Wednesday, April 28, 2021

An anonymous biochemist challenges the COVID-19 narrative

The essay below was received with no name attached.  I've left it as much as possible unaltered. I have corrected spelling and minor grammatical errors (at least the ones I've noticed). Comments [in italics and red square brackets] are my own, as is my custom.  I am not a doctor, not a molecular biologist, nor do I give medical advice.  

I do notice when facts and logic based on scientific papers, don't match what the Pharma-financed media is saying.  Saying "IT'S SCIENCE!"  is used to end honest dialog and deplatform concerned science researchers as heretics to the priesthood of Fauci and Collins.  In a weird collusion of faith and Pharma, Dr Francis Collins has been the go to evangelist for vaccinations to evangelical America. He shows up at all their conventions. "IT'S SCIENCE!" is not some magic phrase that negates logic and facts makes something based on consensus and repetition of marketing talking points into science.  Science at its heart is about disputing assumptions and disproving them. 

I'm not even anti-vaccine.  There was a time when I had issues with pneumonia, and I haven't had it since being vaccinated for it. I think some of them do work, they have been time tested.  I am not fond of the toxins they use  in many of them as adjuvants.  Mercury in particular. If I go to a country that requires a yellow fever vaccine I will probably get one.  I am, however, not taking an mRNA vaccine for a disease I have already had and survived. I've got the antibodies.  Everyone must be responsible for their own body. But keep in mind self driving cars don't have the liability free reign that big Pharma has.  That should give you pause. 

I am not one that believes these mRNA vaccines will cause a huge number of fatalities.  I have come to see over the past 8 years the human body is far more capable of rejuvenation and other astounding abilities than most people believe.  But belief plays a big role in that, your body will do what your brain believes and will not do what you don't believe is possible.  Belief is what causes placebos to work. The body gladly serves the brain.  Changing one's way of thinking often changes one's well being.  We know this at a fundamental level, positive people are usually healthier.  

There very could be a good number of autoimmune difficulties from this reckless pharmaceutical experiment on millions of unwitting humans. The side effects known so far are not consistent. Everyone is unique. So its difficult to make any prediction what comes from all this other than an more awakened and activist population. This is mostly about controlling the movement of people and tracking them.  

The questions asked below are the ones the news media should have asked about COVID-19, but didn't.  The elephant in the room is the American news media is almost exclusively funded by ad revenue from pharmaceutical companies. They will not run stories critical of their income stream. This is simply paycheck corruption.


From an Anonymous biochemist [bold emphasis mine]

How does the biggest vaccination program in history fit into the COVID-19 story? Like the pandemic itself, the vaccines the FDA raced to approve are illegitimate. Simply there is no scientific or immunological basis for making a vaccine out of RNA. In fact, using RNA as an immunogen (a substance that stimulates the production of antibodies), might be among the worst possible approaches conceivable for a vaccine. Vaccines are designed to stimulate the body's production of antibodies, substances that can bind and neutralize germs, protecting and ridding the body against infection.

For COVD-19, it is desired to stimulate the immune system to generate antibodies that target a unique protein present on the surface of a virus, dubbed the "spike" protein.

Proteins on the surface of a virus can form repeating organized structures, like the black and white polygons on a soccer ball. When cells of the immune system interact with the virus, the repeating structures allow receptors on the immune system cells to cluster around these viral proteins. The clustering provides a strong stimulation signal to the cells of the immune system responsible for producing antibodies. When the cells receive the signal from the clustering antibodies, they can then amplify the production and build up excess reserves of antibodies against the virus. For immunization, the strategy is to create a vaccine that can mimic this natural structure of virus to efficiently and potently stimulate antibody production. When targeting a specific molecule like the spike protein of the COVID-19 virus, the most effective way to make a strong vaccine is by injecting the spike protein, which is attached to tiny particles that are around the size of a virus. This approach, discovered in 1926, was the first so called subunit vaccine (as opposed to using a preparation of the virus itself) and until recently, the only type of vaccine approved for human use in the United States.

Sticking proteins on tiny particles works so well because the way the protein assemble mimics the repeating structure of proteins on the surface of a real virus, forming the matrix which can efficiently cluster receptors on the surface of antibody producing cells. 

So why for the first time in history was RNA - an untested and truly unfathomable - approach promoted for the COVID-19 vaccination program? 

RNA İs not a protein, so it cannot be organized structurally, or in any other way, to directly stimulate an antibody response against the virus.  RNA is used to indirectly code for the viral protein. When injected, RNA must somehow get into cells of the body and/or immune system and instruct the cells to make the protein it encodes. No one knows exactly how the RNA gets into cells, or how it gets to a place in the cells where it can direct them to make the coded protein, but we do know that it is an extremely inefficient process. 

Once the RNA gets into a cell, and the cell produces the desired protein (in this case the spike protein), the protein must somehow get presented to cells of the immune system responsible for making antibodies and do so in a way that clusters the receptors and activates these cells that produce antibodies.

The RNA's ability to get into cells and produce a protein matrix is an extremely unlikely event.  Since RNA is such a remarkably ineffective immunogen, the RNA vaccine is mixed with highly toxic substances, known as adjuvants. The adjuvant ingredients are designed to somehow help the RNA get into cells. The toxic adjuvants used are intended to make up for the lack of immunogenicity of the RNA by stimulating a very potent irritation, creating a massive insult prompting large numbers of immune cells to be recruited to the site of injection. This massive inflammation can help overcome the inefficiency of the RNA and stimulate an antibody response. In addition to being a terrible immunogen for a vaccine, RNA is probably the worst possible substance for a vaccine in terms of its suitability for storage and transport. RNA needs to be kept at extremely low temperatures.  A good storage condition is -112°F or in liquid nitrogen, or else the RNA breaks down into useless fragments in minutes.

The use of an RNA as a vaccination strategy seems illogical. Conventional vaccines, proven over a century, work better, are less toxic, are simple to make, and are very stable to ship and store compared to RNA.  With all of these factors, the RNA vaccine is being hailed as one of the biggest feats in medical history. So why did the US government provide $billions to Moderna? Is there some kind of complicity between the parties? One needs to simply look at the timeline. 

On January 13th 2020, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), had already collaborated with Moderna to designa RNA sequence and had formalized the agencies' commitrments to support Moderna to launch a COVID-19 vaccine program. Only two weeks earlier had the Chinese authorities announced there was some kind of unidentified illness in Wuhan; and only on January 11th had the Chinese suggested a coronavirus might be involved in these infections. 

We are to understand that within two days from the Chinese identification of the coronavirus, Moderna had already collaborated with the Federal government to design and receive funding for a COVID-19 vaccine. [amazing efficiency or foreknowledge?] Interestingly, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the 80 year-old head of the NIAID, has championed Moderna and the COVID-19 story since inception, often to the peril of President Donald Trump. A President known for an unprecedented propensity to fire anyone who disagrees with him, and who publicly showed disdain for the economic damage of the coronavirus lockdown, seemed unable to rid himself of Dr. Fauci. It appears that Dr. Fauci    together with Moderna    operate with higher authority than that of the President of the United States. 

The immunological and epidemiological evidence for a COVID-19 pandemic is lacking. A highly toxic and ineffective vaccine is being pushed at the figurative and literal expense of an unwitting population. The pandemic, an event for orchestrating an almost incomprehensible and unprecedented shift in wealth, is a malignant alliance between public and private players. Impossible timelines and collaborations show an incredible boldness and sense of impunity by the architects of the most extraordinary scam in the history of the world. It is unlikely that anything can or will be done to unmask the players or put an end to the insanity.

Neutralizing Antiviral Antibody Responses. Zinkernagel Et Al. 2001. Advances In Immunology, Vol. 79


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