Friday, July 1, 2022

Obsession with signs

I've observed in myself, and in others, a tendency to look for signs of what we already know intuitively.  I rented from a very intelligent and gifted woman in Colorado that was newly awake. She was obsessed with finding just one proof that all the evil she was suddenly aware of, was ending."Dammit Bill, I need concrete proof!  Point out the changes!"  You can't fill other's peoples holes. I kept telling her, "you got to get that from within because you won't find it in a video" (and that was before Youtube's massive censorship binge).  She died of kidney failure from a misguided cleansing diet a few months after I moved to Texas and never got that proof in this life.  Colorado's altitude dries out the body.  She did take form again with her Sirian friends in a new body. she was a starseed, and now has that proof from an external perspective.   

On this side of this experience it can at moments be frustrating and slow to appear.  And sometimes we just don't want to recognize it when it is in our faces, because "Dammit I am tired of waiting and YOU (never them) should do something to fix it". It's very human to claim someone is lying when they spoke the truth but it didn't happen in the time span you expected.   Never promise dates.  

Some turn to the cottage industry of Q interpreters, others turn to pundits like Charlie Ward, Phil, Kim Goguen, Clif, Elena, and others in these moments. Honestly there's new ones popping up nearly every week. They all bill themselves differently, money guru, crypto and linguistic guru of woo, money back system manager, or Galactic emissary.  They have some interesting data, but their tendency to attack others, sell gold bullion, or impress you with their status or intellect and that tells you much about their heart space. I am not about to suggest you don't watch or listen to these people, you will learn discernment, over time, and your journey is not my journey.  I enjoy Clif but there's plenty I disagree with in his data. Elena has drawn some amazing drawings of galactics but her calls for unity while dissing others reeks.  Remember all these people are just like you and me just trying to figure it all out.  And they screw up just like you and me. 

I am Source in this vessel of clay just like you and I can't remember much of whatever it is I knew for eons. You'd think I'd be a whole lot smarter right? Yet I flail about in moments, sometimes walk two steps forward and one step back, struggle with an aging body.  I am coming to see that I really shouldn't beat myself up when I don't meet my own expectations. I am my own worst judge.   It's important to love myself, even when my path gets a little wonky.  Being in form is a kind of separation (kind of goes with experiencing things as solid) so none of us are 100% in tune with all that is all the time.   

I have had my own mentor, Heather.   She was the best.  I knew nothing of subtle energies until I met her, which felt like a disadvantage in the beginning when others around me clearly knew more than I did.  But that ignorance was an advantage in that I had less esoteric baggage in me that I had to throw out.  I did have baggage from my religious upbringing.  Most of that is gone now except for a certain shyness with telepathy. 

In these moments where Heather's work requires her to be a bit more quiet (and I get why).  I have had to rely more on my own intuition of how everything is.  I am working on my telepathy, and seeing some results. And no Riggolt hasn't shown up in a ship when I request... yet.  Good reasons for that I am sure. I still find myself looking for confirmations (from Thor) that what transpired really did get transmitted and received. Training wheels on the bike I suppose.  Sometimes a life of analytic work gets in the way of intuitive modes. Here's a recent example:

Terran to Denice:  If you get a moment can you confirm with Thor that we just conversed about...


I've never really jumped on the crypto thing. I do use crypto occasionally for Bitchute payments. Crypto has always seemed to me to be a passive aggressive work around of the core problem of central banking.  There's the built-in assumption that central banking run by this off world collaborating cartel of international gangster frontmen can't be overturned.  

The central bankers themselves are not so confident of that of that permanence of their control. Its a cartel of pirates. They trust nobody but the blackmailed.  That's why they spend countless billions trying to influence you down certain lines of thought of what is possible. There was a time they'd even pretend to sound reasonable or considerate or fair.  But they don't even bother now. They even thought they could kill all of us and leave a few asians around to serve as their compliant slaves.  Not gonna happen!

They especially don't want you to know that its all about energies and and awareness.  There's a difference between being awake and aware of who you BE.