Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Just a heads up.

Just a heads up.  Heather has initiated the protocol we have for when she expects she will be moved or released. 

Hopefully  something might be underfoot for the non-violent male prisoners too, 

I have not seen any news articles for either male or female pardons but that doesn't mean blanket pardons are not in the works either.  But it kind of makes sense, if there are mass arrests coming up, you need space to put them in.   There are so many people in for non-violent bogus "crimes" (like the homeless woman recently in CT who was put in jail recently for the "crime" of enrolling her daughter in a better school district. And there's lots of people in Federal Prison for marijuana possession, etc...

I may be asking for assistance for getting her back to her family in Boston.  We'll see how that works out, if its in June I may be able to take care of that myself.  Really depends on the timing.

BZ said she could drive down to California (a 15 hr trip) or perhaps fly.  Frying from Seattle to SFO is $217.   And then there would be the fare for Heather to Boston.  If BZ meets her it would give Heather a chance to see her sister and dad in Seattle before going to Boston.