Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Updated: A quick court update

Tuesday notes:

Heather has not given consent nor jurisdiction to the court in Knoxville. Neither has Randy.

However the judge did proceed to pick the jurors and begin a trial.

The judge struck Heather’s new Praecipe, Heather wrote another one by hand in court and filed it.

The prosecution tried to reassert (monetize) the rejected indictment “true bill” by issuing an amendment which was rejected by Heather and filed.

Courts are banks and issue bonds against the inbodyment, which eventually get charged against the so called “fictious” Treasury Deposit Accounts (TDA) of the individual charged, which is probably the great irony of this whole case. That which is said not to exist is what funds the trial of a man accused of accessing the TDA. Fingerprints and photos are the biometrics required by banks to monetize court bonds. Indictments are like writing a check against yourself.

Our banking system consists of registrants (human chattel property as capital) and agents/brokers. The registrants (you and I) are not given access to the value but the brokers (financial firms, utilities, courts, major hospitals, for-profit prisons) have unpublicized access for which they charge interest for money not at risk by them.

In the case of central banks who hold these registrants value captive, they’ve arranged treaties with their host countries that give them effectively a kind of diplomatic immunity against law enforcement (which is why when trillions was stolen in 2008 no Federal Reserve member banker went to jail). Yet the banks are freely able to get the FBI to act on their behalf with little or no proof a crime took place.

FBI Agent Parker Still, upon cross examination, was unable to define how he knew a crime took place and presented no criminal complaint from USAA bank, but represented he relied on an undisclosed email and an Internet IP address from the bank.

Agent Still was unable to explain what it was that made him determine would require a brutal Swat style assault takedown of a 50 something year old man in a very difficult to hide RV. When confronted by Randy as to why they were mocking him and laughing at the bloodied Randy when they passed him in the squad car, Parker admitted to laughing at Randy because “we took down a bad guy”. Parker did not verify that an outstanding warrant existed (it did not). His defense for this sloppiness was that “I work in a team”.

The explanation Parker offered as to why it would require a team of 8 or 9 officers to “pass out” Mr Beane (Parker Still’s choice of phrase for extracting Randy from the RV - chokehold?) was a vague reference to incidents of Muslim extremist mowing down people with large vehicles. None of those incidents was a large custom built luxury motor home. Randy is well known to be a Christian, and his father a preacher.

Parker Still’s bona fides claim he is a Jag Corps Officer in the Army National Guard, but could not recall whether he had held a military tribunal or even participated in one.

This court case is expected to run 4-6 days. I expect $400-500 a day in expenses for transcripts and related costs. If you can help by donating on the button to the right with the trees it would be of great help.

Jury selection transcript should be available today, more coming. Check with the blog for details.

Late note was told further transcript would only come at end of trial

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