that dream was so real. I didn't need to go back and and feel that all again. Oh, yes, you did. And here's why. Because that was your closure, you had to go back, you had to look it in the face.

Sometimes there are things you never wanted to look at. Some of you are not done yet. This is the Akashic record at its best. It's the Akashic record for this lifetime. And it's best things that have happened to you that you go back and revisit in the Akash, a drowning, a death, or a time perhaps on the battlefield where you took a life. And it stuck with you, it stuck with you for ages. And suddenly here comes the dream and you just feel awful. You'll see I just killed somebody and I feel it all over. So worse than ever happened to me, I couldn't do that. But I did it, I could feel it, or I was just killed, or I drowned. Whatever it was, then you're like, what is the appropriate opposite of that? I'll tell you, it's a closure, it means it's gone. That's what it means.

And if you're one who had one of those dreams, congratulations, it's working. Do you see how this works? It's working. You have to go there because you didn't want to face it. Even in a dream, you have to go there and be uncomfortable for a moment in a dream, it doesn’t hurt you. But for those moments, the Akash is working with you to say, in order to dismiss this, you got to look at it. And you are many of you in the looking at it there is full and complete clearing it not coming back. Not coming back. This is the power you have today. And we talked about it last week. I want to talk about the Akash. It's beautiful. What a system. It's a system of remembrance. Can you imagine opening an Akashic book with one page? One page is everything you've ever done. Because it's multi dimensional, the one page is 1000s of volumes of energy that are multi dimensional. They come flying out, they go all over the walls and the ceiling. They're not in order. They don't have to be.

And you look at the ones that are different colors because they have different energies. Can you imagine going back and seeing who you were what you've accomplished? Do you think that there's a measurement in the Akashic Record? Not of horror, but of beauty? Do you think there's a measurement of wisdom? How much did you learn? And how would you like to have that presented to you today so that you can walk from place to place and not make the same mistakes. So you can know when someone's telling you the truth. When you can feel when you get up in the morning of benevolence that says this is a good day. It's a good day because I'm here. It's a good day because the sacredness in me sees the sacredness in Gaia. It's a good day because I know my ancestors. It's a good day because those who interface with me today will also feel it. And it may be as simple as you and your children they’ll feel it. You and somebody at work, they'll feel it. This is the difference between human beings who are always affected by the noise. The buzz. That in the Akash, which is always there, that has always kept you away from the magnificence that you deserve. And we dealt with it last week. I'll tell you what happened in history.

The Akashic record has been with you since the seeding of the Pleiadians when you started receiving the Sacred information from the very, very top. Either original, or you got it from an ancestor. And you started to awaken with spiritual knowledge. The old souls of this planet have always had it. You are the ones that hold this information. It's beautiful. And it's simple. You Came From the Stars. You came from that which is God. You're seen by God as beautiful. And the God that you were introduced to the Spirit, if you wish, the creative source, if you wish, was so far above any consciousness that you have ever seen on this planet, that you can't describe it. Pure love, pure love. Shining brighter than anything you can ever imagine. All it is is pure love, and compassion. So beautiful that when you return to the other side of the veil, you're part of it, you wash in the beauty of the song that plays that makes your heart sing with it. That's God, I can't even give you anything bigger, you wouldn't see it, you wouldn't understand it. That's God.

Human beings began to evolve, systems started. One of the first systems in this civilization, you call Hinduism. We have spoken of this, even in India, where we, for the first time revealed things. This was the original system approach. Later coming back with Buddha. But it will featured something the Hindu system was prophet-less, right to the source. You didn't go through anyone, nobody had to do anything. There was an acknowledgement of oneness with everything, there still is today.

But the Akashic Record developed into something different. Enter karma. Karma is a direct derivative of the Akashic energy, things that happen to you that then lay energy in certain ways that invite you to clear them. And the system would invite you to clean up that which you didn't want. And work with other entities of Hinduism that would help you clear negativity, to the point where you did not have the karma anymore, you could clear it. You could go to a place where you are in full enlightenment, because you did not have any more karma.

Now, dear ones, do you find that interesting that that's exactly what we did last week. It was a system of clearing the Akash. It is there yet today. When I arrived 29 years ago, one of the first things I taught you is that karma worked, then it's no longer needed. You don't have to remember any of these things. It's automatic karmic clearing, is automatic Akashic clearing, we told you, you don't need to be pushed around by any energies at this point in your life. In the spiritual system, karma is no longer needed. That's controversial. But look at who you are today. You're coming in with full knowledge. You don't need things to push and pull you around to learn lessons. You're beyond that. And you come in clean, ready to go to work.

Well, that bracelet on we talked about this morning, you've got other things to do besides work with karma. Even this day, there are those who say what do I do about the karma? Even after I've said you don't have it? You don't have to worry about it. There are those who will argue.

I want you to just to look at yourself, say do I need it really, at this point, in my spirituality as an old soul in this New Energy? Does it hurt me or help me? Does it hinder my path? does it enhance me you make up your own mind? Don't you find it interesting that it was converted into a system that then became karmic. Now what happens next is really really interesting. Because now certain systems over 1000s of years began to morph the whole idea.

I want to introduce you To the human concept of sin. Now you have something where you start humanizing the system. humanizing is the word we mean that you reduce all of the parts of the system, to fit within what you are, to be that which is human nature. As long ago as you wish, as the Greeks, before sin, they made their gods dysfunctional in order for the mythology of punishment, to start. That then graduates and graduates, and finally, you have a God, who looks at you and judges you, for your behavior. Sin is supposed to be defined as anything that displeases God. And I have something to tell you, that you may or may not grasp at this point.

God is not a human. There is nothing like displeasing, pleasing with the creative source of the universe It is pure love. It doesn't think like you do. It doesn't have the constructs like you do, there is not even the beginning of a consciousness that would even be close to what you have [believed] not even close. And yet, you have developed a system of beautiful love of God, and at the same time, you've made God a bad father.

Let me ask you again, again, yet again? Would any of you take a child no matter what they've done? And throw them into a place where they're going to be burned alive for eternity? Which one of you parents will raise your hands? And well… “yeah, they've done some bad stuff. That's what they deserve”. And there's not one of you, there's not one of you. And yet you place that on the creative Source. Yep, that sure is his way God works. You say. You know, It isn't.

The entire construct of Sin and Punishment, developed completely and totally from the human mind. A human beings construct, put upon the almighty, creator of the universe, does not work that way. There were no wars in heaven.
And all of this, literally coming from the Akashic Record.

Because the Akashic record has certain energies, that when you morph these systems it will create guilt. Now, you are sorry for what you did, that you feel in your Akashic Record. It's getting worse isn’t it? Now you sit there, and you don't know what think. If God is real, is God displeased with who I am? “I had a dream the other night, I'm not sure what it means, but I'm quite sure I did something wrong. That's why I had the dream. I'm afraid. I'm afraid I'm not doing this or that right or wrong”, never understanding at that moment in time. This is a derivative of that which is your Akashic Record the energies of your record, literally were then converted into karma, then converted into sin and punishment, all these same reactions and feelings, then getting lower and lower in a consciousness state. To bring you to your knees human being where you're afraid of God… afraid… there's an oxymoron here. It doesn't even make sense that you would bring yourself to a place where you would fear that which was inside you, which is the most benevolent, gorgeous loving thing that ever could be there. Tucked into it, trained into it. This may offend some. That is not the purpose. The purpose is to reveal and enlighten, to open the box to unseal a grander truth, that there is no judgement with a God that created you out of love.

Where is it going next? What's going to happen? Revelation on the planet. Compassion is coming. Reframing and rewriting some of these things that I've just told you. That's what's going to happen. I know this because I've seen it before. I bring you this history to show you where this has come from what has become of it. These wonderful secrets that you had literally, as a Lemurian, some of you, from the original teaching wheel, had to go underground. Not be taught, only be kept, secret societies. You think today are conspiracies, there are only ones who have kept the secrets of what you learned in Lemur. And in this New Energy, they're starting to pop out, you're going to see organizations start to reveal what they know. And they're going to be metaphysics 101, you're going to start creating organizations yourself to teach these things openly, not in secret. And I remind you, it's one of the first times you've been able to do this. Without something coming after you or being shut down. Or worse. There are some who are still afraid to come out of the closet, closet Lightworkers, they don't want to come out of the closet, because the last time they did it was awful. Now it won't be.

Now I'm going to give you another concept just to make it really confusing. If you're going to become a bit more multi-dimensional, dear ones, you're going to now have to deal with a different kind of attribute in your Akash. Standby.

So let me reveal, again, the summary. That in this New Energy, as bad as it has become, the systems that gave you these things will start to be more enlightened in their approach, they will start to see that it's not commensurate with the love they teach. There will be a lightening of the load, rules will change slightly, as they have over the eons and decades. It'll start happening again, there will be a return to one of the original ideas, that God is inside of every single human. And the respect of that will be seen as primary, no matter who they are what they believe. That's what they'll have in common. This starts a world that will pull itself out of where they are, and have no more war. That's the summary. Now, let me tell you, something you need to deal with.

There is the idea. This, this train of time you're on is going to create a train which is completely then enlightened, beautiful, clean, clear, ready to move forward in the light with brand new information. Now here, I'm going to tell you something because there will be those who will ask this later when that doesn't happen for them. This is accelerated advanced information about your Akashic record that you will have to deal with in the ways that you will have presented to you and also we will talk about in the future.

Time is in a circle always has been times in a circle. Imagine a railroad track, you are on that track as a train as a human being, a human train and you are chugging along on that train. You can go as fast as or slow as you want. But the train doesn't back up. It always goes into the future that track is always ahead of you. And what's behind you is what you've done. Now that's how you see it. Now I want you to add a little wrinkle to that. That track goes all around the planet. forget for a moment that you can't put a track on the ocean just pretend. And then that means that means that eventually your future becomes your past. Are you with me so far? Because you're going to start running over the same track in front of you. That is your past and what is it exactly in your past? It's etched in stone in your Akashic Record. And whether it includes one civilization or two doesn't matter. The concept is this you are going to meet your Akash in the future. Some of you won't understand what it is and consider that everything you've done has failed. Because here it is again. Others of you will recognize it AHA This is a fractal in time, it is laying on the track because the track remembers what happened. And instead of me absorbing it and taking it on and having to do all this again, we're going to clear it as we go. We're going to expect it to be there. And we're going to see it and we're going to clear it before it ever shows up. Is this too complex?

As my partner explained it as I've given it to him, these are the questions that only the future will answer. I've just given you something that's valuable, so you won't think you fail, dear ones. Because those of you who have cleared and gone to this place where you say, my Akash is no longer there to irritate me, and the benevolence is only there. And suddenly, there's something negative. There, this is the 3d human in the past, who will say, see, it didn't work. Then you reveal, you didn't expect it to work. And then you reveal, and then you reveal the state of mind, how much you cognize these ideas, I'm telling you, that there are things on the track in front of you, for you, and the planet and all these things, it will appear. And you will think it's a return to the past. And it isn't. It's something that you're going to have to look at and say I recognize this, this is Old Energy Get away from me, you're not gonna go through this again, give it a name, put it away. That's coming.

Because you are now covering the same track, again, that laid those eggs of the Akash that you clear, will there come a time Kryon would we can clear all of the Akash, including what's on the front of the train. That's an Akashic clearing, that would be past, present and future. That is more complicated. And that's the next step. I'm telling you about this, so you won't be surprised, they will be coming processes to help you. But as you understand it, when it comes at you, you won't be confused, you won't think you did something wrong, you won't go back into guilt. And you'll look at it and go cry and said it was here. And here it is. And you can laugh. Because it'll disappear. As soon as you recognize what it is. It's a past karma that's in front of your train that you cleared. Therefore, it's a phantom. We'll even give it a name. Beware of phantom karma. Beware of phantom Akash. All of that, from your past might show up. Just remember this time and call it what it is.

This is a complex channel. It's something that you may want to listen to. It's something that you may want to revisit this to hear these words. I'm about ready to close. Those invisible ones are still here. I want you to feel them for just a moment such congratulations to you.

If they could put their arms around you naked, you could feel it. You'd feel so much love.

“He did it!”. And they would give you a message and say “don't fear the future”. They’d give you a message that says “cast the old fears away, they're not going to come back”. It's a brand new path. One that you've never tried before one without predictions.

You're gonna lay the track that's never been laid before. That's what it's like. These are the things I have for this day. These are the things for you. And so it is this evening I wish to expose a very important system to you in ways we have not before. We're going to call it the beginning of the information about innate we have given channels before and one of them was the mysterious innate.

We have given you some of the attributes about your own body And we wish to enhance it tonight. I've been giving information to my partner. And he receives it through intuition. He's even began to build a program around it. And yet it's never been publicly channeled. It is the integrity of the way that I work with him. That says that many of these things should be put to you and given to you so that you can hear it and analyze it.

At the same time, he begins to teach it so that others will know what he knows as he begins his process
as well. All that to say the dear ones, it is time.

For teaching to begin, which is beyond what you had in the past, it starts to identify and show you some of the grandness inside. Earlier today, I said I know who's here. It is a family that I speak to at the room it is a family who listens to these channelings. And I again, broach the timelessness of what we are doing. The information presented here will last a long time, and there will be those hearing it right now for the first time, and yet much time will have passed since it was given in your time. And it will be as new to them as it is to you the energy will be just as fresh. And I say to you that in this timeless, this timeless attribute of the reality that I am in I see the potentials of all listeners forever. I know who's listening. That may be difficult for you.

Dear ones, I want to tell you about a process and your body. Not only mysterious to you because it is one that does not present itself in 3D. But elusive where you don't know how to get to it really not completely. And yet it belongs to you so well. That it is you. And you might ask how can something be inside me Kryon?

That I don't know about. And I will say yet again to you that you are not working at full capacity. And that this is the subject of this year. The recalibration of humanity includes an evolved spirit. And we're going to talk a little more about that in this channeling.

But let us first identify innate. What makes innate so mysterious to you is that it is not a brain function. It is perhaps one of the only systems in the body that is not centralized. This is difficult, it has not been discovered. It is not known in medical science, but it has been seen over and over. What you have in DNA is very difficult to explain. The trillions of DNA molecules in your body are all in communication with each other all the time. This has to be a way of it. If you think about what DNA does, how does your body know which kind of cell it needs and where it needs it. It is innate that is responsible for that literally at birth.

The DNA you might say is truly esoteric central control. It is the field around the trillions of pieces of DNA that knows itself as one entity. The one entity is innate. So you might say that it is the combination of the DNA cells in your body, seen as one thing. That is what you call smart body and it is decentralized, there is no one organ of the body that is responsible for innate. Every single part of the body is involved in smart body systems.

You're used to finding out things through innate with muscle testing, the kinesiology, the tapping all of the other systems that give you what we will call smart feedback. In order to find out what the smart body wants to tell you. And those who facilitate this, know that they are talking to a field in the body and not an organ, not a gland, not the brain.

So the first thing we want to tell you about innate is that it is body wide. Anything that has DNA in you, and it's usually that which you can, can think of perhaps a major part of you like the heart, you feel you're talking to that, but you're not innate is in your toenail and your hair. And they is everywhere. DNA is in any form that DNA exists. It's unique and it's you.

Now, I've told you that medical science has seen this, but they don't understand it. But let me give you the example. When a human being has the spinal cord severed in an accident, it is severed. We have talked about this before, isn't it odd that it doesn't grow back? When everything else in the body is programmed to regenerate the cells do not regenerate in a way where the nerves grow back. We've also told you there will be a time when it does and that this is all part of the Evolved Human that is coming.

But let us talk about where it is now. Let us see that you know or have seen a paraplegic. A man or a woman in a chair who can move nothing but their head. Yeah, does it make sense to you know that all of the nerves are severed in the spinal cord. And yet, the things in the body that depend on the brain signals continue to work. Heart continues to beat. But you are told that the heart needs the brain to send the signals. You're told that the timing is in the brain for the signals to be in the right pattern. Digestion continues reproduction continues. Most of the body functions below the neck are uninterrupted. And yet the brain is not sending signals anymore. How do you explain it? Medical science actually has a word for it. And the word would indicate that something takes over innately in the body.

It's innate. It is the DNA that keeps you alive. The DNA of this body actually connects with the brain and the signals are still sent in a quantum way.

Remember, the DNA field is in connection with the full body all the time even though the spinal cord is severed. The brain continues to send the signals the DNA field receives them and sends them to the heart, to the digestive, everything but the muscles. I asked you to look at this and you'll know that I am right. So you have proof of this innate, the smart body will keep you alive. Even if the wires to the brain are severed. Innate is smart. This is why we call it the smart body. The innate is smarter than that which you will call the survival organ, which is the brain. Innate is connected to something you should know about. Innate is connected to the higher self. Innate connected to the Akashic Record of the human being. Because in the DNA, those things are there.

We gave you information so long ago about the layers of DNA. And now we're telling you that there is a cumulative DNA consciousness in its field called innate, it's time for you to think of your DNA as one thing, not trillions of things. Science does not even acknowledge that DNA can communicate with itself. And yet it has to, in order for you to work the way you work. The beauty of what we're teaching is this is that the corporeal body, the one that the brain controls is beginning to build a bridge to innate. And this bridge is going to be through intuition. And will create eventually a time where you will be your own medical intuitive, where you will know not only what is going into your body and what is going on in your body, but also what's going on in your Akash.

I have three things I want to describe to you today. None of them are a review. Not really. They're a revelation. I want to tell you what innate does. And I want to tell you, that innate has programming. Innate is programmed for something you should know. Where as the human brain is programmed for corporeal survival, innate is programmed for spiritual survival. You might ask, what is the mandate? What is the prime directive if you want to use that terminology for the human soul? Why are you here? Your brain keeps you alive, dear ones. It helps you with every day existence. It tries to keep you safe. It remembers what doesn't work, day to day, corporeally. But innate, I want you to think for a moment about what innate knows. Innate knows what the ancients knew how long humanity had on this planet, before it would have to make a decision. Innate knows that your DNA knows that.

What is the prime directive of innate? To do everything it can for you to allow an awakening to take place to allow humanity to go across the bridge and move into an Ascended planet status. That is the prime directive, spiritual survival. Everything is designed around that to push you forward in any way possible, into spiritual awareness, that is what innate is for. In the process, and innate also crosses the bridge with corporeal chemistry, in very, very different ways in innate is responsible for spontaneous remission. You want to know where that comes from? How can you have a disease disappear overnight? How is it possible that the corporeal body can react and cleanse itself of something so unbalanced? Overnight? How can tissue grow at an accelerated rate to give healing? overnight? I have just given you things that the hospitals have seen over and over. They have x rayed them, there is no way they would say and yet it is a miracle. No, it isn't. It's innate, that's the power that you have, when innate finally starts to build the bridge to the corporeal self, the human being, as you know, it will disappear. And the one that takes its place will have a long life able to repair itself, even grow limbs back. That is how it was designed, dear ones that should make sense to you

But let's talk about it today. Kryon book one. All those years ago, I talked about something that innate is responsible for. I said, it's time to drop your karma. Where is karma stored? It is a result of past life experience, pulled forward through the veil into a reincarnate body. It is an energy of unfinished business.

That's karma. It's in the DNA, and innate governs it. And so when we said it's time to drop your karma, how did we say to do it, you must talk to your body, talk to your cells, and say, I am done with the energy of the past, I dropped the karma, I move forward. These were the first instructions you ever had for me about a process that crosses the bridge from the corporeal self, to the innate, pure intent. You address your body in a way that is so pure, that the body sees it, and acts.

And that is how karma is dropped. Now I want you to see what was not stayed?

Would it make sense to you that as you come into an energy as an old soul where karma is no longer needed? Wouldn't the smart body innate drop it by itself? And the answer is no.

Now listen, because this is the teaching of the day. You see, innate, as smart as it is, is also programmed. And it's programmed in a survival for spiritual self. And karma has always played a part in that. You have got to deprogram innate, it has a bias. It's been doing this as long as you've been a human, it was designed to do certain things in a certain way. And consciousness is the key to change it. It always was, it always will be.

Your free choice is needed to deprogram, what I will call the instruction sets of innate. So dropping your karma was the first instruction we ever gave you. Now there's more. And it gets more complicated. Innate is programmed to try to keep you into spiritual survival and there is an older system in innate that it still has, and you've got to deprogram it. This reprogramming, you might say through consciousness is not hard. Your consciousness through pure intent is king. You've always known you can change your chemistry heal your body. Talking to innate is the key. How would you like to trigger your own spontaneous remission? Think about that. You can do it. This is the next step dear ones talking to a cellular structure and controlling your chemistry is one thing controlling innate is another. It's you. You have permission.

We told you some things in a channeling recently. We told you that affirmations are important. Now, affirmations are not repetitive phrases of meaningless consequence. And you'll know the difference. If you've memorized things that people told you to memorize, and mindlessly you repeat them over and over in order to accomplish a certain number of times, nobody is listening. Nobody, because it is not seen as anything but verbose conversation with yourself. That's it. Consciousness that is focused is pure intent. You mean it! Affirmations, especially the ones you create yourself out of your own consciousness put to your body on a regular time schedule on purpose.

You have an appointment with your innate and you're going to talk to it. And here's the affirmation. And that is the way it works. You must talk to your innate as your best friend, as a human being sitting in front of you and you're going to have a conversation. Would you….would you then just repeat things over and over to another person? And the answer is no. You give them the credibility of intelligence to listen. That is the credibility you must have with innate and innate is your smart body. And it's time for you to reprogram what it thinks is your spiritual survival because innate has not crossed that marker with you.

Your consciousness has crossed into this new energy and now it's time for you to reprogram everything. Recalibration dear ones is not automatic. Old soul there are few things you should know. Do you find it interesting that innate knows all about your past lives? But you don't? How is that for a system? How would you like to know more? What is it that you have in your past lives that you could use today we've talked about this mining the Akash is done through free choice of consciousness talking to your innate. Muscle testing, yes, tapping, Body Talk, affirmations, whatever you can do that circumvents the corporeal logic of the human brain will work for innate. You have got to think different. You are used to quantity, repetition, loudness, perhaps you're used to linear concepts to change things within you.

Allopathics, know, homeopathy counts on innate to work. Did you know that? A tincture sends a signal to the smart body to make the changes that the tincture has intended for. That's the reason for homeopathy remedies. They're designed specifically to send a signal to innate. Do they work? Oh, yes. You see, there's a whole concept of who you are that lurks in a place that we're asking you to connect to. If you connect to innate, you can start finding out about who you used to be, innate will give you what you need to know because it's smart. You can ask innate, who you were in a past life and it will not tell you if it is not important for your spiritual survival. But it will give you karma to push you into areas that it thinks you need for spiritual survival.

So, let us talk about what you have to reprogram which is the biggest issue of innate. Number one, drop your karma. We say it again. That is number one. What is it that continues to push you around dear ones, that is the the Achilles heel of your personality? What is it that that is there that you just don't understand why it's there? I'll tell you it's the energy of the past. Get rid of it. Innate will do what you tell it. If it sees that which is spiritual logic, and it will because this channel innate is listening to it along with you. You are the consciousness trigger. To change your own innate, what is it that innate is built to do that makes no sense at all.

And I'm going to tell you right now, with everyone listening. Dear ones, there is a system called reincarnation. That is the engine at the moment, for spiritual advancement on the planet. You live a lifetime, you learn certain things, and you die, you will reborn into the planet and in your DNA Akash. Or I'll say the wealth of wisdom, it is there, and it presses upon you. So you will not necessarily do the same thing again, an old soul knows better in so many things that a new soul does not. You see newbies on the planet, and they can't make heads or tails out of anything. You been there and done that. Every single lifetime builds a library of wisdom. As you sit in the chair today, you know, you're an old soul, you do. Now, here's what innate has learned the system requires? Are you ready? Death.

In order for you to graduate, and pick up the wisdom, and move forward into a higher spiritual consciousness, potentially in the next life, whether you do it or not, the potential only exists with death
and rebirth. Are you starting to see where this is going? Innate, on purpose, will give you short lifetimes. What a system.

Suddenly, suddenly, you pass the marker, you come to a place where the Pleiadians knew you would be, you have the ability for the first time to do what we saw you could do 25 years ago when I came to this planet, in my partner and wondered whether his stubbornness would ever allow a message like this. I want all of you to start telling your innate that you don't need to die, in order to capture the ideas that you are being given now of an advanced spiritual thought that in the same lifetime that you live without death, you now have the ability of capturing wisdom and moving forward. You don't need to die. You don't need to reincarnate. You can do it by yourself.

You have that in your DNA. It's starting to increase by the time you get to 36 Do the numerology it's done. You now have the ability to stay innate doesn't know that 1000s of years it has been progressing your spiritual growth by short lifetimes. I hope I'm under my partner's understanding this giving you this in a way you can see. What if you didn't have to do this this way? Innate needs to know it. Longer lifetimes are the key. Doesn't it make sense dear ones logically to you that you can accomplish more on this planet if you don't have to be reborn and grow up all over again.

Still some of you carry around what we will call a near death experience potential. Now this is a time when perhaps the karmic part of you saw your death. The potential exists for a synchronicity that pushes you right into what innate thinks you need time for completion. Because you need to be reborn and get on with it because that's the only engine it is ever known for you to carry the wisdom over the veil. And now, as you start to touch the higher self. You can bring it into your current lifetime you can have the aha experience. Some of you can be brought to your knees and come out with a completely different personality. And it's happened to those who are listening to this right now. Who were you 15 years ago are the same one. You think the same way you do the same things. There are many on this earth who will say yes, I'm the same person. Of course I am. That's the way I was born. No you because you know, you've changed your personality, you've changed your human nature, you've even changed your corporeal structure. There are those in here, who have stopped aging. That's what this is about. The key to stopping the aging process, as you know it today, is by communicating to the innate and saying you don't have to die to have a spiritual growth. And you could do that any way you want.

Learn how to build affirmations that are positive. Get in touch with the body through whatever process starts to come your way where you can communicate and you know you are to that smart body. Let me tell you, you don't have to convince it. It knows it as soon as it sees the progress that you have made in your consciousness. It's a done deal. Did you hear that? Innate knows who you are. It's the smart body. It wants to cooperate. As soon as it sees a new avenue of spiritual evolution, you may live a lot longer than you want to. So that's the next thing. Stay healthy while you while you don't age. Is it complicated? No. Is it filled with love? Yes. Is it new? Yes, I just gave you an attribute. I have never been able to give humanity and you heard it for the first time tonight. And you had to cross the veil. To get this that veil of the 2012 energy in past 2013 into 2014. I knew I could do it this year. It's time you knew the truth, that you're in control of even time on this planet. That's how powerful you are.

You're gonna see it and then you believe it. Not all of you are able to do it with the same strength. That's because each of you are individuals. Dear ones, I know who you are. The old souls of this planet awake, awaken to the new processes of a new kinda life. And in the process, don't be afraid of what you see around you. Because there will be those who don't agree, who can't do it. Don't understand it. Sometimes, the difference that you are, will frighten them. Not forever. Because there come a time when all humanity will know what I'm teaching tonight. And so it is.


Greetings, dear ones, I'm Kryon of magnetic service.

This communication, the channeling of today, we'll be a little different.

The difference is that you need to hear an overview. That call it the overview of the future. And yet
the very term future is elusive. It's not about the future that is immediate, it's about the future of the planet. This is the kind of channel that my partner has trouble with. Because the things that are delivered are delivered outside of the purview of his three dimensional brain. He receives these kinds of messages. Some sometimes in duplicate in triplicate, at the same time he's talking to you, he gets other messages so he can enhance it.

This is the best we can do to give a multi dimensional message to a three dimensional brain.

And so he struggled some times. And if it takes place, he will simply back up and give it again. It's the kind of message that you wish to review. And listen to again,  it's the kind of message that you might put in a time capsule, the kind that is a human time capsule so that you might open it and understand it more fully. When things have changed. It's not going to be a long channel, where it's going to be one filled with information of the kind that we not necessarily have given before. pieces and parts of it have been alluded to.

We want to paint a picture of a bigger picture. My partner talks about the shift I talked about the shift.

My partner's giving lectures on what is next. What his lectures are the pablum to what is next.

But he gives it to a humanity that goes step by step and only begins to move into new areas of understanding as they examine the old ones and try to decipher what could be different.

And it's slow. But that's where it begins. And if I could I would preface all of this by telling you that what is going on on earth at this moment we have seen before, dear ones, if you could compare the galaxy and all of the planets that have gone through this before as a school this would be your the graduation of the first step.

And as we have looked at what has taken place in this galaxy, with others before you we know what's coming. Because the steps that are next for you are the same steps that were taken before. What you describe as human consciousness isn't its consciousness. It only belongs to the human because you're human. It's the same kind of thing. Energy. The attributes and the confluences of the energies are almost identical that consciousness that the other planets have gone through. And the reason why is because life is similar, some almost identical from planet to planet to planet. Because the galaxy is made up of fractals. From the smallest to the largest, you're going to see repetitive parts of the same thing is beautiful system. And what it means is it gives rise on other planets. One, perhaps right now that's just getting life, the building blocks of DNA getting ready to be seated by you. In the future, DNA same kind as you have the same amino acid structures as you have is common to all. So we've seen this before. You're a young civilization, dear one, a young, so young, it's hard to even give you a perspective of how young you are civilization hasn't even been around the galaxy one time yet. Hardly. The almost 200 million years that it takes to go around one time one rev[olution]. There are societies and civilizations that had been around three revs.

The Pleiadians have arrived. To tell you how old some life is in this galaxy way before you some of them visit you. None of them. None of them are able to influence you to the degree that you can influence yourselves. Galaxy teams with life and your well hidden by the way.

We've seen this before, I want to tell you a bigger picture your youth and how young you are starts to explain why the Earth has been through such a horrendous time. Civilization looks ugly to you. Your past and your history filled with survival and killing, weaponry. Mass Destruction, no elegance of thought for life, torture. They all went through that. They hold it. Because civilization builds itself. As your children build themselves as a metaphor through life. There comes a time and we've said it before where a child becomes self aware and the ego takes over and all they think of as themselves and survival on the playground at school. Some of them become bullies, just to survive, some of them never get over it. And they're bullies as adults, because they never moved into the elegance of the wisdom that you have.

As you grow up there, there becomes a knowledge and a wisdom that occurs to you that there's a better way to solve problems. through listening and cooperation. You have to to survive. But the children don't know that. And they will fail. And generation after generation. You bring up children and they'll do the same thing. And they'll go through the terrible twos and the thrashing threes and the teenage years and it's over. And hopefully they'll grow up. And if I could be so simplistic to apply this to human civilization, let me do it. You're still on the playground, you're still pushing each other around. You're still getting reactions, you're still in survival, intel about 20 years ago, 30 years ago, even 50 where it started to shift just a little we have told you over and over I'm not going to visit it again what the timetable was what the calendar said why I'm here. No, I want to go further than that. In this particular channel. I want to talk to you about energy not seen.

We're going to talk about this in two places in this channel and this is the first energy not seeing there is a complement of energy in the galaxy. That interests You and you can't see it but you want to because it touches you in ways that are fascinating. This unseen energy is responsible for what the new agers sense first. You're able to pick up energy in someone's aura somehow, same way a medical intuitive can actually feel what is wrong the aura broadcasts sickness, health joy. What is that? When you like to bottle it and take it home and analyze it and you can. The very institute that puts this event on. So interested in these energies, unseen energies, that make a difference? What is it a reader reads? Or a psychic feels or a futurist, futurizes? Where does it come from?

Why is it so elusive? I'm going to tell you in just a moment a little bit more about this.

For it’s the key to the future. A child would not know about the elegance of wisdom, how to put things together instead of tearing them apart. A child who is ego driven, who is only waking up to being self aware is only going to do what the child does. The only equipment the child has in his very elementary way is going to lash out in certain ways and do certain things. And if you gave them a plate of wisdom, they'd look at it and they'd have no idea what it was and throw it away.

This is all about to change. Because this unseen energy has attributes you don't know anything about and you're discovering. First of all, everything about this unseen energy which we call the quantum consciousness of humanity is starting to enhance itself so that it'll be a little more obvious. If I took you to another civilization, like the Pleiadian, like the Orion, the Arcturian, if I took it any of those, you would not recognize anything. First of all, they don't have technology. How about that? Because physical things that do things they threw away long ago, when they realized that the physics of human consciousness could do everything they ever wanted. That's where it's going. And you still wonder what it is? Truly, what is this? How does it work? Is it quantitative? If you have more of it? Does it do more things? And the answer is no.

Now we have given you some hints about it. Human Consciousness has no succinct definition I could give you that would make any sense at all. Because we have told you that less than 1% One half percent of humanity has to awaken in a certain way to affect the entire planet. Now that's gonna tell you it's not quantitative. It's not 3d, is it? Less than one half of 1%. If you really want to know the numbers, if you need the numbers that are that tell you something. It's not about how many of you there are dear ones, it really isn't. Because there is something hiding here. There is a system, a confluence of systems that you don't know anything about.

So let's talk about them. Now, this is not going to be understandable to all of you that is why you're going to listen to this again if you choose and others will put it in a time capsule if they choose. And these things may very well pop up later and you’ll go oh… how do you explain the Internet to somebody who's never seen a computer? Where do you begin How do you Explain the elegance of a race car to somebody who hasn't invented a wheel yet. And this is the issue. How do I tell you about what you have no concept of and you're not ready to know, because you got to walk through the steps. So let me give you some building blocks and some metaphors.

There’s something called a wisdom barrier. The wisdom barrier is what we have described as what happens in human consciousness. When certain attributes occur that are not quantitative, that is to say, it's not about how many it's about other things that will occur within the physics of consciousness that you don't know yet anything about this system that must occur in a certain way, in a distributed way, not a centralized way, in order to break this barrier called The Wisdom barrier, and when it is broken. What it tells us is that humanity is past a point where it is in survival mode and goes to a mode that starts to build the wisdom, of getting along. The wisdom that enhances the brains of all humanity to a point where they can agree on something that they never even knew before. Without actually having it taught. Did you hear that? And you'd expect that. It surrounds the human being in such a way and the civilization in such a way that when you're born, it becomes second nature, the wisdom of getting on. It's called The Wisdom barrier.

Let me tell you what's happening, you’re there. It's not going to give you a fireworks or sparks of the sky. There's not going to be a celebration, there's not going to be balloons, except on my side of the veil. And there's all of those. Because you're there, you're looking into the very essence of it. You are peeking into what makes it work. You're about to push the envelope that will affect all of humanity. Not just the lightworkers not just the old souls you're about to push a button on physics, you didn't know existed. Now this is a biggie. The missing piece. How do I explain this? My partner go very slow. Humanity explains things only from what they know, not what they don't know. Here's an example you look into space science looks into space. And they find attributes that cannot explain that do not seem to be Newtonian. But Newtonian physics is the gold standard of motion, everywhere. And so the human being struggles to find formulas that will put the unexplained into Newtonian boxes. Welcome to dark matter. You're gonna laugh later. And we've told you this before, but this is the human propensity. Take what is know, observe what is unknown, but there and place it into the boxes of unknown. Even if they're convoluted, even if they don't make sense, even if they're mysterious. Instead of looking and saying maybe, just maybe there are missing laws of physics. We don't know about, that would explain this and that and this and that. Well, let me tell you one of the biggest places, places that you're missing, the place of the physics of consciousness. Listen to me. How do you define consciousness? Well, it's developed through very special thought of humans in this and that, no, it isn't. Consciousness is physics and you should get used to this you are developing it through human thought. Unaware that there are rules of consciousness and it is a part of quantum physics. There are rules. There are postulates, there are beautiful, beautiful attributes of the physics of consciousness that are going to start to explain what's going to happen in the future. But you don't see it that way. The missing piece is the knowledge that you can track this. That you can plot it. You can create it even outside of humanity, did you know that? It's beautiful. Because when I start to tell you some of the attributes of the physics of consciousness, you're gonna go, Oh!,

What are the attributes of physics? What do you know? The answer, the answer is actually very little. But what you do know, you experiment with, you create things, the very technology that you have that is so beautiful on this planet, is brought to you by the knowledge of the physics that you know. And there's cause in reaction, you build this and this happens, you put together certain kinds of things and through all of the all of the principles and the rules that you understand and the four basic laws that you have out of six. You know what they are, and you're using them. Beautiful. What if I told you that that same scenario exists in consciousness, there are laws of consciousness, that are just like the laws of physics in that there's causal, there's effect. But in a quantum world, they're not linear. And so they create certain kinds of things. The physics of consciousness, being quantum, and not linear, creates attributes that are going to create the future of this planet. And now my partner, it gets hard. Because I'm showing my partner things right now. And he can't, he can't verbalize this.

So I'm going to say do your best. He sees the emotion of it. And he goes, Oh! If you knew the physics of consciousness, you can build a better world. It has attributes first of all, it does not travel from place to place, it does not travel in a straight direction, it does not travel. Consciousness is not in one place going to another consciousness does not expand, it does not get bigger or smaller consciousness IS. Consciousness of physics, just like attributes of physics sit there ready to be enhanced or not based upon other laws around it. And when they're applied, then they all change. Consciousness. Let me tell you about a couple of them. One is called the benevolence factor Did you know that as the physics of consciousness is explored, and the wisdom factor is applied, and the barrier is passed? What happens next is an exponential understanding and application of have the rules of consciousness that create a factor which generates benevolent action. Oh, that's convoluted my partner. Can you say that better?

Let me tell you this way. Right now on this planet, there's a struggle between forces. Because of the consciousness that you have developed here, and the rules that you have put in place through the physics of consciousness, there is an allowance right now, of many things on this planet that we've never talked about.

Is there evil on the planet? Yep. Are there entities dedicated to come in? And mess with here? Yes. That's is that shocking? And why is that? Why would that be because this test allows it because what you have created and the physics of consciousness and the rules that have applied and how you're using it, allow it. But the next step past the wisdom barrier, enhances those, those very patterns of consciousness that you're going to discover as part of physics that closed the door. Did you get that? When the rules of physics are applied in certain situations, you can control what happens. It's the same in consciousness. When you reach a point of understanding the physics of consciousness, how it works, the mechanics of it, the distribution of it, listen, I'm giving my partner something, and he's gonna say it. And it's not gonna make sense to anything, the spiral delivery of it, now that's going to make sense to somebody is shut the door. And the things that have visited this planet can't anymore. And those places of darkness, that will want to come in and play with your consciousness, because it's at the teenage level of physics can't get in. That's the best explanation we have for what is going to happen in the future and the Pleiadians are jumping up and down. Because they know what happened, it's almost an exponential evolution, if you want it to be. One thing leads to another, it builds on itself, you don't have to start all over every single time you're born, like my partner described today, you come in with the factors that you learned before and build upon them. If I could use the term, born wise, I would. And it's gonna change everything.

And then when the physics is revealed, you'll understand why there are machines that can work with consciousness. But you're not gonna need them, not long. How many generations are required crayon? I'm not going to tell you. I'm not going to tell you. The reason is, I don't want to give you a setup that will spoil a party. Because every single planet has had its own time cycle of the delivery of this through their own free choice.

How does it work? How fast is it work? When will it start? It's already started. You are at the wisdom barrier. Once you are at the wisdom barrier, I would like to tell you that the track record of all the planets who have reached the wisdom bearer are the same, they all move forward, every single one. You threw a switch. And no amount of dark energy can stop it. Oh it will try. I told you that before. Humans invested in old ways. Like the kids on the playground, who don't want to grow up, they'll flail, they’ll bully until their last breath. But they will awaken and a world and they haven't got a chance to do it again.

And this is what we're talking about. The Benevolent factor, the wisdom barrier, these things start to work in the laws of the consciousness of physics, in ways that you will indeed figure out creating increased DNA percentage activation, creating generation after generation eventually I won't tell you how long of a human being who can create things out of nothing. Who have control over physics, which is a lower kind of physics, the highest kind of physics is consciousness. And consciousness physics can control 3d physics any day.

I'll wrap this up by telling you all of you are going to be there to see it. All of you, every single one. Because that is the plan. Old Soul. You come back and you enter a world that you always wished you could have. Peace on Earth. Oh, that's easy. That just that's the beginning. That's planting the seeds. That's a given. Look at your news. It's not gonna it's not gonna look like it is as just today. Peace on Earth. That's not the goal. Hardly. That's just a given when you grow up, and you're an adult. Yes. Stop throwing stones at each other. On the playground. You stop you're given a more elegant idea that peace on earth. That's the beginning. The very beginning. And then it gets good. This is where we see I've never said these things in this way. I wanted you to hear the full story.

What would happen to a civilization that could create anything it wanted, physically was never hungry. Who could live as long as they wanted to could put themselves in a quantum state if they wanted to?

Who had different sets of ideas of the way things should work? Who had no central control? Did you hear that? Have you ever heard of a managerless Corporation? It's like that. And you would say, Oh, that can't work.Oh, yes, again. That's what you're headed for. Government decentralized to where there is none. There will be no such thing as world government, Dear ones, instead, there will be world consciousness agreement. You'll know better. How about that? What happens to a group of adults who go to a party for the first time and they've never met each other? What do they do throw rocks at each other? No, there's a consciousness of the party. They get together, they talk to each other, they have fun. What about a planet that had just that they're born into a situation where they know better. That's the wisdom factor. That's the barrier you're crossing. It allows you to throw away any other system you ever thought you needed. Especially the ones that organize you into groups to do things. It will be second nature you will all know together. Too good to be true. Ask a Pleiadian. Ask those from Orion as those who are Arcturus, ask any planet of free choice? Because they're all looking at you right now. This room was filled with them. And they're nodding their heads and say right on right on. Right on. You just wait. You either. And so it is.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023



Hi Y'all!

It was a busy month of April, I didn't get much time to post much of anything as I was taking care of some internal issues to get myself centered and into a more serene state of mind.   Aprils energies were off the chart and I just took as it came.  If I got a strange craving for a certain food, I ate it.  If I needed sleep I slept.  If I need an Advil I took some, Hip, knee and leg aches were as severe as I have ever felt them.  They are not so bad now in May.  I usually never take any pain relievers.

I sold a small asset I had, which took a good deal of time and research paperwork, paying off some debt I incurred in the last year resulting from false moves, real moves.  I sold my washer and dryer when I was thinking I was moving to the Pacific Northwest, then suddenly found myself in local need of them.  I take ownership of that move as I should have waited on the sale. I also incurred some costs with last summer's short little visit to the hospital (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise - as I modified my diet and lifestyle and lost a whole bunch of weight). 

I had the timing belt on my Honda replaced which should have been replaced long ago. On a Honda the water pump is replaced at the same time since it's in the same spot and you have to take it off anyway to change the timing belt.  The engine seems to run tighter and quieter now and a bit more responsive. The mechanic was surprised at how pristine the belt was given how many miles were on the car, but it was thinner than it should be due to wear.  I was concerned the rubber polymers would be cracked due to age.  I really delayed that bit of maintenance longer than I felt comfortable with.  It's good for another 100,000 miles and I think it will last that long.  Very reliable car.

I didn't ask for donations nor did I feel right in doing so since so little was posted by me in April.   We will see how May goes. 

I've been sensing one whopper of an event coming in May or June.  My debt was making me a little nervous.   I probably listened to too much Clif High, who is always more pessimistic than is often warranted, it's the nature of his web bot software he runs.  I don't have a lot of insights that you don't already have,  I know enough and not enough to make a complete ass of myself if I speculate like some pundits do.  I'd surely be wrong, but my sense is we didn't come through eons of conflict, chaos and being the prey of the nastiest beings in the universe to be left high and dry right when the frequencies rise on this planet.  Oh the former controllers would like us all to  be depressed and despondent, we are after all, in a war of frequencies.  Unlike the time of Atlantis 2, this moment cannot be stopped with a war or invasion.     Nothing can stop what is coming.  Indeed it's already here and far more advanced that either you or I really know.  It's being coordinated by the ALL, so nobody has the full picture of every aspect of the ALL in motion. 

You can see hints of it everywhere, but it's damn hard to prove empirically to others. Especially those that really get a brain thrill from have the bejeezus scared out of themselves.  Really lights up the frontal cortex (but depletes the adrenals). 

Take time to BE.  BREATHE when you have no answers, they will come.  Back in 2016 I was told there was 70 Billion ETs in the solar system with loaded cargo hulls. There are many more now.  

There are some ET groups spinning Earth history and trying to deflect full disclosure, but they will fail and be seen for what they are.  Some of them have huge egos and play with humans with similar egos. But most are just here to help and protect.  I have mixed emotions about some recent purported Galactic Federation data, honestly there's a lot of Johnny Come Lately to it all. Some of it may be fear of feral humans discovering how really powerful they really are. 

We're encouraged to celebrate but that is very hard to do ahead of the changes.   I understand that.  But that's also why so much money has been spent propagandizing the public through the news media with tales of woe, danger and despair.  This is a war of frequencies more than words, or militaries.  Feel what is being said, how it makes you feel, and always ask "why are they saying this?".   Especially if the words make you feel less than, dependent, in need of rescue in exchange for your freedom or consent financially.  In this time everything is done for a reason.  But the same is true of their freudian slips, their malaprops, as the ALL in them expresses the truth while they tell their lies. 

Don't settle for anything less than freedom. 

Monday, May 1, 2023

Repost from May 2, 2017: Flow viewing with Loie,
Cuba, Shambala and an insight
on The Heart and Source

Terran note:  Some interest was expressed in this post from 2017.  I am reposting this now, 6 years later for any of you interested in it.

Terran: Loie?

Denice: yes

Loie: Bill, I am here, Love. Loie.

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: Hello, dear!

Terran: I don't even know what to ask today just wanted to connect with you

Loie: How about a frequency and you see what you see, Dear? Loie.

Terran: Sure!

Loie: Here we go, love!

Terran: Hearing a ringing in my left ear

Loie: Boosting dear! loie

Terran: A different frequency in my right ear

Loie: Boosting again, love!

Terran: Seeing a warm maybe tropical place car out front

Terran: Looks like a 1957 Chevy Bel Air

Terran: Something on the roof I think it's an inflatable raft but not sure

Terran: This might be Cuba

Terran: Riding in the car

Terran: We pass a group of people eating a meal picnic tables are arranged in a giant circle around a very large tropical tree

Terran: We drive by

Terran: Lot of old motorcycles and old GM cars

Terran: Two lane road

Terran: Coconut palm groves

Terran: On the left is a water fall maybe 30 feet high fairly wide

Terran: Moderate amount of water

Terran: Pulling into a large brick house 2-3 stories on right with very wide roof seems to be to protect from rain

Terran: Roof covers driveway another roof covers other side of looping drive white ancillary building

Terran: Can you boost?

Loie: Boosting, love! Loie.

Terran: There's a guard in green military uniform and Castro type hat outside, he seems bored he's having a cigar

Terran: Going in...

Terran: For Cuba this house has nice furniture... gov't person or museum?

Terran: It's from the late 50s

Terran: Looking out the window there's a drainage basin kind of like what ranchers use to catch rain water for cattle

Terran: There's a rotating fog in the middle of this basin (which has no standing water)

Terran: Portal?


Crew is illustrative only, we don't know who sent this.

Terran note:
This came in yesterday after a doing I did, I thought at first this was related to that, but this may be related to the financial systems, or something else entirely. Denice said it felt like Xerxes, but he did not identify himself as such, perhaps he was a spokesman from a larger group. We just don't know.




















*GAMBIT: a smart action in a game or other situation that is intended to achieve an advantageand usually involves taking a risk: 

Her clever opening gambit gave her an early advantage.