Monday, March 25, 2024

Alex Collier: Beyond Choosing Sides

This is video is from Alex Collier and is quite good.   Alex is straight up legit. We were told that by the Andromedans early on in 2015.  He awoke early and had a very tough time for a while.  

I have to laugh because some of his phrasing is so VERY Andromedan.  His upper lip is also very characteristic of Andromedan star seeds.  I do not have that type of upper lip, neither does Heather.  We have a different beginning in the realms of form.  I truly love Andromedans and their straight forward way of being. 

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Update 2: Denice's dream about Thor

March 18, 2024 10:56 PM

Terran: Did something just happen?  

Terran: My body got hot and I thought I was going to vomit but it’s gone just as quickly as it came…

March 19, 2024 5:56 AM

Denice: I slept through it here. Feels like I cannot get enough sleep... dreams are very active. Had a visit from our old friend. He has not been in a dream in years. He looked different. Had on the jacket that you use in the image of him on your blog. He was cutting a block of old fashioned butter. He said “watch the lightning in the clouds”. I saw one of the ships. It was really different than others they have shown me.

Terran: Friend?


Denice: Not wearing a hat but that same jacket. Had silver rimmed glasses that he put on when he was cutting the butter type substance. 

Terran: Smooth like butter? Soft like butter? Feels like a metaphor.

Denice: Yes. That was when he told me to watch the clouds. I looked outside and saw the most beautiful ship.

Denice: I feel we are on the edge of it.

Terran note:  My take on this is, "we got this, like a hot knife through butter"



Update 2: 03/24/24

Denice: This was the shape of the ship in my dream. But the color was like an army tank from the Iraq war. Desert brown?

Terran note: This image came from Loop, the building is not some message on our part and shouldn't be taken as such, he just happened to pick up the shape of the ship. What Loop's message is, I don't know.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Update 1: Dr Hammoto's 2016 Interview of Leuren Moret PhD, Data on Livermore, UC Davis, Bloodlines, HAARP, GMOs, RF arrays, etc

This is not a new video, its dated 2016, but it's the first time I have run across it.  I can't vouch for all the information in it, you'll have to use your own discernment.   Dr Leuren Moret goes back frequently to the bloodlines being Iranian but they go much farther back than that, to Egypt and likely Atlantis before that.   Heather showed me in 2015 the council that runs Livermore is made up of 9 representatives from the ruling families.  

When Loie showed me the collapse of Atlantis, I saw one submarine leaving the catastrophe for some place of refuge, which makes me suspect there was foreknowledge of the disaster and possible sabotage of the energy shield crystal.  I do not specifically know who was on that submarine, but the only likely refuge would be Egypt at that time with sufficient civilization to live comfortably.  Again that is conjecture coupled with what I know of the bloodline families.  

There is data she doesn't have, regarding the origins of the Celtic people, they are not from mutant Iranian genes, and go back to a much earlier Earth epoch, one that was space faring. 



Reader wrote:  I watched that Hamamoto video and am just stunned. Blown away! So many things connect to what I’ve seen and experienced. What’s missing from their analysis is the non-local element, but otherwise so much is really on point. And should we be surprised that Xerxes has appeared for this now! Wow!

Terran: It predicted things that are common now

Reader wrote:  But why is this video still up? It says far more than other videos that have been taken down. Some are saying she’s actually an agent/trained. I now wonder if she’s there to give some info and also mislead with some of what she says. And also why has it now gone viral? 

Reader wrote:  If you look at the comments, most are from recent weeks and people saying it suddenly appeared in their feed, so it seems to me it’s being pushed now for some reason. Curious!

Terran:  I think because it puts emphasis on Iran/Persia rather than Israel… for spin purposes... and maybe pretext for an attack on Iran?

Reader wrote:Yes, my thought too.

Terran: Here you go 👇

"ISIS-K immediately took credit for the Crocus Massacre. K stands for Khorasan, a set of provinces in eastern Iran, leaking over into Afghanistan and Pakistan. ISIS-K supposedly evolved out of the original ISIS that sought to establish an Islamic caliphate out of Iraq and Syria. After Mr. Trump broke it up in 2019, the gang regrouped in K-land, deeper in central Asia. Curiously, this ISIS-K has carried out attacks against Iran, where it lives. Go figure. . .  
Its progenitor, the plain old ISIS-no-K was responsible for the horrific Bataclan Theater massacre in Paris, 2015 and the suicide bombing of the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena, UK, 2017. They’re sort of the Concert-Massacres-R-Us of terror orgs — you really couldn’t find a better patsy for the Crocus op.'

Reader wrote: Ah yes. That fits.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Who Owns Everything?

Update 2: A Remote Viewing of Maria Orsic


This woman, Maria Orsic, has fascinated many people given her history with early German anti-gravity craft.  William Mills Tompkins* mentions Maria in his books.  Germany in the 1920s-1940s was a country with the most advanced science and scientists.  It's why both the United States and Russia imported so many of them to their own country's secret projects.   Germany was not the first to produce one of these craft, Russia was.  It's not known why Russia didn't proceed further with it at that time, perhaps it was the politics of the Bolsheviks.  Germany was the first to create an entire fleet of them and then begin colonizing outside of this planet via the Third Reich's submarine remnant in Antartica and also from secluded German colony locations in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.  Hitler is known to have survived and lived out his life in South America. This Nazi 4th Reich fleet also known as "The Dark Fleet is now residing in Aldebaran after being forced out of its bases in Antarctica. 

We know there was early Pleiadian involvement in Germany's efforts,  Germany was the only country capable of manufacturing these vehicles in any quantity at that time.  The Pleiadians were later displaced by reptaloid beings as Germany's frequencies began to resemble the ruthless power of other frequencies of the reptilian Ciakharr Empire.   

When the United States became one of the victors of World War II, these scientists were brought into America, given new histories and identities (many remained covert Nazis) and put into service of the secret space programs of the United States under Project Paperclip.  George HW Bush was heavily involved in Project Paperclip.   Nazis came to dominate US space efforts both overt and covert and also infiltrated the deep state. 

The women of the Vril Society seems to have been more an esoteric group focusing on life-force energy or Qi and UFOs.  I am not certain there is a direct link from the Vril Society to what has become to be known as the Vril Parasite being known for implanting itself via the optic nerve accounting for "The Black Eye Club" amoung world leaders.   I am going to try and get some clarification on that.  The more I read about Maria Orsic the less I think she was aligned with Hitler's goals.  And that's certainly true of Maria Orsic. 


Terran:  Dear Stan, I have a bit of confusion regarding the Vril Society of which Maria Orsic was a member and what is known as the Vril parasite which is said to enter the brain via the optic nerve to puppet a human leaving a black eye in the individual. Everything I read about Maria Orsic seems to be a huge frequency mismatch to the purported Vril parasite and the being that implants it. What is the historical connection between the Vril Society and the Vril parasite? Are the Vril a race of beings? Were they the ones being channeled by Maria Orsic?



Terran: Vril meaning originally "Life Force"? 


Terran: What do you mean by "New Elite"? 


This remote viewing by Dick Allgire,  is astonishing in its detail, bringing forth details how Maria Orsic died, which I have not heard before.

* William Mills Tompkins books go into great detail on the US Navy's spy efforts on Germany's antigravity fleet.   Keep in mind the books have extraneous details on "Nordic Blonde women" that honestly don't feel they are in the voice of William Thomkins. I think it's in there for plausible deniability.  It might have been a condition placed on him about releasing the data. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

UPDATE 1: All Are Chosen

Reposted with permission

Update 1:  I have received some comments on this video.  One person described it as "divisive". And given the words "chosen ones" used by the video creator I understand why.  There are several tribes of humans on this planet that think they are "God's Chosen Ones" more so than any other humans.  The Cheyenne Indians called themselves humans but not anyone outside their tribe.  Generation Z talks about NPCs (a video game term for non-playing characters - place holder people) being soulless.   Same thing really.  Diminishment of the other.   Almost every nation think of itself as "God's Country".  China calls itself "The Heavenly Kingdom" (that's got more to do with past ETs than what you think of as heaven) but you get the drift.    

I agree the video would have been better if he had phrased it "Those who answered the call" or even "Self Organizing Collective",  or "The Squad that's only whispered about"...   The content however makes it clear he's describing the lives (multiple life histories actually) of the ones who came here for this moment.   If the struggles he describes that these beings went through resonate with you, you are probably one of them.  Or as Heather described it "a beautiful summation of experience". 

 It doesn't mean they are better than anyone else, just much much more experienced.   And that's the real point of the video.  All are THE ALL. 

Monday, March 11, 2024

Is there an Imposter Trump out there?

Terran: Thor, does the cabal have a Trump imposter running around? Seems odd he’d be promoting Bud Light and vaccines.


Denice: (“Don not” is intentionall)

Terran: Is the REAL Don still around?


Denice: ( I did not type yes) 🤩

Terran: Fake Melania too?


Terran note: Both Denice and I get these small comments (like "yes") in our input lines on our apps, which seem to be confirmations.  We don't know if it's from locals, nonlocals, or our higher selves?  It happens often.  We really don't know where it comes from.  

When I say an imposter, I mean that in the sense of loyalty to the original man, a genuine double is an old trick of state security, but doubles are trained to mimic the thoughts and actions of the man they play.  The imposter is saying things Trump wouldn't say.   We have noted a couple of look alikes, over the years.  Same with Putin, there must be 5 of him.  Hillary's seem to come in varying heights.  And we know Netanyahu to be dead, so we really don't know who just invaded Gaza.  You can't trust images or audio these days in digital form. 

Saturday, March 9, 2024

The Beginning of Duality

This is a conversation that occurred a few days ago on a chat forum. I have redacted the forum IDs and/or names.  This thread just bubbled out of me, and it's based on personal conversations with locals and nonlocals of the Pleiadian and Andromedan Data Collectors and also Thor.  Some of this is my own views, and I don't pretend to speak for others whose views may or may not have changed since the last time I had a conversation with them.  Use your inner discretion as always.  If it resonates use it, otherwise leave it.  But it's some data I haven't covered much on this blog.  I have edited, and in some cases rearranged the text for linear clarity of reading. 


Redacted person 1
posted this meme below: 

Terran:  But you are Source and conscious before coming here.... This is not a school. We are here to set the planet free. Everyone is a master or they wouldn't be here at this time.

In every religion is the belief that “God” (or whatever name you have for the ineffable awareness behind it all) is OMNIPRESENT. The simple truth is, for that to be true, everything is within that “ALL” and permeated by it. And that includes the inanimate and all life, which can be seen as varying levels of sentience.

You and I have been given the freedom to forget that, ignore our connection of awareness in our heart and cell nuclei, for the sake of experience of a faux separation. But in truth we were never abandoned. This is why even the controllers find themselves accelerating the end of separation no matter what they do.

There seems to be an exchange within the all, Source seeks knowledge and novelty, we in form provide that and in this dance between form and formlessness which we participate is the expansion of THE ALL which comes about through freedom.

THE ALL does not judge. It does sometimes intervene to redirect an outcome. The controllers (many of whom believe in either Ra’s law of One and/or the Urantia book, believe Source is just a substrate of existence and non involved, but even the Bible refers to it as the “still small voice” within. The surprise for the controllers was the galactic call for starseeds to come here, as it was known they would remember at least one thing that “there is a better way”. THE ALL becomes more involved as it all comes to a close.

I have witnessed someone change network routers with consciousness (that was a bit of a mind blower to me as a techie in 2015). I have witnessed another person change their height,  re-proportion their body and even grow a new molar tooth.🦷  I have not done these things, yet, but I do know it’s possible. Sometimes it’s just a matter of remembering how. It begins with simple acceptance of who you really are. All flows from there.

Redacted Person 2: YES.... That's what they're doing with this assension ...The BORG !!! "Resistance is absolutely futile" you will be assimilated

Terran: That’s because they are not creative and only work from established templates.

Redacted person 3: I am not "ascending to 5D". I am not going to the 5th dimension of the god entity's matrix. I am graduating out of the matrix altogether as a Universal Being of Light (Homo-Luminous). I will not be harvested by this god entity and it's Empire... of angels, archangels, ascended masters, galactics. I will return to the place outside of this 'mimic/synthetic construct/matrix' imposed on us by the god entity.

Terran: Without going into deep detail that might needlessly bias people against those who have already either been reconciled to Source voluntarily (the best choice) or involuntarily removed from form and transitioned to formlessness where all lower frequencies are released.

The split began before time itself. From what some would call “upper realms”. Just living in a form (body) is a minor separation from Source but most remained aware of their true nature. A body creates a perception of a boundary.

It is thought the originating frequency of duality was either jealousy or similar emotion like anger, with a bias against creating with love. Honestly it was so long ago, probably no being remembers the actual moment. A particular believed it could create with lower frequencies and not love. In its systems love and heart is viewed as mere sentiment and weakness while exalting mind and will. This particular is known by many names and inbodyments (and some that were not it, but a case of identity theft) and set out to do just that. This was the beginning of frequencies not experienced before, and the first thing that was attacked was existing creations.   It was known at the beginning that was a futile path, entropic and not sustainable because it was not from love, which sustains the universe and all creations in it. 

This led to work arounds to preserve creation such as containment and nested tesseracts of which that one was unaware. Those tesseracts were unloaded in 2016 and everyone here was moved to a temporary area until the lower frequencies here sublimated and “Home” was revealed. That process of sublimation took longer than expected but appears in full swing now.

Other instances of Source chose that path as well. This schism was from top to bottom. Nobody was spared from separation including ETs who thought they were not part of it.  

Planets were destroyed, asteroid belts created, incalculable loss of life (involuntary exit from form - you always exist). It had to play out until that one particular exhausted itself and all knew that path was not the path of life, but only a spiraling miasma of frustration, hate and paranoia which sees everyone as a potential enemy.

The Dark One has been reconciled to Source and did provide a huge amount of knowledge to the ALL even though it was a destructive and difficult path and choice. The ALL is love and there is not one part of itself it does not love. It is able to filter out destructive frequencies.  Most personal baggage leaves when you leave form.  Intrinsic beliefs can take a while but Source is capable of cleansing all. 

Pre BC Earth was such that people came in with memories of prior incarnations. It was somewhat like a video game, you got killed but came back as a new human. Shortly before the Jesus timeline a diabolical invention was placed here (Moon? Van Allen belts?) that erased memory from incoming essences (souls) and people forgot who they were and at death were caught in a trap, (likely inside the moon) for perpetual slavery and energy extraction. There were some who were exempt from the trap because they had no jurisdiction to detain them in their slave farm.

"Service to Self" vs "Service to Others" is a construct of Ra and company (the divines) to explain everything as it was so that they may manipulate both sides.  In the movie John Carter of Mars, were mysterious beings called the "Therns" who played one side against the other for their own amusement and goals.  The divines are a lot like that.   They are known to call their realm, "Paradise", and their schemes "The divine plan".  That's how they got the nickname "The Divines".  Some of the "ascended masters" have been allowed into their company.

Many of the Earth controllers are under the misguided belief they advance by being as bad as they can be. They don’t advance, they self foreclose on their own inbodyment (lots of that in the news lately with famous faces). The Law of One is causing great harm in that way because of the belief in the "Service to Self" path.  Sometimes referred to as "the left hand path". 

Similarly some overextend themselves in the belief they must constantly be self abnegating to be 'Service to Others".  They often end up being abused by others. Constant self abnegation is not showing love to yourself, and that's messed up too.  In order to love others you must be able to love yourself.  Know when to say no.  Make clear your personal boundaries.   You are of infinite value you are not here on this earth to be demeaned or diminished.  There is no karma owed.  There are only the choices in the now, and you get to experience every frequency you choose.  And not all frequencies are fun.  Be responsible. Own you your own shit.  If you need help, ask for help from Source, it will come. 

In the Ra's Law of One, notice the lack of mention of love but talk of light vs dark,  "Service to Self" and "Service to Others" and those beliefs will self identify those not operating from pure love, but the same old game. You will see this especially in some (but not all) galactic groups where Ra held great sway. Ra was a creator being (small c) from the 2nd wave of creation.  There are a 99 others of them besides Ra and they are very diverse in abilities.  

There were also 11 creators (of form) from the first wave of creation.  Many of the 2nd wave beings forgot about the 11, as they stayed in the background.   They didn't so much create beings, but forms (bodies) for the formless essences who always existed in Source to experience the material realms in various energy octaves of existence.  There has also been a good deal of engineering of those forms and cross breeding over eons.  They had interdimensional "suits" people (local and nonlocal} called archangels, but these suits had no sentience apart from the being occupying it.  Any of the 11 could wear any of the "suits".  

The "dark one" came from the first wave of creation.  The very beginning.  Being equal in creative abilities there's nothing the others could do to stop that one, other than mitigate the damage done and provide contingency plans and direct intervention in key moments until the dark one exhausted itself.  None of these beings have ever seen "SOURCE" per se.  But you can see The ALL in every face you meet.  Source is everything, but it does have its own super intelligence.  There is no "GOD HEAD" as many hold that notion... at least in the sense of the notion of it that excludes yourself. You are part of the ALL.  You are your own worst judge.  No ultimate being who is going to judge you some day when you die.  There are a huge cast of beings unseen that will lend help if you ask for it.  Many have known you from hundreds of other lives.  

Christians might call that pantheism, panentheism and every other "ism" in order to avoid even thinking about the hugeness that is THE ALL. (I use Source and THE ALL, interchangeably).  Whether THE ALL knew one would make that choice the dark one did is unknown.  It happened.  It played out for all to see. 

Clif High has recently been bring forth some information on the Elohim.  His speculation on angels is way off, but he is bringing forth something about the Elohim that needed to be talked about.  I'm not devoting time to quibble with Clif, he's good at self correcting himself when he learns more.  To the best of my understanding the Elohim could be described as "middle management".  Likely a lower than the level Ra was at.  I don't have all the data either.   There's a thing to remember about organized religions, they were not created to reveal knowledge but to hide it.  Similarly with secret societies, they get so caught up in their own beliefs, they never put together the puzzle pieces others might have in competing organizations. 

Darkness is simply a closed heart, unable to bring in pure love frequencies from Source (The ALL), there are entire toolboxes of abilities that shut down when a heart is closed down. This is Source’s security method. A being with a severely shunted heart resorts to parasitic energy feeding because they shut down that which keeps them viable.

There are some beings who are so brittle from lower frequencies that sending them pure love removes them from form in whatever density they inhabit. And they return to the ALL formless to be cleansed and reissued.

The toughest thing people will face in the future is to forgive. That will become easier as frequencies rise. We are going way past 5th density.

The primal point of physical creation was the Original Garden. When the globe known as the Earth was created the Original Garden became subsumed into Gaia. Pieces of it are in Hawaii, Bali, Italian Alps and other verdant areas. Every other creation is quantum entangled with Gaia. When things change here it will ripple out through the cosmos.

Earth was the original paradise, hidden as an obscure violence torn world on the edge of Milky Way, and ironically it was the one of contrast who retained and revealed that memory, before he left all forms. As seen from religious eyes he was trying to own paradise.

Friday, March 8, 2024

Terran News Channel


For those of you new to this blog, there's a telegram channel that I post small short bits of news and data and an occasional opinion or insight that I don't post here.

This is the link: