Thursday, December 21, 2023

Update 1: How Do You Tell If A Blind Man Is In A Trance?


How do you tell if a blind man is in a trance?

By what metric do you measure when the usual metrics fail or simply don't apply?  What do metrics mean if they were based on a lie?  You can't use statistics when encountering something never seen before.  You can't use history.  Histories were written by the hagiographers, hired by victors, to cement their realms for generations to come.  These will be seen for what they are.  Fables. Enemies created from whole cloth, while the internal subterfuge of corruption is left in the dark vaults for archeologists of the next epoch.  

Novelty frequently baffles minds.   The heart finds a way.   You know the truth.  You always have known.  You have always existed. You just forgot when you took on your earth diving suit at birth. 

This is a time of great revealings.  

It will leave no one and no thing untouched.  

In times past, statues of indigenous gods were decapitated by invaders to show the superiority of the new gods.  The intent was to show how the old gods failed them and now they must pay for their sins of defying a greater god.  

Our vocabulary affects our conversations. Books mistranslated create aberrant beliefs.  Catholics finesse this, by encouraging the lay people to "leave it to the experts" and most do.  Protestants however, encourage their flocks to study the Bible daily.  Some of the bright ones begin to notice incongruities.

In the odd little Christian sect I once belonged to, the subject of Elohim being plural came up quite a bit.  It runs counter to all the claims of monotheism of the Tribes of Israel, of which Judah was but one tribe. The preachers quickly glossed over the term saying it was "uniplural" which is on its face an oxymoron.  

This question of polytheism doesn't end there, for the sayings of "YHVH" in the English Christian bibles is a completely different personage than the "Father" described by Yeshua (Jesus).   YHVH is given traits of jealousy, demanding Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac, as "a test" we are told. The narrative has an angel stopping the dagger at the last minute, but in Abraham's mind his son was already dead!  What kind of god puts a human being through this kind of mental torture?  This is not the "Father" Jesus spoke of in tender terms!  

The story of Abraham and Isaac on that stone on Mount Moriah, we are told by theologians,  is the symbolic prototype of the crucifixion of Jesus.   Catholics see Jesus infusing righteousness into humanity, Protestants see it as a substitutionary death penalty, yet there is no such legal construct in any human legal system where one can die a proxy death for another.  And it is by no means Justice.  And what if he didn't die from it?  See where religion locks you into viewpoints by its sheer mass?

Jesus was put on the cross for throwing the money exchange bankers out of the temple.  You have never been separate from the Creator of All, but you have had the freedom to close your heart and pretend you were separated.   And most of us did for the experience of it.  

And all of this is based as a kind of insurance policy for the fear of death, which doesn't really exist!  Ask anyone who has had an NDE!   You don't stop living and being aware, but you do lose that Earth diving suit!  You, the REAL YOU, can't CEASE to exist!  You are an individuation of Source itself!   Much of the baggage of this human life, what religion calls "sin", especially those related to the body, drop away upon leaving the body. Beliefs can linger for a while. And yes, you do continue to have emotions, but those attached to the body are a lot like watching a doctor stitch you while on a local anesthetic.  How they felt in body no longer mattered.  Those emotions were of the body.  Love knows no limit of dimension or incarnation it continues forever.  

When I was departing my former religion I went through stages of awakening.  I came to understand, as the scriptures said, the law was summed up in "Love God" and "Love your fellow human".   A friend in Australia pointed out to me at the time "None of us have seen God (aka The Father), and all we know about goodness and love comes to us through fellow humans.  The only way we can show that love to God is to show it to humans".  He suggested a simple algebraic substitution that Humanity = the very image of God.  So the summation of the Biblical laws is simply to "Love each other" (and even those that we have not yet met from off world).   There are people who have had hideous parents.  Yet even they have known people who were love in action.  

I did not have a ready answer for where "evil" comes from.  I shelved that question until I had more information.  When you deny love you close a bit of your heart down.  It's not irreversible but can be very difficult if one persists in doing that which is not love. Murder is a quick way to shut down the heart.  As is hate which is a precursor to murder.   When the heart is closed, you lose an energy connection the Source of ALL.  Beings who did that early on learned they had to parasite energies from beings who had their heart connections open.  And the most open of all are children.  And you can readily see why these dark ones prey on children and the innocent.  

Anything that demonizes, dehumanizes (calling people NPC's perhaps?), is thrown our direction to cause us to withhold love.   It is not coherent with how the universe works.  If you love another human being only if they comply with your will, perception, or beliefs well... in the aggregate that's never going to happen.  So what excuse do you have to withhold love?  

If you want the power of the universe at your finger tips, have your words, actions, thoughts, coherent with the frequency of love. Know in your heart of hearts you are that love, always were that love.    If you can do that, all the limitations you think you have, come off and miracles abound.  Nothing can stand in your way.

Clif High is currently a roll with the subject of the Elohim.   This is not a new thing for him.  I've been a long time reader of both Clif High, and Clif's friend George Ure back into the early 2000s.    Clif had his Alta reports, and George had his dream database project.    Both of these men followed quite closely  The Chronicle Project which was based on a theory that Hebrew letters formed language primitives and told a story within a story.  Sanskrit is purported to be another language that has that feature.   Something like what "machine language" is to "source code" in a higher level language. 

The subject of the Elohim is a sword to unravel the Gordian knot of religion.  It needs to be discussed.   The question is how do you do that with people who will kill for beliefs?

The Chronicle Project's "restoration" of the book of Genesis reads like a story of terraforming a planet.   It's more sci-fi than religion.   It was a fascinating read, parts of it are archived on, but there seems to be large chunks of the project missing.  I lack the linquistic abilities to judge the accuracy of the Chronicle Project but it's an intriguing premise.  And is perhaps why Rabbi's scrutinize every letter?  It seems to me that Clif is using generative AI to do very similar work with the Torah and Talmud. 

I am not a fan of plugging ETs with bullets.  Killing innocent sentient life is murder.    We are far more likely to see benevolent ETs than we are the Elohim.   There are over 70 billion benevolent ETs currently in this solar system.    They are here to watch and measure the changes occurring here.  The magnetic fluxes change so frequently and often now that their instrumentation is a constant state of recalibration.  Some are here to directly help in every conceivable contingency, and they are all here to ward off tyrannical races from destroying the Earth in this moment of change.  But most are simply watching a rare event unfold. 

It did seem like we had the beginnings of the return of the Anunaki, if you watch Elena Danaan's videos about Enki/Prince Ea, but that has been averted.   He made the wise choice and left the solar system.

There’s a much larger subset of beings we have called “The Divines” and it’s here that most of the gods of ancient history are found. They got their nickname because they can’t help but talk of the “divine plan” which is an allusion to Creator Source, but they really mean their own plans. Deception by allusion of and presumption by the listener. 

Terran note:  This data came in last night, its in the Elohim message from Thor but I repeat the new portion here too.

Update 1:

Terran: Thor, was the “Elohim era” post Atlantis 2? 


Terran: I know linear time is hard to measure prior to the Jesus timeline but for how long was their influence? Where did they come from?  


Terran: Is it known what caused them to leave Earth? Or did they? Are they in the moon as Clif suggests? Do the Elohim have a presence/treaty/representstive(s) with the Galactic Federation?  


I previously stated there was no evidence they were returning, when as Thor points out, they are still here.