Friday, July 26, 2019

#HATJ Response to Q Drop 3501

I sensed this Q drop was important so I sent it on to Heather.  I only send significant ones that seem to be a milestone or benchmark of where we are.   Here's her reply:

RE: Q 7/25/19
Jul 26, 2019 at 10:06 AM
May 2017 ~ (paraphrasing):

K: "Trump makes them crazy...changing his mind every 30 minutes. He is uncontrollable. He is not predictable." 

H: "What position does China profess in this moment? Russia?" 

K: "Heather, Russia has its plan. China has theirs." 

H: "And what positions do the others profess in this moment? UK? Switzerland? The rest?" 

K: "They are taking the position of waiting to see how the respective plans of China and Russia fair before they decide whose position to side with. They will dovetail and assist where and when they believe it will benefit them." 

H: "I tell you now, they all successfully fail at their respective plans...and they know this in their heart breaks at the choices they now make, because it could have been done differently, however, I am grateful for them making a choice so that all moves forward for the best of All...and I will do all that I can do to make it as easy and graceful as possible for All." 

...So all the "set ups" Obama, et. al. of allllllllllllllllll rung players that were diligently made and laid were utilized to show those so-called "positions"... lower tiers were made visible for what they were, i.e. UK, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Italy, NK, Qatar, Saudi, et. al. all being so-called "lower tiers" that follow all "piper's" tune... while Russia attempted to jump a few rungs closer to the Earthly "piper", if not a jump to the top rung... while the Earthly piper, "China", arrogantly pushed "'Russia', and everyone else, under the bus" using the historical playbook play (1920's red scare) they used to implement and hide their secret trade deal with the US in the '20's through the '30's snagging all the US "human capital" and other Earthly resources... 

I am completely grateful for all the being and doing, and with all my being, I am specifically and particularly grateful that this phase of "their" collective choice to collapse all of their systems is over... especially the old legal and financial systems... we have major, beautiful, and fantastical creations, already done, to introduce now! 

My complete love, gratitude, heartitude and celebrations to All, by All, with All 

-----Terran on 7/26/2019 1:06 AM wrote: 


07-25-2019 19:09:23 CDT Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 
ID:a07484 No.7190003 

Possible China monitored [MUELLER] hearing? 
Possible China analyzing likelihood of POTUS re_ELEC 2020? 
Possible China taking steps [think propaganda] to harm POTUS re: 2020? 
Possible China in sec_comms w/ D candidate(s) running for President re: re-institute US piggy-bank? 
Possible China in sec_comms w/ former D_party senior officials re: re-institute US piggy-bank? 
Possible China put extreme [threatening?] pressure on NK the day of the [MUELLER] hearing (coincidence?) should hearing swing to POTUS? 
Possible acts were taken in effort to diminish (lessen) D_blow? 
Possible acts were taken in effort to 'change the narrative'? 
Define 'False Flag'.