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Flow/Memory work with Loie - June 14, 2017 - HOW TO CREATE

Terran: This is a flow of memories on how to create.  I don't usually know what I will get until it flows.  I had thought of deleting the middle portion for privacy reasons but opted to just redact the names of two beings as there is no reason this data should not flow to the ALL in this third wave of creation.  Some of this I've filled in the thoughts I held while I wrote the visuals in summary format.  I may update it some more as more returns to mind. There is much yet to remember... - Terran

Terran: Loie?

Loie: Hello, Bill! I am here love! Loie.

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: What do you feel to see, dear?

Terran: How to create... or memory restoration of it I suppose....

Loie: Here is a frequency for that, love!

Terran: ūüĎć

Terran: Can you boost?

Loie: Boosting love!

Terran: Lol That was fast!


Terran: Seeing an orangish pinkish donut of energy around a man he's moving very much like tai chi moves

Terran: From his palms/wrists is a helical energy that goes out kind of like how spider man shoots webs

Terran: The movement is not unlike what [redacted] describes as energy painting but in my case seems more dance like or tai chi... [every being expresses itself differently]

Loie: Boosting love. I am with you! Loie.

Terran: Can you boost again... lost the images

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: There is a footwork that is America Indian like... I don't think it's as much about perfect choreography as it is expressive emotion...from the heart...

Loie: Amplifying, love. Loie.

Terran: Seeing a scene where the man (me?) is sending energy foreword seeing an image like a Hubble telescope image of the horse head nebula edges of the scene have brownish black clouds

Loie: Here's a new frequency, love!

Terran: The energy seems to pattern the source potential.  The space between what is being created and the zero point has a blackish brown cloud like turbulence which gives way to brilliant colors and patterns

Terran: The man then steps into the scene and expands it all directions

Terran: I think this is how to create a universe [or realm]

Terran: A portal is a tubular extrusion pushed in from the hands, from the created space and you can just dive into it and create something else ....

Terran: Seeing the man spray light, kind of like a whip cream can or aerosol paint can from his pointing finger for aesthetic reasons because it looks and feels good to do so... bit like a graffiti artist on a side of a building

Terran: Celestial Banksy lol

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: Those vast swaths of colored gas in the universe are painted into existence [streams of images flowing much like the Hubble Telescope images ]

Terran: An alternate bandwidth came in.... I cleared it and banned it. [a flow disruptive images of a man's face...multiple times...  likely a screen image as these usually are... not the actual being's appearance. ]

Terran: Seeing multiple images of a face... I don't know why

Loie: Another frequency, dear?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Here you go! Loie.


Terran: Seeing a morning scene feels like a memory, it's [redacted]  and me in different forms from the current ones waking up on a bed [a memory]

Terran: She's very shapely...  I have longish dark hair but wild hair like Riggolt and athletic build

Terran: I'm slightly taller than her.

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: I'm not going to describe this as this is what the SA calls "creation by union" but it feels somewhat dance like too [images flow fast and furious to fast to record]

Terran: Alt band intruded again....

Terran: Okay this is creation of a beings characteristics by intentional conception during lovemaking

Denice: ( just heard [redacted] complaining. . . "everytime I came here. . .")  [a 2nd attempt to disrupt the flow of these memories... happens sometimes...]

Denice: (Sorry. . .you are going to really have to clean this up to post it. . )

Terran: (Yeah this is not going out unedited for obvious reasons... but it's a memory)

Terran: Both partners hold an intention during an extended union its face to face to face but not lying down

Loie: Boosting, love! Loie.

Terran: It's basically the same in concept as universes but the joining of two beings in ecstasy
To create a new being... very intentional and beautiful!

Terran to Denice: (A thought occurred to me about how messed up it is create a kid while overly intoxicated)...


Terran: Loie I'd like to remember how to create forms for my use

Loie: Here is a frequency, love. Ready?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Here you go, Dear!

Terran: Okay this is a bit odd Seeing a scene a bit like a London tailor on St James street

Loie: Boosting, dear.

Terran: Standing there in the birthday suit and mirror and just start adjusting parts until I get what I like... feeling like there's more to this?

Loie: Love, why can't it be that simple?

Terran: Maybe it is Loie but I guess the part I'm struggling with is from this form that has no experience of being that plastic and malleable as to appearance.

Loie: Yes, love. But all is not what it seems. Loie.

Terran: It makes sense the form derives from an artistic aesthetic

Loie: One more frequency, love!

Terran: Yes

Terran: Saw several forms flash in succession which I've had which honestly looked like michealangelo sculptured them!

Terran: So the memory is there and the patterns are there to draw upon

Loie: Perfect, love!! .Loie

Terran: How did you create your form Loie?

Loie: Love, that is for another moment! Loie.

Loie: (Laughter)

Terran to Loie: lol fair enough Loie!

Terran: I was referring to technique btw... lol

Terran: This reminds me a lot of all the references in the last few years to forms as suits and what do I see myself in but a London tailor shop

Terran: All the nice dark wood shelves and mirrors

Terran: Feels like the end of that flow

Terran: Seeing another view of the hands during creation and the transparent energy waves coming off the hands

Terran: Tremendous amount of energy moves out the hands

Terran: I'm going to break here... thank you Loie!

Terran: Thanks Denice!

Denice: (I just got a download. . .of course it is intentional! With a loving frequency, in the mirror, looking at my face, I know I can smooth out the edges. . .lol)

Denice: ☺

Denice: Well, so much distraction and diversion has been programmed into me, what if I can just look in the mirror and intentionally and with live and gratitude erase the wrinkles. . .darken the grey. . lol)/ Maybe it really is that simple.

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Missions of the past are released.

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