Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Conversation with Thor 8/17 & 8/24
Brotherly Advice
and Images of a Battle on Mars

Conversation with Thor 8/17 & 8/24

August 17th was a particular rough day.  I really had my fill of all the COVID19 mask and mask-shaming madness.  I just wanted all the nonsense to end.  Not my best day honestly. 

Thor gave some tough brotherly advice and a set of images he asked me not to reveal.  Yesterday he told me the images are no longer embargoed as the Op is complete.

I debated whether to include the personal advice from Thor but decided to post it all.  There's a reason I am in the form I am in, and I think its because I needed to share the same journey as the rest of humanity until this is over.  The limitations are frustrating, but it's mine to deal with. And perhaps what I learn is useful to others in my predictament.

August 17, 2020