Friday, June 19, 2020

Update on #HATJ 6/19/2020


Bill: Any news from Heather?

Youssef: Hi Bill, how are you??

Youssef: Sorry for replying late, I have been super busy dealing with [redacted family matter]…

Youssef: Heather is doing good, she sent her love to everyone, she said that they are not releasing anyone yet despite the fact that they have received a while ago the list of all the inmates that should be released. She said that she is now waiting for an order to be issued from Washington DC. 

[Note: Heather was told in January by her prison "counselor" that she would be eligible for early release in June.  So far, nobody has got their early releases Please remember Heather and Randy in your thoughts/prayers.]

Other than that, same shit is going on over there, lockdown every day with one hour out for showers and 5 minutes phone call if you get in line early enough...

Youssef: I will let you know more about her if she calls me tomorrow.


Bill: Can I let people know about this or should I keep this private?

Youssef: I guess you can...

Youssef: She just called, they can have now 2 hours out in the morning and 2 more in the evening but no one goes to work yet except the kitchen crew.

Bill: Is she still on Kitchen crew?

Youssef: No, she teaches the inmates at school.

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