Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Lesson from a Cat


Buster the cat

Buster the cat went missing for 24 hours.  He can be very feisty but he's a good cat and has been a companion since the spring 2021.   

You never really "own" a cat, they just kind of agree to live with you. And sometimes they mysteriously go somewhere else, even with the best of care. They are autonomous creatures in a way dogs are not. Dogs need a pack, and that pack can be a human family. Cats have no such need. Maybe that's why I respect them. Their independence. 

I view cats as intelligent beings.  Someone online once mocked me for that.  I don't care.  If you think computers can be intelligent, how much more so is a cat?  You could not program something as complex as a cat.

Buster is a wonderful good old American cat! Born feral. 

Cats seem to see things in spectrums we cannot see.  Some esoterics claim cats sense and transmute bad energies.  Humans who feed stray cats seem to project an energy, that attract more.  It's kind of like having the neon Welcome to Las Vegas sign in your front yard!  Ask Bev.  

They can also surprise you with new behaviors in unexpected and very humorous ways.  And what they find funny may not be so funny to you, like unrolling your toilet roll onto the bathroom floor.  Still humor is humor!  Even if humans don't get the joke.

My apartment seemed very empty with Buster missing. It's taken a year before he'd venture outside the patio of the apartment. Moving into the city was a shock to him and the voices through thin walls of the apartment complex seemed to be disembodied voices to him.  Cats do not like voices with no body.  Most people don't either but we can discern the voices of unknown neighbors.  He only recently started becoming an outdoor cat again and his mood had improved so much with the joys of exploring nature.  There was even a female cat showing up at the patio door where the funniest cat conversations occurred.  She seems to like Buster (he's neutered).  He had finally gone back to where he was happiest but two days ago he didn't return.  

Last night I was looking at my apartment and it just seemed bare and empty Buster.  He was a feline companion and I loved him for what he is. I missed him.   

I had this thought as I walked into the kitchen last night "See how a room feels when love is missing?"  Maybe it was telepathy, as telepathy usually sounds like your internal voice.  Maybe it was the "all of me" sending small me a message.  I don't know which. But I do recall saying "Yes it's very empty... I never noticed the feel of a room missing the love of a companion."   As soon as I had that thought , I turned and there was Buster at the glass sliding patio door!   And the room no longer felt empty of love.