Friday, June 4, 2021

Event Compression


I have had a very surreal last couple of days.  Thought at first it was the late arrival of a time loop I've noticed since 2014, which seemed to go missing last year.  But I think it's just the energies coming in.  You all knew it was coming. The proverbial procession of the Equinox, Ascension, the Photon Belt, its been called many many things.  But what is happening now is more than that.  It's the return to prime.  Its the return HOME.

The energies are very strong. Huge in its amplitude and current. No thing and no one is left untouched by it. Not me. Not you.  This separation could only have occurred by a great deal of cosmic engineering to bleed off enough energy from what you really are to have had the experience of feeling like you were powerless and a victim. That was a complete illusion.  You are not just stardust, you are all that is! 

People may not behave like the usually do in this high energy flux of change. You might not either.  They may withdraw.  They may be distrustful.  They may be clingy.  They may be mistrustful. They may revert to old patterns.  What to do?  Be unconditional and unfettered love.   Be patient with them and yourself.  This transitive turbulence shall end too.  Loose bolts and cobwebs are shaking out of everyone in this moment.   Sometimes people just need a hug but are too proud to ask for it.  Hug them anyway.

There's a reason humans are made from 98% water rather than metal.  Water flows, metal fatigues and cracks. 

Popular culture is also changing, and true to form movies are beginning to question reality as it has been assumed to be.  These all have a theme to them.   Creatives pick up the changes in Source, it comes out in their expression of art, music, and movies.