Monday, June 15, 2020

China's Bioware Program

You might be interested in this PDF on China's biowarfare program;

Bishop Larry Gaiters Interview

An old friend from 1994 sent me this video.  It hit a couple of items on my "internal codex", the recent dream about "Warburg" and a reference a now deceased friend of mine used a lot"crabs in a barrel" although I didn't know the origin of that phrase until I saw this video.

Use higher discernment as always, the researcher being interviewed is a Christian preacher, so certain things get attributed to Satan and demons (rather than malevolent ETs who invaded Earth after Atlantis 2 fell) but you would expect that from a Christian paradigm. 

The phrase he points out in Latin "Solve et Coagula" means to "loose and curdle" according to Google Translate, which didn't fit the video explanation.  But Latin is tricky. So I asked that same friend, an expert in Latin, to explain the phrase. H\e wrote:
There are several ways to interpret this. Roughly, it can be understood to imply “loosen and tighten.” Kind of a clever turn of phrase. However, the implied theme here is blood. Implying the ’solve’ is letting blood flow (death) and the other implying blood drying or coagulating or covering a wound to heal. The implication here is blood purity. Kill off the lowly humans so that the elite may reign and purify the world through their power. Not unlike the Nazi efforts at race purification.
Lots of interesting connections in here as to why the Black community has been stymied, and like pretty much everything else in the country its because its leaders were corrupted by the same cabal that corrupted everything else! 

Helpful to google items he mentions and compare.  Use your discretion as always. Nobody has the complete picture but there is a lot of data in this one.  I rarely post videos.

Dream about COVID19

I had a dream about the release of COVID19 June 12 and subsequent defacto house arrest of healthy people worldwide, which devastated the economies of various nations. I asked “who financed this worldwide coordinated shutdown?”. I got a one word reply “Warburg”.