Tuesday, May 2, 2023



Hi Y'all!

It was a busy month of April, I didn't get much time to post much of anything as I was taking care of some internal issues to get myself centered and into a more serene state of mind.   Aprils energies were off the chart and I just took as it came.  If I got a strange craving for a certain food, I ate it.  If I needed sleep I slept.  If I need an Advil I took some, Hip, knee and leg aches were as severe as I have ever felt them.  They are not so bad now in May.  I usually never take any pain relievers.

I sold a small asset I had, which took a good deal of time and research paperwork, paying off some debt I incurred in the last year resulting from false moves, real moves.  I sold my washer and dryer when I was thinking I was moving to the Pacific Northwest, then suddenly found myself in local need of them.  I take ownership of that move as I should have waited on the sale. I also incurred some costs with last summer's short little visit to the hospital (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise - as I modified my diet and lifestyle and lost a whole bunch of weight). 

I had the timing belt on my Honda replaced which should have been replaced long ago. On a Honda the water pump is replaced at the same time since it's in the same spot and you have to take it off anyway to change the timing belt.  The engine seems to run tighter and quieter now and a bit more responsive. The mechanic was surprised at how pristine the belt was given how many miles were on the car, but it was thinner than it should be due to wear.  I was concerned the rubber polymers would be cracked due to age.  I really delayed that bit of maintenance longer than I felt comfortable with.  It's good for another 100,000 miles and I think it will last that long.  Very reliable car.

I didn't ask for donations nor did I feel right in doing so since so little was posted by me in April.   We will see how May goes. 

I've been sensing one whopper of an event coming in May or June.  My debt was making me a little nervous.   I probably listened to too much Clif High, who is always more pessimistic than is often warranted, it's the nature of his web bot software he runs.  I don't have a lot of insights that you don't already have,  I know enough and not enough to make a complete ass of myself if I speculate like some pundits do.  I'd surely be wrong, but my sense is we didn't come through eons of conflict, chaos and being the prey of the nastiest beings in the universe to be left high and dry right when the frequencies rise on this planet.  Oh the former controllers would like us all to  be depressed and despondent, we are after all, in a war of frequencies.  Unlike the time of Atlantis 2, this moment cannot be stopped with a war or invasion.     Nothing can stop what is coming.  Indeed it's already here and far more advanced that either you or I really know.  It's being coordinated by the ALL, so nobody has the full picture of every aspect of the ALL in motion. 

You can see hints of it everywhere, but it's damn hard to prove empirically to others. Especially those that really get a brain thrill from have the bejeezus scared out of themselves.  Really lights up the frontal cortex (but depletes the adrenals). 

Take time to BE.  BREATHE when you have no answers, they will come.  Back in 2016 I was told there was 70 Billion ETs in the solar system with loaded cargo hulls. There are many more now.  

There are some ET groups spinning Earth history and trying to deflect full disclosure, but they will fail and be seen for what they are.  Some of them have huge egos and play with humans with similar egos. But most are just here to help and protect.  I have mixed emotions about some recent purported Galactic Federation data, honestly there's a lot of Johnny Come Lately to it all. Some of it may be fear of feral humans discovering how really powerful they really are. 

We're encouraged to celebrate but that is very hard to do ahead of the changes.   I understand that.  But that's also why so much money has been spent propagandizing the public through the news media with tales of woe, danger and despair.  This is a war of frequencies more than words, or militaries.  Feel what is being said, how it makes you feel, and always ask "why are they saying this?".   Especially if the words make you feel less than, dependent, in need of rescue in exchange for your freedom or consent financially.  In this time everything is done for a reason.  But the same is true of their freudian slips, their malaprops, as the ALL in them expresses the truth while they tell their lies. 

Don't settle for anything less than freedom.