Friday, March 30, 2018

GAIA PORTAL: Isles of Wight stay the course for all Hue-manity

Isles of Wight stay the course for all Hue-manity 
by ÉirePort

Isles of Wight stay the course for all Hue-manity.

Elements of brilliance shine upon the Druid regions.

Spectres of the past are released.

The New Path is unveiled.

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

GAIA PORTAL: Centers are stabilized for future developments

Centers are stabilized for future developments

by ÉirePort

Centers are stabilized for future developments.

Elterns have illuminated the Path.

Gaia novenas come to the fore.

Elements transmute.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

GAIA PORTAL: Glasses come to the fullness with Light

Glasses come to the fullness with Light

by ÉirePort

Glasses come to the fullness with Light.

Dark remainders are handled.

Channels for the new Gaia bearers are opened.

Masters they are.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

GAIA PORTAL: Celebrations begin… The Light has won

Celebrations begin… The Light has won
by ÉirePort

Prescients come together for the New Cosmic phase of Hue-manity.

Stepchildren are embraced into the Galactic family.

Miseries end.

Celebrations begin.

The Light has won.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

GAIA PORTAL: Heirarchies of development are dissolved

Terran note: Sorry I overlooked this one. Here it is.

Heirarchies of development are dissolved
by ÉirePort

March 6, 2018

Heirarchies of development are dissolved.

Activations of all Light Bodies enables the New Development Paradigms.

Structures of elders dissolves.

Novel frameworks uplift Humanity.

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Blossom Goodchild Channeling About "The Event"

Blossom Goodchild

March 3, 2018.

B: Hello! Last week we were unable to connect. This week I FEEL we are ready to go. The Energy with ‘us’ is very strong right now. Shall we?

GF: Let us firstly acknowledge the growth within each individual reading this. For the ‘level’ of ‘Enlightenment’ that is … upon/within … so many now, enables us to bring messages through on a Higher Vibration than before. This is most encouraging and in its rightful place.
We know, without you having to ask, that you wish to speak of THE EVENT.

B: Yes. There seems to be a ‘buzz’ once again, some saying it is about to happen ‘soon’. I laugh of course, at even writing that word! A few sources saying it is this month. Do we ‘go there’ again? Will you speak of it and then with all respect … it will die down, as it always has? What would you say about this? My thoughts were, that if it is to happen any time soon, you might have mentioned it in passing!!??

GF: We are more than happy to speak of it for it is indeed, ever closer/nearer.

GF: Your Planet has reached a position … in which/by which … the recommendation for fulfilling Change has been accepted, approved, ticked and put in the out-tray!
B: Without question there seems to be upheavals mixed with moments of clarity, within everyone’s daily lives. Many are FEELING so strongly that something is about to happen. Yet, have we not been down this path before … many, many times? Although, each time … this FEELING  just gets stronger and stronger. Surely the cork has to pop at some point?

GF: We would say that the ‘pressure’ has built up to such a degree that the cork is beginning to ‘release’ in order to break free. We CANNOT and WILL NOT give a date in time. All we can say is that a phenomenal Event is to occur.
B: So, with the greatest respect … nothing new there then!

GF: Only in that, the FEELING that so many are experiencing is the level in which ‘Everything is occurring’.

B: I get what you are saying, yet, could I ask you to ‘word’ it better, for readers to understand?
Within the Oneness of ALL … which naturally you are part of … the FEELING of ‘where things are at’ is BEING expressed WITHIN YOU. Within your body, within your thoughts, within your experiences.

GF: Transfer this then, into what is taking place on a global scale. Should we put it as … a ONE in consciousness? Then add to that … … … this is rather difficult to put into actual wording … THE EVENT that is coming … BEING ... within/a part of … that same consciousness. So that, WHAT YOU ARE FEELING/EXPERIENCING is the level of readiness … for which /in which … THE EVENT can come about.

GF: We are trying our best.

B: I know.

GF: The cork about to pop … regarding WHEN The Event shall occur … is also WITHIN YOU! So, if YOU are FEELING within your soulself that you are about to ‘pop your cork ‘ … this is because YOU are FEELING/BEING PART OF/IN TUNE WITH … THE EVENT.

GF: Do you see?

B: Yes, I do. So, this that so many are FEELING now … is because we are also ‘part of’ the Energy of the Event that is on its way? This FEELING of expectancy … is because WE can FEEL it coming?
This is so, and yet … can you put a time frame on this expectant feeling?

GF: No. It’s a bit like the tail end of a pregnancy ( so to speak ). In that, you KNOW that baby will arrive 'soon' and yet in ‘ITS’ Divine timing. Yet, that KNOWING … that TRUTH is with you all the time … waiting, waiting, waiting. Is this feeling just within the Awakened ones?
Yes. And, the level in which one has Awakened to … deciphers the level of expectancy one is FEELING. The Higher the ENERGIES one has … allowed/built up to … the more in tune they are with the immense Energies that are pouring … in/through … to your Planet.

GF: The ENERGY that this EVENT carries is beyond comparison to anything you have experienced or will remember experiencing throughout your many lifetimes upon Earth. This is why EVERYTHING is so … as we say … ‘Topsy Turvy’.
GF: There is such POWER involved in this ‘Happening’. We would say that it could ‘black the Planet out’ for a ‘short time’ as the surge of ‘electric energy’ bolts through.
GF: You will wake into A NEW DAWN.
B: And this EVENT will be taking place within the Skies?

GF: Initially … as the outward appearance … and yet, ultimately it shall be taking place within the heart.

B: I guess the thing is, even though we have this FEELING as if the cork is indeed about to pop … in ‘no time’ … this FEELING could go on for a few more years?

GF: Yet, it won’t!

B: WOW!  That came through loud and clear.

GF: These coming times are your destiny. These coming times are why you are here.
Hold on tightly to that which you KNOW to be TRUTH.

B: So, going back to the last few of your communications. You have said that these times ahead are going to prove to be really ‘tricky’ and more or less that ‘The system’ will fall down … and that those awake will be needed to guide unawakened soul’s through, for so many will be lost. How does this … tie ... up with /in with … THE EVENT? In other words, what comes first the chicken or the egg?

GF: Already your system is falling. We would put it in a way … that a few books are jumping off the library shelfs … intermittently.  More and more will do so … until almost every book has ‘abandoned ship’ and the entire structure collapses and crumbles.

GF: Coupled with THE EVENT ‘showing up’ … as part of THE DIVINE PLAN … THE DIVINE ADVENTURE …

B: All of which you cannot give a time frame to?

GF: All of which you can FEEL IN THE CORE OF YOUR BEING.

B: You also spoke of our ‘gifts’ coming from deep within to help with this system collapse. What sort of gifts are you talking about?


B: And offer what?

GF: Healing. Instantaneous for self and others. Compassion, Forgiveness. These are gifts long forgotten by many. Do not just think of ‘gifts’ as Magical Happenings. REMEMBER too, the gifts of the soul in/as/through/of Love.

GF: Intuition shall be heightened beyond recognition of the old self.

B: Please explain ‘old self’.

GF: The ‘You’ before The Change.

B: Are you saying THE CHANGE (that you have also, often spoken of) is THE EVENT?

GF: YES. For,when we used the words ‘a wash’ … we meant that also, in the manner of a GREAT CLEANSING shall take place … FOR ALL.
GF: Remembering too , that although Vibrational levels shall rise enormously because of this occurrence … one who is not awake … will awaken. Yet, not ‘suddenly’ become of a Vibrational level of say … one who has been ‘involved’ in the Awakening of the Planet for many life times. Their level of Vibration will too, be unrecognisable. Yet, within that ‘unrecognising’ there will be such familiarity!
GF: This is why we are asking you ALL to ‘STEP UP YOUR GAME’ … within THE GAME.
Prepare! Prepare! Prepare Dearest Souls … for THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.

B: I Truly do thank you for this. Yet, I am just going to keep on truckin’ in my everyday living … the best I can. THE GAME CHANGER project is now out there … to be accepted or dropped. For many, I am sure, have their own way of coming through this. Will I be asking you the same questions about this in a couple of years … when our expectancy is a little higher? Or, will these messages ( If they are still taking place) be of a completely different ilk? Not expecting you to answer that … just my thoughts being expressed.

GF: One thing we CAN tell you …

GF: All that we ask is that you STEP INTO YOUR HIGHEST POWER in order to BE READY WHEN IT DOES.

B: My heart is pounding with anticipation. I am assuming THE EVENT’S Energy is doing the same right now. I do wonder though, whether or not there are enough awakened souls to ‘get us through’.
Do you remember we said ‘YOU ARE READY’?

B: Yes I do. I FEEL we are. So many of us have been ready and waiting for so long. We are more than ready … for something that we know not how it shall occur … yet, we KNOW we are here to be a huge part of it. Our hearts our beating faster … along with Mother Earth’s.


B: Here we go again ... Waiting for the bang! Thank you … I knew I wanted to speak of this today … I wasn’t sure how it would go. It went! In service to Love all ways.

B: You are showing me an image of thousands of coloured balloons in the sky. You showed this to me once before many, many moons ago.I think it was around the Oct 14th 2008 ‘journey’. I didnt’ know what it meant then … I don’t know what it means now! Hoping I shall find out real ‘soon’. The song ‘Celebrate good times … come on’ … is running through my head.

GF: And we wish you to focus on that! Blessings upon Each One. In Love.
Many are enjoying the GAME CHANGER PROJECT Video.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

#UniverslCleanUp Status Update

Okay folks, here's what's going on in general... details will have to come after all Ops of the Universal Clean Up crew are completed.

We filed final notices on the Praecipe 101 a few days ago here in Knoxville. Last remaining bit of legal work on foreign agents and their threats to POTUS.  They have been warned. Nothing is as it seems.

#UniversalCleanUp crew shifted into high gear (some high hazard targets taken into custody quietly in prior weeks). Results should show in days or weeks.

National Politics remains much the same, but the puppets now have no puppet masters and nobody has their backs. You will likely notice the effects of recent actions in how you feel frequency-wise before you see changes in the news cycle. Media seems still firmly in deep state control and Google and Twitter have gone crazy censoring and have become the enemy of truth tellers. Bloggers should be proactive and move their content to other services.

Last night was a very busy night, undisclosed "Bear Traps" (not unlike Cobra's description of Toplet devices) were discovered and cleared from the populaces world wide.

Planetary ruling/banking families were given 5 years notice. Did nothing. They were given direct assistance, turned it down. The compassion now is for the planet. The planet will not perish just to support your ego. Consciousness and freedom are not negotiable.

Some last minute remorse by the families, many of you have perhaps been processing their grief.. and yet still manipulation attempts by the "families" (like spoiled manipulative children). The best apology is a change of behavior.