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MIB International - #HATJ Message 6/20/19

RE: MIB Intl
Jun 20, 2019 at 1:21 PM

lol, the movie trailer looks cute... 

yes, THAT particular medina was chock full of "wizards", "magicians", and "other" the last time i was present....LOL! ...even the local police were confused and flabbergasted at the unknown, yet uniformed, military presence....

we sat in the roof top cafe watching the so-called "lower rungs" trying unsuccessfully to inter/inner act with the so-called "higher rungs"...caleb would say, "good times!" :) 

hugs, love, and celebrations ❤️

-----Terran  on 6/20/2019 11:06 AM wrote: 

Saw [the movie] Men in Black International. The guy who plays Thor in the Thor movies is an MIB agent in London, in one scene he throws a hammer, some hints in the movie Thor is MIB, and there are references to Andromeda. 

Also much of the movie takes place in the Medina of Marrakesh

Head of Brazil's powerful Development bank resigns following clash with Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro

I thought this was interesting... Bolsanaro is often called "The Trump of Brazil"....

Head of Brazil's powerful Development bank resigns following clash with Bolsonaro
Monday, June 17th 2019 - 09:00 UTC

The head of Brazilian state development bank BNDES has submitted a letter of resignation amid public tensions with president Jair Bolsonaro, reflecting the serious divisions that continue to plague the administration’s upper echelons.

In a statement Joaquim Levy, a University of Chicago-educated economist and former finance minister who was appointed by Bolsonaro shortly after he began his term in January, said he has sent a note of resignation to Economy Minister Paulo Guedes.

“I am grateful for ... the loyalty, dedication and determination of BNDES executives. And I am especially thankful for the countless BNDES workers that have worked with energy and serious to transform the bank,” the note read.

BNDES has historically been a significant source of financing for major infrastructure projects in Brazil, and the head of the bank is a high-profile position in a country where public companies still play a major role in a variety of industries.

The relationship between Levy and Bolsonaro had been strained for months over a variety of factors, including the slow pace of asset divestitures by the bank.

Recently, Levy locked horns with other parts of Bolsonaro’s administration over the nation’s so-called Amazon Fund.

Bolsonaro’s government had previously said it would seek to change the management structure of the US$ 1.28 billion fund that was set up a decade ago to counter deforestation in the Amazon and counts on the support of Germany and Norway.

Environment Minister Ricardo Salles, a climate change skeptic, last month criticized the fund’s management with allegations of irregularities in unspecified awards to non-governmental organizations and suspended all operations pending review.

But in June, Levy told reporters that the governance of the fund was transparent and the processing of new awards had not been halted.

On Saturday, Bolsonaro publicly threatened to fire Levy after the appointment of an official with historical ties to the opposition Workers Party - Bolsonaro’s ideological foe - to a position in the bank’s capital markets division.

The incident triggered the resignation but it was not immediately clear who would take Levy’s place.

RE: Bank Of Italy - #HATJ Message 6/20/19

RE: Bank of Italy
Jun 20, 2019 at 1:08 PM

what??? the fraudulent scheme between B.I.S., Italy's Minister of Finance, etc., stealing and using Patrizia, et. al., original instruments to "back" Italy didn't continue to work out??? i wonder what stopped it, hhhhhhhhhmmmmm??? visibility and transparency may be a bitch, but they are a "healing bitch", lol, and seeing as how B.I.S. also used that fraudulent scheme, theft, etc., to "back" VISA and others...they are "ass out", too ;) Youssef keeps saying, there are many other ways to get something done..... 
Be Cause of All and the Heartitude of All "It [was] all it [was]. It [was] complicated.".....and now, ALL is seen and experienced for all it is...ALL IS SIMPLE ;) 
in complete love, gratitude, and heartitude FOR ALL, WITH ALL, BY ALL <3 

----- Terran on 6/20/2019 8:21 AM wrote: 

Sent 9:02 AM CST 

Exclusive: Italy coalition drafts bill to reform central bank's management 

by Giuseppe Fonte and Gavin Jones 

ROME (Reuters) - Italy's coalition has drawn up a bill aimed at giving the government and parliament the right to name the central bank's five-member board, ending the current system by which appointments are made mainly internally. 

The draft bill, obtained by Reuters, is likely to increase long-running tensions between the Bank of Italy and the government, made up of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement and the right-wing League.
A Bank of Italy spokeswoman declined to comment on the draft bill. 

The coalition has accused the central bank of poor supervision which it says caused a spate of bank collapses in recent years in which thousands of Italians lost their savings. 

For his part, Bank of Italy Governor Ignazio Visco has frequently criticised the government, warning that any potential benefits of its expansionary fiscal policies risk being outweighed by the higher borrowing costs they produce. 

The legislation, which must be approved by both houses of parliament before becoming law, comes four months after League chief and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini vowed to "completely clear out" the central bank's top brass. 

The draft bill, titled "Modifications to the Statute and Organisms of the Bank of Italy," says three board members, including the governor and his deputy, should be named by the prime minister after consultation with the cabinet. 

Of the other two, one should be named by the lower house Chamber of Deputies and the other by the upper house Senate, by secret votes requiring an absolute majority of those present in each house. 
Those appointed will need to have "recognised experience in economic sectors or constitutional bodies." 

Currently, the government only has the main say in naming the governor, who is appointed through a complicated procedure which in any case also requires consultation with the central bank's main internal body, known as its "superior council". 

The other board members are named by the superior council and then rubber-stamped by the government. 

Article 1 of the bill, drawn up by the Senate heads of the ruling parties, says any modifications to the Bank of Italy's statute must in future be decided by parliament. 

Currently, changes to the statute can only be proposed by the assembly of the Bank of Italy's shareholders. 

Alberto Bagnai, a prominent League economist who heads the Senate Finance Commission, said last week the central bank was too "self-referential" and that the government needed to bring its management structure more into line with the rest of Europe. 

(additional reporting by Stefano Bernabei and Angelo Amante; editing by David Evans) 

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GAIA PORTAL: Hemp Attractors Seal the Physical

Hemp attractors seal the physical
by ÉirePort

Hemp attractors seal the physical.

Sparkling generations are now in the forefront.

Specialities are displayed and employed.

Penetrators lead the way.

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Message from #HATJ 6/19/19

Heather as a teenager

6-19-19 P.M. Check-in
Jun 20, 2019 at 1:34 AM

Buonnnnnnnnnna serrrrrrrrrrra to you, Youssef, Lili, BZ and Keegan, Paul, Bill, Denice, Judy Bird, Wes and Jen, Missy, and Nikki! 

I was called over the speaker phone just now to get mail, that apparently they have been calling me for for days now...however, they did not know how to say my name, and therefore, i never knew they were calling me...why they did not call the 007 number, i do not know. 

The mail was the italian package regarding Antartica (i will read it tomorrow as my eyes can barely stay open at the moment)...the second was from a book distributor (delivering for lili) a Ringing Cedars Series Book, Book # 7 ENERGY OF LIFE, that had a small FEATHER in it when i opened the joke...a feather. lol. 

buona notte to all! 
hugs and love and reunions and celebrations to all! 
ALL ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Message from #HATJ 6/14/19

6-14-19 A.M. Check-in
Jun 14, 2019 at 10:35 AM

Buon Giorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrno, Bello, Missy, Lisa, BZ and Keegan, Nikki, Judy Bird, Wes and Jen, Paul, Bill, Denice, and All! 

There was a warning about rattle snake season this week. The other day, while working landscaping, a snake was seen slithering in of hole in the concrete near a unit entrance. The squirrels and moles have a whole underground network of tunnels and such with entrances spread out amongst said system. The snake had similar same markings as a rattle snake, but i am not knowledgeable about differentiating them, so i notified the officers about the sighting, as they use the particular entrance the snake was seen by. That particular part of the system has baby squirrels, too. 

Approximately half an hour later, i look over and all the women in the B unit are excited and pressed against the glass waving at us to come over. I get there, and see the snake wrapped around a baby squirrel, while all the other baby squirrels and an adult squirrel are attacking it. However, not all was as it i observed the scene, the snake was attempting to get away from the squirrels, and each and every time, a different baby squirrel would go in the middle of its coils and attack the snake from that position while the others attacked from the outside. While fascinating to watch the tactics of attack because it was so unexpected (the snake is typically thought of as the aggressor), we separated the snake and the squirrels, or at least we attempted to. The squirrels kept coming for the snake! The snake just coiled up and buried its head. 

The women were yelling and demanding i kill the snake. I shook my head no and willed a solution. Next thing, a women from my unit that works construction showed up, took the cultivator that i was using to remove the snake from the squirrels and pinned its head so that she could reach down and grab it...she then wrapped it around her neck and spoke to it gently. Officer B. then showed up and identified it as a gopher snake (they look like rattlers with no rattle tail and a bit different on the head), inspected its injuries, and said he would take it home and care for its injuries and take it to a vet if they didn't heal. The officer is small in physical stature, yet well known to be huge in character and compassion. I was very grateful the woman and officer came along to assist all. 

I thought about the doing all day and the next, as women were recounting their version of all that occurred...the variations were, various! LOL! However, what stuck with me is that a violence was de-escalated, the right beings showed up to give assistance and care to the snake AND the squirrels.....and fearful, pre-programmed calls for greater violence were silenced, and only solution, compassion, and love was done in that doing. <3 

For Adam: Why did the coffee pot go to the police station to make a report? Because he was mugged!!!!!!!! :) 

Love you! 
Love zlea! 
Love all!

Gaia Portal: Hyperbolics are abandoned as Higher Dimensional valuations are employed

Hyperbolics are abandoned as Higher Dimensional valuations are employed

by ÉirePort

Hyperbolics are abandoned as Higher Dimensional valuations are employed.

Fleming cohorts command the troops of Light.

Gaia commands for all to BE in Peace.

Fireworks are soon to be lit.

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#HATJ Message June 10, 2019

6-10-19 a.m. check-in
Jun 10, 2019 at 11:53 AM

Buon Giorno, Youssef, Melissa, Lisa, BZ, Bill, Jenny, Wes, Judy Bird, Paul, Denice, and Nikki!

This a.m., verrrrrrrrrry early, and continuing now, the sun has an extraordinarily large rainbow halo around at dublin, we have had many such halos around the is the first day we have seen the rainbow halo since a few weeks ago when Nikki left :)

...people's reactions here remind me of the people's reactions to the "super double rainbow" in Martil, Morocco, fall 2013

do a wonderful day! ... I AM!


<3 p="">
My reply:

RE: 6-10-19 a.m. check-in
Jun 10, 2019 at 12:33 PM
I was at Lowe’s getting a few things and they announced on the loudspeakers in a storm coming down from DFW. Golf ball sized hail was seen in Lampasas and a tornado in Burnet. It looked like they were closing the store early.

I decided not to chance getting my car dented by hail by trying outrunning it to Austin, instead wait and ride out the storm front with my car in the garage at home.

I was planning to leave for Austin at 7:30 and it was 6:30 when I got home. I texted Shawn that I might be delayed by the storm.

The rain came in sideways like a hurricane and it got very very dark. It was coming down in buckets and the culverts were quickly flowing.

It left as quick as it came and headed to San Antonio. And the skies cleared behind it as it passed. I drove down to Austin on hwy 71 avoiding the usual route on 29 through Burnet which was flash flooding and subject to tornadoes.

As I crested the hill at Bee Cave there was a fantastic lateral lightening display over San Marcos to the south. The cloud ceiling had raised to about 15,000 feet and clear underneath. Fingers of lightening flashed laterally across the sky east to west with an occasional lightening bolt to the ground that looked more like a directed energy weapon than a usual jagged lightening bolt.

There was a big stationary light over Austin but I wasn’t sure if it was an airplane or not but it is on the flight path to ATX.

The sky was a deep orange to the north and west and a deep dark blue to the east and south. There was a huge partial rainbow to the east of Austin in the dark clouds and what was really odd was it’s the first 3D rainbow I’ve ever seen. It appeared like a tubular arc within the clouds. It had a structure to it.

Got the sense there was a huge energy release in Dallas yesterday that went south over the Texas Hill Country very rapidly. It moved more in the manner of a wave than a typical Texas storm.

PS: When I got home late last night my house reeked of cigarettes. LOL. More than last time. ;)

<3 nbsp="" p="">

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Message from #HATJ, June 9th, 2019



6-9-19 a.m. check-in

Jun 9, 2019 12:37 PM

buon giorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrno!!

Sto pullendo il locker oggi...per essere pronta per l'uscita! Quando mi chiama, ci vuole tre minuti per prendere tutto e di camminare fra la porta d' uscita a voi ;)

vi chiamo piu' tardi

love you!

love all!

a dopo!

Translation by Youssef: 


Good morninnnnnnng!!

I am cleaning my  locker today... to be ready for the leaving! When they call, they give you 3 minutes to take all your belongings and walk to the exit door ;)

Call you later

Love you!

Love all!

Friday, June 7, 2019

GAIA PORTAL: Four stars penetrate the lower realms, and open the Treasures

Terran note: "Four Stars" seems to either imply a rank like 4 star general (hidden gold or gold found and sequestered while digging all those underground transport systems through the quartz beds of the Colorado rockies?) or possibly a people from a system with 4 stars?  This stuff often makes more sense after the fact.

Four stars penetrate the lower realms, and open the Treasures
by ÉirePort

Predictors and magicians are unveiled for what they are.

humanity ears begin to hear the REALities.

Farsights come to the aid of those in need, and willing to drop the weights.

Four stars penetrate the lower realms, and open the Treasures.

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Misc Conversation and an Afternoon Dream of First Contact

Update 1: Corrected date to June rather than May. Thank you Toshiro for noticing!

-----Denice on 6/4/2019 4:36 AM wrote:
> Fully awake. Eyes closed. Screens on. Saw the inside of an institutional bldg. Beige cinderblock walls. Flat white tile floors, what little furniture was stacked in the hallway. I was facing a locked metal exterior door, fire exit, then turned right. Entered a large room. Same decor. A few more chairs and a table or two all pushed to the walls for floor waxing? Felt like a family visiting room. A few windows, but high up. The vibe was, it is being emptied and cleaned. Your hotel?

Love you!!


Heather wrote back:
yes...exactly...very accurate details, denice...all the way to the stacked furniture for buffing in the lobbies/visiting room!

well done :)

love you!

Martha to Denice: Impressive!

Martha: I spent most of my day funeraling. Service, graveside, to the old country church for a meal. Cousins by dozens. Came home and fell asleep. A detailed dream about the church I grew up in (different one) and it had been made a daycare/school. Since my car was locked in their parking unaccountably, I told them the church building history.

Martha: Today there was much talk of Jean being so very down to earth and just rolling with whatever happened. And her family did just this. No tears. Lots of hugs. A big family. It was beautiful.

Denice: oh beautiful! That is a tribute!

Martha: On the way to the cemetery, we drove through the hardest hit tornado area. Heartbreaking. Houses leveled to fields of rubble. They had drug trees and junk to a pile and were burning it. But Jean would have loved seeing it because it’s part of life.

Denice: ❤️

Martha: 😘 

Denice: Yes, there is something to be said about LIVING and being. and doing. I am feeling now how very unique this human experience must seem to those on the 'outside'

Martha: Yes indeed. I was aware the ceremony today was watched and under examination.

Denice: perfect!

Martha: Just the fact we view death as final and mourn is astounding to them. Visible evidence of how blind we are to All.  And evidence of how deeply programmed we are.

Denice: yes! but reverse the roles? Interesting prospect for a new perspective from the 'galactic viewpoint' :)

Martha: What do you mean?

Denice: I mean, them really, really experiencing pain and grief at perceived 'loss'. . .the true human experience. Live. love. grieve. maybe they would jump in sooner, if they truly knew and felt how difficult it is?

Martha: Yes. I got you. And yes, a huge learning experience for them.  Our role - to experience what couldn’t be fathomed on the other side of the fence and to bring that Home.

Denice: oh, yes!  'what couldn't be fathomed' precisely!

Martha: Only understood by living it.

Denice: and 'dying it' 

Martha: Yes.

Denice: (bow) thanks! another new feeling flowing 🥰 A big warm hug for you, Martha! ❤️

Martha: Yes indeed. Me too. I’ll be thinking on this.  Right back at you!

Denice: try your screens! they are 'on' when you are ready!

Martha: We are perhaps brave warriors after all.

Denice: and "you know who" is in his big chair ❤️ [Denice is referring to Jai]

Martha: I will start watching. Oh that chair. Lol. You know he said I picked it. Lol. The pipe smoking chair. For reading, music and pondering.

Denice: beautiful!!!

Martha: Thanks! I will look toward the screens as often as possible.  Have a wonderful evening. ❤️

Denice: 🥰 

Terran to Denice: Congrats Denice! [on the screens activating. Denice's abilities had shut down for a bit with this new influx of energies] 

Terran: I am feeling really tired, getting called to lay down. Haven't heard from H in days. But I feel her at moments.  (I laid down around 3:30 PM didn't wake till about 1 AM body was really out of sorts... I went next door and borrowed Bev's red and near infrared LED light to balance my body before drifting off to sleep)

Terran: Weird stuff going on in this house. Bedroom door half closed this AM.

Terran: Just heard some sounds that sounded vaguely like an old transistor radio with an AM radio station on it... Couldn't locate the source.

5:03 PM

Martha: I’m seeing many posts in fb about people seeing people around them in their true form. Elves, aliens (not specific), etc. and glitches like cars changing or disappearing. All in recent days.

5:04 PM

Denice: Today, I am seeing people in their original form. . . (whew)

Martha: You mean human?

Denice: yes, facades were dropped today. . .

6/5/19 1:03 AM CST

Skye: I quite definitely felt a tap on the shoulder yesterday..: looked around, no one there 🙂

Skye: And talking of people ‘dying’... in the last few months 4 climbers I know have died! 1 on Mount Everest two weeks ago - he was found dead in his tent at 7000 metres cause of death unknown; one this last week in the Indian himalaya in a big avalanche; one in a climbing accident in Scotland a few months ago and 1 of illness 3 weeks ago!

Martha: I just this moment jolted awake realizing the car I was driving in Dreamtime had suddenly lost headlights and engine stopped, and the sky was turning orange.

Skye: sounds interesting!

Martha: Oh my. That’s a lot of loss.

Skye: Yes. I had known 3 of them for 30 years

Martha: ❤️loss or change of form.

Skye: Hard for their families who don’t know it’s not the end... but even so it’s hard when they leave the physical- for all of us

Martha: Yes indeed. We miss them.

6/5/19 1:52 AM

Terran: Cars often lose their power in the presence of ET ships

Terran: Hi Skye!

Skye: 💋

Martha: "Cars often lose their power in the presence of ET ships"

Yes, it was yet another arrival dream, I think. I was a bit frustrated at the car stopping in the road instead of being able to pull over, but then realized no one else would be moving. I’d decided to just get on with it, as it was clear something was about to happen. I’d opened the car door to get out, and then woke up. And then heard Skype bloop. Lol.

6/5/19  3:30PM

Terran: Laid down for a nap after my weird night of sleep last night... my feet felt heavy...

Terran: I had a dream the first official contact was with the Fun-kins I turned to Denice and said “who are the Fun-kins?” Apparently in the dream they are a Nordic race... that we knew nothing about...

Which prompted a childhood memory of Denice's:

Denice: Funkins! I know them! Don't know how I do. I feel it. . . .the name is familiar. . .and it is from my preschool years. .. 1970 - 1972. I started kindergarten in '72.

Denice: here is what I have for you: the name is from this side. . .earth kids named them that. . .
kind, curious, soft, smell like baby powder or baby oil, gentle. . .perhaps even squeaky?
blue eyes. . .pale white 'skin'/'form'

Denice: they are from "TAURIUS 6". ❤️

Terran Note: there appears to have been a toy called "Funkins" a few years back. Art imitating life in the Universe?  We'll see where this goes...Its odd that Me, Denice and Martha got a hit on the Funkins in our internal codexes. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Messages from Heather 5/5/19

HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF on 6/4/2019 8:20:42 PM wrote 

got back from landscaping and found your unexpected gift! thank you! ...intuitive you must be, as today was commissary day, lol! 😃

gratitude and hugs and love and celebrations ❤️

-----Terran on 6/4/2019 8:06 PM wrote: 

> I'm unclear from BZs comms with you and BOP, whether you will have transportation to family upon release. If you will need a ticket I will be able to assist shortly....

BZ, Bev and I have been smelling cigarette smoke in our houses. 😉

Last night my bedroom door was shut halfway. I never close it as I'm the only one ever here. Amigo? Tonight it sounded like a transistor radio was in my room, but ceased when I got near the room. Veils are thin... or I got a party here I haven't found yet!


RE: RE: gift received!
Jun 5, 2019 at 4:19 PM

from all the data received at this point, BOP pays for a flight to boston (which traditionally meant flight cost was/is charged for reimbursement to the us secretary of treasury and then pulled out of treasury direct deposit account HEATHER TUCCI-JARRAF/HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF/ETC., lol) 

thank you for thinking of that though...i appreciate it ...youssef did, too, and even wanted to fly to get me, however, the "timing" is fluid, and i would be in boston before he could even arrange to be in cali...surprises inbound/outbound now 😃

i appreciate and have appreciated all the assistance, in all its forms during this operation, from postcards, letters, emails, to gold passes, commissary, prayers, thoughts and means and has meant more to me than any words can ever express.

my love to you, bev and her family...

cigarette smoke, hmmmmm...and naturally, you all thought of me! LOL!...maybe and maybe not 😉

hugs and love!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Update 1: Dr Salla's Books on the Navy SSP and Antarctica (Vol 2 and 3)

Update 1:
I'm going through Bill Tompkins book "Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs., think-tanks and Nordic secretaries" which is a hoot!  I highly recommend the audio book version and the kindle version.  The audio book is the best narration yet, the book moves rapidly and is riveting.  It's very close to a radio drama.  It's only missing sound effects!  I'd love see this book done as a radio play by the folks at Firesign Theatre!  I'll give my impressions in a future post.  With this one I will listen and read the book, there's so much data in this book. 
It's definitely not politically correct in todays terms of allowed male conversation, but that's refreshing too.  I am laughing at how Douglas Aircraft's space design team was stuffed with attractive telepathic "Nordic secretaries" providing useful advice on designs just when it was needed, yet not designing the systems themselves.  The designs were human.   
Pleiadians (often referred to by the Navy as Nordics) have a more relaxed approach to sexuality. But are these Pleiadians?  Or are they Tall White Nordics (which are not Pleiadians but a subterranean Earth group) or something else entirely?  This vague term "Nordics" really should be nailed down tighter, for all the technical specificity of these books the identification of  Nordic beings  is annoying vague.  Yet quite precise when they encounter reptilians.  Perhaps there's more clarity in the 2nd half of the book.

End of Update 1

I finished Dr Salla's books, The US Navy's Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance: Secret Space Programs, Volume 2 and Antarctica's Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs: Secret Space Programs Series, Book 3.  

The 2nd volume is quite interesting.  The data from William Tompkins is fascinating and feels highly credible.  You can feel the character of the man from the information. It's very interesting how tight these circles of UFO research and reverse engineering really were.  Highly compartmentalized on the bottom of the pyramid, but a select few at the top who had a more complete picture, at least of their own particular faction of the SSP. 

I don't understand his use of "pre-adamite" beings in Antarctica as it implies there was a literal Adam and Eve.  He doesn't explain the term and it seems to needlessly interject religious beliefs of "fallen angels" into something that has very little to do with it. He may just be throwing a bone to Christian fundamentalists in America. "Coneheads" would probably be more accurate. The true "fallen angels" as it were, have been in control of the planet until about 2015-2016.  They have stepped aside, one leaving several famous inbodied forms (to die), the essence never dies but it does learn from experience. They know their run of things is over and they have even helped to dismantle and enlighten their own empires, not that all of those within them have listened.

As far as the data given I don't have many complaints.  But it does feel like stuff has been left out, by design.  Perhaps a "limited hangout" if you will.   The books are very friendly to the Navy, far less so to the Air Force.  Corey Goode was from the Navy SSP.  Is that because we don't have an Air Force equivalent to Corey or is the US Navy behind Dr Salla?  I have many questions.

The data also conflates into the term "Nordics" the Tall White Nordics (breakaway civilization) living underground in Arizona and Virginia, and 3D Pleiadians working with the military.  Very little data is given on Pleiadian involvement with the military.   I don't know the reason for this. It feels off. They do look similar but they are two different civilizations. One is Earth based, the other bio-sphere based,.

Dr Salla makes many references to Maria Orsic of the Vrill Society:
"Maria Orsic was allegedly shown to the Swiss contactee, Billy Meier, he identified her as “Semjase,” the Pleadian/Plejaran/Nordic extraterrestrial who was meeting with him. In a February 19, 2016 lecture, Goode said: … when the military found out about Meier's case, they sent people over with some photographs for him to try and identify the female being he saw. He quickly pointed out one photograph, saying, "That's her! That's her!" 
Apparently the photo he pointed out was of Maria Orsic, the medium from the Vril Society, who was making contact with inner-Earth groups, and who played an intimate role in the pre and post World War II German secret space program.[43]  Orsic was allegedly sharing ideas and theories with leading inventors such as Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi. "
Salla, Michael. The U.S. Navy's Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance (Secret Space Programs Book 2) . Exopolitics Consultants. Kindle Edition. 

If Maria Orsic is one and the same as Semjase, then we have a very complex situation of covert Pleiadian operations going on with Germany. Germany was in the 1930s the most advanced scientific country on the planet.

My father was a P-38 pilot in WWII who flew missions over Germany, he told me about his experiences with "foo fighters" and supersonic German aircraft.  Chuck Yeager was not the first to break the "sound barrier".  Dad was a believer in UFOs.

Robert Potter told me about his and Dr Fred Bell's experiences with Semjase in 2012. I later read about Billy Meier's experiences with "her" and his later disillusionment with "her". From my discussions with the Sphere Alliance Data Collectors, Semjase is what they refer to as a "biological interface unit" or BIU.  These are human like "suits" that Pleiadian consciousness can occupy. Remember they - at least the majority of them from that system - have been at different "density"/frequency band/particle spin, than us.  We are nearing their frequency band now which is why many of us are feeling symptoms of rapid acceleration and even jet lag. 

There may be many "Semjase" units, and Billy Meier might have been dealing with more than one consciousness or BIU.  It's kind of like a 3D human drone if you will, that can be used by different consciousnesses. And a quite attractive one at that.  I know this muddies the waters when it comes to Maria Orsic and the Vrill Society and I lack the data at this moment to make that any clearer.  I have my own questions at this moment about all this convergence of data.  After going through Dr Salla's data I get the feeling we have two competing civilizations (what Salla calls "Nordics" and Draco) trying to steer German towards one path or another. 

Dr Salla mentions the "Aryani" which some of the Nazis took refuge with inside the Earth.  The Nazi's believed them to be the ancient Hyperboreans. I have read accounts of a civilization within the earth taking in some Nazi refugees after WWII, but the account I read placed that somewhere under South America. I don't have a ready reference available to the web site  where I read that.  The account I read said these beings did so on a humanitarian basis and had influenced the Nazis to give up some of their ways of separation (racism/xenophobia) towards a higher consciousness. Dr Salla didn't make it very clear whether these beings were in Antarctica and what the relationship was to the Draco (if any) and the Nazi bases in the Antarctic (its possible I just missed the data too).  My feeling is they are completely separate group, roughly aligned with the Vril Society.

The Antarctica volume has some interesting data regarding German Admiral Canaris.  I first encountered Admiral Canaris' name on the Rumor Mill News web site around 2002.  The owner of the web site told a story about her now deceased CIA agent husband Gunther (a faction 2 Templar) and her taking a submarine trip from a desert location to an undersea base where human body parts were grown for planetary elites. Admiral Canaris figured prominently in that base and she mentioned him by name and his unusual uniform with (if memory serves correctly) "yellow piping". Data emerged in Dr Salla's books about a Navy submarine base under area 51 (and one under the Utah base?) which correlates Rayelan's account.  I didn't realize until Dr Salla's books, that Admiral Canaris was involved in the Nazi Antarctic bases but the data fits.  I also didn't know about the secret treaties cut with the Antarctic Nazis by Eisenhower and Truman.  It also explains why Laura Eisenhower  (I believe against her will) was involved in the Mars bases.

In 2013 data emerged of an undersea base in Malibu in Google images which I reported on in my prior blog.  In 2015 I asked the Sphere Alliance Data Collectors about that base, and it was discovered there was an off-books covert faction of Pleiadians involved in that operation.  The base was destroyed but someone (Nazis?) launched a Titan missile over LA which the Pleiadians took out with a plasma encapsulation defense and rendered the weapon into harmless energy.  Later there was a similar missile launched out of a remote base (by what Salla would call ICC) which was similar disabled.  In 2018 there was at least other missile launches from rogue submarines disabled by similar plasma encapsulation. There is some evidence the US Military now has this ability or a similar plasma missile defense tech, it's unclear whether these in 2018 were destroyed by ETs or by Earth military.

Over all I thought the last two volumes were very good.  It doesn't mention the Andorra enclave in Antarctica, nor does it mention the Andromedan/Orion/Lyran base there.  There are other ET bases in Antarctica as well as the caverns purportedly occupied by the Draco.  The books mention the Mayans and others taking care of those freed from slave labor in bases, but doesn't mention which bases they were freed from. Mars?  Moon? Antarctica?  Ganymede base?  Phobos?   But neither does the data conflict with what Denice and I have received since 2015.

Dr Salla makes a quite accurate state in regards to the Draco and their "trickster god".  In ancient Norse lore Loki was a trickster "god" and the being he refers to was indeed "Loki".

This being has also been known as the inbodyments "Say-Tan", Beelzebub, Mephistopheles,  Meeshak among others all of which are no longer inbodied anywhere.  He also commandeered the "archangel suit" known as Lucifier for an eon of time (see the latest season of Star Trek Discovery for an example of an angel suit).  He has also gone under the name Metatron.  This being is the master of duality and harvesting energy from separation consciousness.  He set up organized religions and the magic systems that oppose them.  He always worked both sides of a contrived (by him) polarity to harvest the energy of conflict between them.