Tuesday, June 27, 2023

When it feels like ..


When information is everywhere but none of it is reliable.  When confusion is the game of the day...

Learn to trust yourself.

When it feels like love has gone out with the tide and you're all alone...   

Learn to love yourself.  Who else will?

When it feels like all you own is lost...  

Learn how free you are without all the trappings.  Do we really own anything other than our essence and memories?

When you feel loss for all your good intentions, and you're chided for not dancing to the tunes  family has played for you (obligations they never kept themselves)

Realize loss is an illusion, nothing is ever lost, only set aside for a moment...  Better to be the crazy uncle than the man who never ventured anything. 

When your reputation gets stabbed in the back by a smiling "bless their heart"... or worse an ambigious "inappropriate" followed by a verb.  Specifics are always easier to answer than an ambiguity and attack by proxy.

Remember Jesus was betrayed with a kiss.   Crucifixion is the most inappropriate thing ever invented.  Good behavior did not avert it. 

When you wake up in a hospital bed and the only thing to look forward to are the meals...

Learn gratitude for every moment and for strength of will, and gratitude to those dedicated to keeping you alive..   

When things get tough, know the only thing permanent is LOVE. 

You are LOVE.  You came from LOVE, and you will return to LOVE.