Saturday, March 6, 2021

HATJ: Consciousness, the greatest (internal/eternal) security "system" in existence

Subject: "il Papa" trip to Iraq
Date: Mar 5, 2021 at 12:36 PM

Paul highlighted "il Papa" trip to Iraq near some Babylonian Ziggurats. I think Paul wondered if there was an Enil or Enki connection.

I wasn't too interested in Francis so I didn't pay much attention to his wanderings until Paul asked. I asked Denice to inquire of Stan or Adrian which led to an interesting set of data for now. Adrian answered 

Seems some portals are wide open, "il Papa" is no longer working for Dracos but rather St Germaine. Out of money and out of luck he's going down that narrative of the violet wonder boy.

Simon Parks let slip yesterday DJT was in Switzerland getting signatures. Whether that relates to "il Papa" ventures I don't know. Adrian said the answer to that was above his pay grade. So I left it at that for now.

Subject: RE: il Papa trip to Iraq
Date: Mar 5, 2021 at 6:06 PM

lol..."...above his pay grade..."

My experience with data, all data ...accessible data is determined by one's current state of consciousness...

...consciousness, the greatest (internal/eternal) security "system" in existence...different states of consciousness equals different levels of data accessed...however, all data is available always. "It goes as fast as you go". This, everyone is aware of within...can you imagine ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the different "levels" of consciousness operating at once on this planet? can you imagine what it takes to get anything done when each and every current state of consciousness is to be acknowledged, honored, and yet goals still accomplished? when all is done, it will be obvious that unity, and Being in UNITY, was always the case. see a data "outside" of one's current state of consciousness, then expand the state of consciousness (and no, one does not need drugs, or other external methods to do so...just go within). Perhaps one will find that love is the "key", the "shortcut", Being love that is. "Words" of love, "actions" of love (specifically and particularly ritualistic), only get one so far, only to certain levels of expanded consciousness (rather limited in the complete spectrum of existence)...

In college, a professor of mine (Mysticism Class) once quoted something to the effect of, " is not required to master the highest state of consciousness, but rather know the state of consciousness you are in at any moment and shift within them as required and desired."

The more expanded the consciousness, the less the existence of judgment, the more data accessible.

I was never being contrite or condescending when I would say, "go within". I was not being vague when I would say, "BE LOVE, DO LOVE (BE AND DO). I was being honest. 

As promised in DC during Brian's (fun) conversation, I made my self visible first. Context proves transparency was always present, and the cannot have transparency without context, "boyo". :)

Love to You.

Love to All.

Subject: RE: il Papa trip to Iraq
Date: Mar 6, 2021 at 12:34 PM

...when I was talking about "'[w]ords' of love, 'actions' of love" I was referring to the recent and current doings of those done by the former top hierarchy and old guardians, and their attempts (primarily by specific and Particular "rituals") to access data residing in the most expanded states of consciousness in order to counter all, and All, that cannot be countered. : love, gratitude, and heartitude to You, Bev, and the whole gang in Texas!!!!!!!!!!

--More to come--