Monday, January 16, 2023

Mari Swaruu: Stellar Navigation and Consciousness, Oneness and Numbers

I had some aha! moments with these two videos. I hope you enjoy them.  There are nuggets of information related to creating within the universe in these videos.  Don't worry about the references to math, you are part of the universal consciousness, you already know where things are.  That's mostly for machines.The universe is simpler than we think. Time is an illusion.

My feel is this is a real young Pleiadian woman. She purports to remember her prior 8 lives.  Age means little if you can remember what you learned.  

I think the video voice is synthetic and computer generated, the reason for that I am not sure, she did live for a time in Eastern Europe so perhaps her English is heavily accented?  In any case I found these very interesting.  Use your own resonance and discernment.  I did see some disclaimers in a video that said it was "science fiction" but that could be to keep from being banned on YouTube.

Mari Swaruu is not the first nonlocal to be on the Internet, Sandia Mountain ETs have been making use of Twitter for quite some time.

In 2012 I got a purported email from "inner earth", it had the strangest email server transit headers, there was no way to trace it back.  They said they would be in contact with me but I never heard from them again.  Don't be too surprised by anything in the coming weeks and months. While congress forms committees about ET ships, everyone already knows they are out there.

Unfortunately embedding in blogs has been disabled, but they are on Youtube.

There is more here, including the rest of her Taygetan team and transcripts.