Wednesday, February 28, 2024

UPDATE 1 - Mari Swaruu: Hexadimensional Spacetime
(and its relationship to the Dewey Larson Reciprocal System)


Mari Swarru

This is some valuable information which fits into what has been called the Dewey Larson reciprocal system of "time-space" vs "space-time" (not specifically mentioned in the videos but for those with eyes to see its there).  For old readers of the blog you will remember the Dewey Larson material being how I met Dani and my first collaboration with her in 2012.   I met online Brian Kelly, Dani, KP months before I encountered Heather.  Heather's mother Loie was watching us. 

The Andromedans refer to these reciprocal relationships as "INTER-REALM" and "REALM". Inter-realm being what some call "hyperspace" of faster than light navigation.  I prefer INTER-REAL and REALM because even space and time are bit of an illusion, it's all frequency in the end which means any aware enough being can move their own form given the right awareness, frequency and knowledge without any vehicle at all.  Imagine what that would do to false notions of owning people and where they can go!

Einstein injected a view of time into science of time as a single 4th dimension, which perpetuates the erroneous belief of time being a one-directional arrow moving in only one direction.  We literally are lacking two dimensions of time in our Earth calculations!  

When I was in Morocco, I think it was Lisa Harrison or possibly Dani that called the flower of life the flower of death.  It's static and unchanging, life is not static and is forever changing.  The shape is associated with Metatron's cube, which many vernerate for it's 3,6, 9 geometry.  It's a pretty geometry!  I remember discovering it with a draftsman's compass as a kid and drew lots of them along with using my Spirograph toy.  Nikola Tesla was also very fond of 3.6, 9 and people will remind you of that who push 3,6, 9 as the order of the universe. Marko Rodin built his coil based on 3, 6, 9 which he saw in the sacred 9 of the B'hai Faith.  But none of this includes 12.  But our clocks do!

Silly Sol


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