Tuesday, June 16, 2020

GAIA PORTAL: Crystalline Castles are entered with Joy

Crystalline Castles are entered with Joy
by ÉirePort

Crystalline Castles are entered with Joy.

Progress accelerates.

Ascension comes with the processes of Light.

Removal of the dark conveyors completes.

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Bishop Larry Gaiters with Mr Scott Kesterson - Restoring the 1776 Constitution

KP posted an excerpted YouTube video of this that was a little hard to hear.   This is the full audio of the Bishop Larry Gaiter interviewing Mr Scott Kesterson from "Bards of War". 

There's a lot of information we have discussed over the years regarding banking, the Corporate US Constitution of 1871, and the Federal Reserve, plus a lot of data on COVID19.  I don't know of a video version of this, but you can listen to this at iHeart Radio.  Use your higher discernment, this is a Christian perspective, so you won't get info on the ET side of all this (that's always conflated into Satan/Lucifer/Devil/Beelzebub as one being - when in actuality they WERE separate ET and transdimensional entities) but that's a minor issue compared to the rest of the data in this video.  We all have or points of reference.  Nobody has all the data.. .yet...