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XERXES - Persepolis

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Persepolis Foundations

The plan for this magnificent location began with Cyrus - the Father of my Mother. The location selected for its prominence in trade routes. These routes passed through the fertile valleys connecting East to West that at that time took months and years to travel end to end.

Magnificent shelter from the nearby mountain was selected. The plans also placed Persepolis on the west side so as to gather the complete benefits and glory of the setting sun. This plan proved strong and well suited. The climate of the region was extreme with the seasons and this design along with the architecture of the structures provided advancements in comfort.

Two rivers flowed gently nearby and this location gave fruit to the most simple of irrigation and water aqueduct designs. All were complex of course for their times, but Cyrus and Darius were great minds with genuine intellect and wonder. Darius fulfilled the dream of Cyrus within the structures of Persepolis.

Cyrus was revered and memorialized in every stone. In every wall. In every hall. Eternal for that epoch. Darius ensured that the legacy of the King of Kings would continue through the generations in the magnificent design and displays of Persepolis.

To begin now.. The perimeter of this great city included the slope of the adjacent mountain. The foundations of the Western and Southern walls were raised and built to prevent the waters from infiltrating during the spring floods. The foundations in the North included faceless structures to limit the cooler winds of winter and early spring. Structures for horse and oxen were along the Northern face. This area was selected to limit the fragrances from the livestock during the prevailing winds of the hot and arid summers. And of course to provide a subtle warmth during the colder times.

Also located along this perimeter were the merchants and industriants of copper and silver and gold and other metals. Blacksmiths. Swordsmiths. Goldsmiths. Those works that included great fires and expansive spaces to produce the adornments. The swords and the shields.. And the pots and the knives.

Homes were built on the exterior of the Southern and Western walls and were of simple stone and mortar construction with timber supports and roof coverings. These included the central towers shared previously. To provide the natural cooling effects in the heat of long days.

The interior of Persepolis was home to the Halls and Galleries. And of course what is revered as a great palace. A central promenade was designed to connect the exterior merchants and industriants, and the residents to the central area for education and entertainment.

For all of the historical references of Persepolis. None match the true intention. Construction. Grandeur. And of course the complexity of the place.

Denice Note: Was directed to locate some Persian music.

Listened to this while transmitting.

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IPFS - Intereplanetary File System

IPFS - Interplanetary File System

We reported on the known contract Lockheed Martin had to run the LOC (Lunar Operations Center) in 2016, before the creation of Space Force by Trump.   Lockheed Martin was one of the participants in the "Tipping Point" doing by Heather. Denice and I were a part of that transmission, which had more than usual number of local and nonlocal participants, including one unknown individual who joined in and identified himself simply as "space pirate".  Never did find out who that was.  Thor later told me that one is no longer a pirate.  So it doesn't really matter who he was. 

Heather asked me to not publish that doing, I thought she meant never., but she meant not for awhile.  It occurred partially on Skype, part on SMS, and another part of it was over a Skype call.  We had a lot of interference on that conversation, so we adapted in real time with Denice relaying the comms. I had all the pieces at one time, even a recording of the Skype telephone,  but given disk crashes, several changes of SIM cards, and other computer woes over the years I have no record of it left.   Perhaps the galactics or the NSA have a copy but I don't. 😁😁😁

I have wanted to put Heather's core documents in a perpetual distributed archive.  I thought maybe NFT might be the way to do it but that's not really the right vehicle for that kind of data.  Then I heard about IPFS and while researching IPFS I found this article, which is very curious.  

The article below references Lockheed Martin "spaceships" which we know they had which flew using electro-gravitics.   I believe that fleet is now under Space Force.  Boeing had their own as did Halliburton. 

Elon Musk tends to call his conventional fuel rocket creations "spacecraft". linguistically its like the difference between ship and raft.  "Ships" tends to connote some for longer journeys.

Earth has been treated much like the developed world treats African countries, exploiting of resources, mineral and otherwise by nonlocals and some more etheric beings harvested the energy here.  We also know Blockchain ledgers have been used off-world for distributed ledgers.  Its not a new thing.