Thursday, March 12, 2020


The Event?

March 10, 2020

This is a really curious moment. Did you ever see so much fear? There’s no Churchill moment of “we have nothing to fear but fear itself on CNN! Yet dId you ever see so much courage? Especially among doctors, nurses and EMS crews?

Humanity, it seems is facing a common enemy and it’s not a country or aliens, it’s a packet of encoded RNA protein only capable of being seen under an electron microscope. A cold virus on steroids. ūü¶†

There’s been a lot of talk of “The Event” since 12/2012. Some expected angels in the sky, others some solar flash, and remote viewer Ed Dames scared people for a decade with his solar “kill shot” which was supposed to fry mere earthlings. As if we weren’t the very reason for the Sun being there in the first place?  Chinese Dragon Elders infiltrated New Age circles early on with tales of their plan to rescue humanity with a global banking reset (with themselves of course still in charge of it all as before) and this was to happen around the same time as the event.

Update 1: Message From. Thor 2/26/2020 - “PAYSEUR”. IS BUT A SHADOW OF “REGAULT”

Update 1: I found an image that is closer to what I saw while watching Star Trek Piccard,  This of the character "Rios" in that series.  Its quite close to Regault.I saw. It's uncanny.


GAIA PORTAL: Essences of the Higher Realms are realized

Terran note: notice the process in this GP...

Essences of the Higher Realms are realized

by √ČirePort

Essences of the Higher Realms are sensed.

Full circle scenarios play out.

Light BEings call for the awakening of all.

Martensings fail to halt the progress.

Essences of the Higher Realms are realized.

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