Sunday, November 13, 2022

There is no fear in love


This is an oft quote scripture in churches. And the explanation they give for it, is sadly rooted back into a concept of God punishing people,  and that those that believe a particular dogma (and none of them agree on that dogma) are  free from fear as one of the chosen ones of God. It's the credit bureau model of how creation works.  Some even use the akashic records to push forward similar concepts among the new agers.  

And this misses the entire point. 

The punishing God is a fiction.   

We punish ourselves through the energy frequencies with chose to be.  And you can choose something better.   

I died. There was no judge or punisher waiting. Only love.  Then I got sent back to my body because I had stuff to finish.

Love is a specific and measurable frequency of being.  Courage is not the opposite of fear. Love is.  Courage springs artesian from the well of love. Mother's worldwide will risk life and limb protecting their babies from harm.  No sane person will get between a mama bear and her cub.  Not if they want to live. Soldiers have been known to dive on a grenade to protect their buddies.  Nobody does these kind of things for abstract ideas or Queen and country.  They do it out of love. It's in that state of being, that fear is cast out.  Fear of what? Source?  If you see Source in the face of every being, that's what gets shown back to you.  Love likes to be recognized, and all are love.

Similarly if one loves themself, there's really nothing anyone can say or do that will offend you. Because you know you are loved, you know you are Source itself in body.  Lack of love for oneself actually produces the narcissism of the Ego.  It is not narcissism to love yourself.  In this age, most people detest themselves.  That's a slave mentality, conditioned to think it deserves what it got.

It's our own lack of love for self, our own self perceived (often induced from childhood) of what we see as our imperfections, that causes hurt. Babies do not have this mentality. Someone else's perceptions and projections of themselves on cast on  you, is their problem not yours. That's not to say any of us are perfect, we are all perfectly imperfect.   

In a particular bleak moment in Morocco, Heather made the comment to me "everyone loves me, they just don't know it yet".  And she had a big grin on her face when she said it.  The same can be said of all of us! There was no hint of hurt of vengeance in her voice.  I never forgot that.  It's a very good way to look at things.  

I guarantee you each human has a different periscope they view the matterium through, and they have all kind of lenses on them.  Some are psychedelic kaleidoscopes.  Some have cracked lenses, some need some window cleaner, some are wide angle, some are microscopes focused on details of the grass in the forest.  There's nothing you can do about that, each human is in control of their own assemblage point of awareness.  But you can show love in times of misunderstanding.

Some of us (and I am a prime example of this) are not always understood at first.  Embrace you are made differently by Source and know that is perfect for what you are needed to bring into this reality.  Slough off when your words are twisted into meanings you never ever thought.  Slough off the scorpion stings by those that you considered a friend.  Think twice if happens 2 or 3 times though. Maybe they are not a friend? Or maybe they just don't know they really do love you!.  :)  These are shadows within the person that have not yet be harmonized within in pure love. 

When this hare-brained experiment in the experience of the illusion of being separated from Source began, one of the first things to happen in that separation, was the rise of "US vs THEM".  Some more than others, some so severe that their anxiety was such that anyone but themselves was seen as a potential enemy. From that grew the desire to control others, before they harmed them.  It happened on both sides, dark and light.  The "Light" had they creations smashed and destroyed.  The dark thought it was pretty funny to do that and show them how arrogant they were in their abilities. Then the light struck back at the dark and took out whole planets of these destroyers. Then the dark took creating more seriously, went off in seclusion and created races of beings devoid compassion, and very hard to kill and a war persisted for eons in this Galaxy.  

Earth is one of the last strongholds of those that seek to control others.  Lisa Shannon coined an acronym for it "POO", power over others. Those ones are being revealed in real time in these closing days of slave farm Earth.  You see it everywhere.  They can't help themselves but reveal it. 

We live in a weird time.  Super strong high frequency energies.  People are acting super weird.  BE PATIENT AND KIND!  ITS GOING TO GET WORSE FOR A BIT.   PEOPLE NEED COMPASSION AND SOMETIMES CALMING!  But also know its HARDER ON THE CONTROLLERS THAN IT IS ON YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS!

Last night while out driving  people about I had a woman offer to pay me a large fare just to privately drive her home from downtown Austin.  She didn't say what the problem was, but I could feel she needed to get home and didn't want to talk about it.  So I took her home to her husband. 

Then when I was 5 miles from my home on a remote Texas Hill Country road with nothing but mesquite and pencil cactus, there was a man in a grey business suit and tie waving me down.  I am always aware of my surroundings.  I never take the same route home twice.  This weirded me out a bit at 2:30 AM.  But I rolled down my car window anyway.  I felt he truly needed help. The man had been to a wedding party, last thing he remembered was being in a hot tub, but by the time I encountered him he'd had been walking for 2 1/2 hours on a very dark remote road. He didn't know how he got there. I think he was both drunk and drugged unwittingly.  He had his phone but not his wallet so there was no theft.  He asked to be taken to the nearby Best Western motel so I drove him the 15 minutes it took to get there.  I had to repeatedly reassure him he was safe and I would get him to his motel safe.   These are odd times.  Be patient with people.