Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Dr Salla - Earth Alliance Mission to Ganymede to greet ET visitors
& inaugurate a Star Trek Future


October 13, 2021

Some really interesting data in this one but heavy on the hierarchy view of it all... since he's probably getting a lot of data from military sources the hierarchy is perhaps not unexpected.  

Earth Alliance Mission to Ganymede to greet ET visitors & inaugurate a Star Trek Future

A fleet of spacecraft from a highly evolved group of friendly extraterrestrial visitors has arrived in our solar system and established a presence on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, according to three independent sources familiar with unfolding events in deep space. This latest intel coincides with William Shatner, globally revered for his role as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, being launched into space on October 13, a likely cover for him playing a significant role in unfolding events on Ganymede.

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The Need for October


October 8, 2021

Can you see and feel the changes?  A storm of resignations of politicians, executives, "medical elites" as all the fraud and corruption is exposed for all to see?  There have been many moments in this work were it has felt like "hurry up and wait".... we'd wait for the world to catch up to what has been energized or completed.    But not anymore... it's all happening at once now and October seems where it all pivots to the new.

We still see the medical lunacy going on and the continuing harm being done to people by these mRNA vaccines.  Two houses down lives a man who got the vaccine.  He is younger than me. He thought he had pulled a ligament, hospital told him they couldn't get to him for a week, for his MRI imaging.  When he got the images it revealed his legs are riddled with large blood clots, some of them as big as an inch around.  You can see the lumps in his legs. He was already on a blood thinner for his heart and the doctors increased the dosage to 4x his normal dose.   The truly remarkable thing is the cognitive dissonance in that he does not connect his willing vaccination to the large blood clots.  He's an east coast liberal who hates Trump and the vaccines were almost a statement of politics for him.  I hope he survives the clots, and the bleeding that can come from high doses of blood thinners.  I wouldn't wish those side effects on anyone.

It seems a fatal flaw in the controllers depopulation scheme that they are likely killing the very ones most likely to believe them, in a Darwinian like fashion.  The fact they want to give 3 doses to the elderly shows their malign intent to the more frail and aged. They see them as useless eaters on social security and medicare, collecting on a system they had paid into their entire working lives.

Things are moving fast and its refreshing for many who have been researching the systems for years. It's all coming to light.  Some of those waking up are in a dizzy moment, and we will all have to help them gently get their footing while they learn NOTHING in this world is as it seems.

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I love you all!